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The Global Lane - September 14, 2018

The Global Lane - September 14, 2018 One nation under Xi. Persecution against Christians in China escalates; Crimes against humanity in Myanmar as children & ethnics targeted; Trump reeling. Woodward book, op-ed & Judas in the White House; ... Read Transcript

- Today from the GlobalLane, one nation under XI.

Persecution escalating inChina, churches shut down,

crosses and Bibles burned.

Nearby in Burma, crimes against humanity,

atrocities against Rohingya,Kachin and Shan ethnics,

even children are targeted.

On the home front, betrayedat the White House.

Who's the Judas?

Is the President on the ropesor is something up his sleeve?

And who gets credit for abooming economy, Trump or Obama?

And it's all right here, rightnow from the Global Lane.

(dramatic music)

- The United States Commission

on International Religious Freedom

says Christians in China arefacing an alarming escalation

of persecution.

This week Public SecurityBureau Police invaded

and shut down Zion Church in Beijing.

Moments before thatraid, this sign appeared

just outside the church sanctuary.

Now it looks like this.

PSB agents removed this sign.

No church here.

Members of Zion Church were not deterred.

Although authoritiesclosed their building,

they continued to pray andworship outside in the street.

Also this summer, otherChristians throughout China

have seen their churchesclosed or demolished.

Government officials havearrested church leaders.

They've confiscated and burned Bibles

and they're still removing crosses

from atop church buildings.

What in the world is goingon in China and why now?

Well, here to provide some insights

is Voice of the Martyrsradio host and spokesman,

Todd Nettleton.

So Todd is this somethingnew or more of the same?

- Well we are seeing more persecution

or a higher level of persecution.

There's a couple of developments

that have happened this year

that I think contribute to that.

One of those is in February,

new regulations on religious affairs

took effect all across China.

And so we're seeing those regulations now

being put into affect and enforced.

We're seeing how that's being translated

from the national governmentdown to the provincial level

and then to the local level

and how that's affecting churches.

Another thing that affectsthis is the fact that

in March, Chinese President Xi Jinping

was essentially given a lifetime contract.

He was renewed his presidency and was told

that term limits are nolonger applied to you.

So, he can essentially serve as President

for as long as he wants.

And one of his emphasis,even going back to his days

as a provincial leader was

on controlling religious expression

and controlling the Church.

And so we're seeing that what he

put into affect as a provincial leader

now that's he's the presidentof the entire country,

that same emphasis is spreading

from the national government level

down to every part of China.

- Why is it happening now?

- Well, our Christianbrothers and sisters in China

are telling us that thisis the worst persecution

they've seen even going backto the cultural revolution

and what's happeningis that the government

at the national level istrying to excerpt more

and more control overreligious expression.

Now what we've seen inthe last number of months

is the government will come into a church

and say, hey why don'tyou take down that picture

of Jesus in your sanctuary

and put up thesepatriotic posters instead.

Why don't you not sing hymnsto start out your service,

why don't you sing some patriotic songs

about the wonderfulnessof the Communist party.

One pastor in Beijing not long ago

was told by the government,they said pastor

we don't mind if you continueholding your services.

We just wanna put thiscamera on your platform

looking out at the audience.

And it's attached tofacial recognition software

so that we can tell whocomes to church on Sunday

and who's there and what they're doing

and how involved they are.

The pastor obviously, saidno we're not gonna allow

you to do that and just last weekend

that church was shut down.

Officials came to the service,

they said no you are closed,you cannot meet anymore.

So, basically the national government

is making more and more effort to control

every facet of religiousexpression in China.

And this is not only effecting Christians.

There are tens of thousandsof Muslims in western China

that have been detainedand they're also seeking

to control religiousexpression by Muslims as well.

- What impact does thislikely to have on the Church

and Christianity in China?

- The larger gatheringsmay stop for awhile,

maybe put on hold and we will see more

and more smaller gatherings.

One of the challenges forthe Church in that situation

is okay, if we're notmeeting in one group of 400

but we're meeting in lotsof groups of 12 to 20,

we need a lot of group leaders.

We need leadership thatis trained and ready

to lead those groups andso leadership development

becomes a high priority in that situation.

- What can our viewers do about it?

- You know, the first thing that we can do

is pray for the church in China.

Pray for our brothers and sisters there

as they go through this time of trial.

And not long ago on our Voiceof the Martyr's radio podcast,

we had a guest, one of ourworkers who's very involved

with the Church in China andI asked him how we could pray

and he gave what I think

is a very insightful prayer request.

He said pray especiallyfor the young people

who are part of the Church in China

because they've never faced this before.

They've never been through this.

Their parents and their grandparents

have gone through persecution.

They've seen how Godsustains and God empowers

and protects during times oftrial and times of suffering

but these young people within the Church,

they haven't been throughit, they haven't seen that.

And so naturally, like manyof us, they're intimidated.

They're a little frightened

by how are we gonna deal withthis level of persecution

that we're facing.

And so, secondly, we can have a voice.

And we can have a voice toour own government officials.

A lot of the conversationbetween the U.S. government

and the Chinese governmentright now is about trade.

But we need to make sure thatour government officials here

know that we vote and that wecare about religious freedom.

That they should use theirinfluence and we expect them

to use their influence.

- Okay, Todd Nettletonof Voice of the Martyrs,

thank you for joining us.

- Thank you Gary.

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- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are morethan 148 million orphans

in the world today, 148 million.

But it was three little girls

that taught me about the plight of orphans

My husband and I spentnearly a month immersed

in the daily activitiesof the Ukrainian orphanage

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I saw firsthand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection andthe overwhelming desire

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That experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew aministry from my heart

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- Hundreds of thousandsof Rohingya refugees

are languishing in camps

during the harsh monsoonrainy season in Bangladesh.

Now the InternationalCriminal Court appears ready

to hold the Burmese governmentresponsible for their plight.

The ICC says there's sufficient evidence

to bring the Burmese government to trial

for committing atrocitiesagainst the Rohingya.

Well joining us withmore is Nicolee Ambrose

of the Faith Coalition toStop Genocide in Burma.

Nicolee why should the Burmese government

be held accountable.

Explain for our viewers what has happened

to this people group.

- Gary, first of all as youknow from traveling there,

the Burmese government isrun by the Burmese military.

They really control 75%or more of the country.

And they persecute anyonewho is not Buddhist.

88% of the country is Buddhist

but you had over amillion Rohingya Muslims

before 2017 and four tosix million Christians.

These people have beenpersecuted for decades.

George W. Bush'sadministration put sanctions

on them in 2003.

President Obama liftedthem in the fall of 2016

and since then theironslaughts of brutality

has ramped up to the point that

that Burmese militarycreated a genocidal campaign,

chased out their remainingone million Rohingya muslims.

And those same military divisions

that chased out theRohingya have repositioned

to go after the KachinChristians in the north.

The problem is not only havethe Kachin been persecuted,

there is no where for them to run.

They're between theborders of India and China.

- [Gary] So you visited thoserefugee camps in Bangladesh.

Explain the conditions thatyou witnessed and saw there.

Also, I understand thata trial may be held now

because of the ICC's ruling.

So, if the Burmesegovernment is found guilty

what would happen if anything.

I'm sure those people

wouldn't be running back home right away.

- Right, so I did visitthe camps this spring.

And I mostly met with women and children.

And the U.N. has found, then the U.S.

has found that 51, 52%of the surviving women,

not even the slaughtered women,

the surviving women havebeen raped in those camps.

The people who struct me the most,

there was a 13 year old girl.

Like many of the women,she'd been pulled out

in a group of five to sixand brutalized in ways

you can't even imagine bytens of soldiers at a time,

that was their M.O.

And this sweet girl, shereminded me of Princess Aurora,

because she had this pink kindof gauzy princess dress on.

She now is treated for STD's in the camp.

The women she lives with have lost

almost all their children.

One women lost every single child she had.

Another one had one ofher four children left.

And they saw their childrenslaughtered before their eyes.

So, at the U.N. level, theyhave called the genocide.

They had the Commission on HumanRights has issued a report.

We are just about to await this.

Our own State Departmenthas really commissioned

in the atrocities reportthat Nikki Haley quoted

just over a week ago inthe U.N. Security Council.

So we know the figures are staggering.

We are hoping Secretary Pompeowill very shortly release

that report and make adeclaration of genocide.

And then at the same time, theInternational Criminal Court

has recognized jurisdiction on this case

because essentially, the Burmese military

was chasing the Rohingyaacross into Bangladesh

which they compared toa cross border shooting.

So they are very much lookingforward to just justice

for these Rohingya but at the same time

we need to make sure theKachin and the other Christians

in the country aren't slaughtered because

it looks like they are next onthe Burmese military's list.

- I have to ask you about thetwo writers, news journalists

who were found guilty andsentenced to seven years in prison

for reporting the truthabout the Rohingya.

Now this isn't fake news folks,

they were reporting the truth.

They did a little digging,

found some victims of the genocide there.

What can you tell us?

Tell us a little more aboutthat and those journalists.

- So two journalists apparently had dinner

with some Burmese police officers.

And once again, the country'scontrolled by the military.

So the military and thepolice, local police

work together on everything.

And they apparently slid into newspapers

that they had at the table some documents

which talked about the Rohingya crimes.

I don't believe theinformation was inaccurate.

The government then went to frame

these two writers,journalists for reporting

and for having thisinformation and reporting

on the brutality committed bythe military and the police.

And they were just sentenced

to seven years in jail for this.

I'm really hoping this gets a lot of,

a lot more international attention.

Amal Clooney has signed onas one of their barristers

and lots of action there.

But I just wanna make sure everyone knows

you can follow us ineverything we are doing

because we're workinghard to get the story out.

I think the only thingthat is really holding

this issue back from gettingthe attention it needs

is just knowledge and our information

is at

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- On the home front,betrayal at the White House

and an unflatteringportrait of the President

by a journalist who helpedbring down Richard Nixon.

President Trump is stillreeling about someone

within his administration who wrote

a scathing New York Times editorial

about his presidential abilities.

It happened at the same timethat Bob Woodward released

his new book about the Trump White House.

Well, joining us to provide some insights

as a former Trump campaignadvisor who testified

before the Robert Mueller grand jury.

He's Sam Nunberg.

Sam it's good to see you again.

So, what do you make of all this

so-called White House Judas?

Who is it?

Why did they write that libelous op-ed?

- It is beyond reproach,

they say that look, it'sgotta be somebody senior.

Because the New York Timesreally does understand the risks.

The idea if it came outthat it was somebody

we have never heard of.

I think the lowest levelit would be is somebody

in the cabinet who is a deputy.

I think it would be a senior deputy.

But the scary part isthat it could be anyone

within the White House possibly.

Now look, the bottomline about that op-ed is,

it really shows thatthe two party duopolate,

those Romney people, thoseMcCain people, those Bush people,

they don't get how DonaldTrump became President.

And what I would say is one of the reasons

it's time you to do some self examination

and look in the mirror.

I think that somebody who wrote this

is obviously somebodywho has deep connections

to John McCain which meansthey have deep connections

to Bush people as well probably.

And what I would say is,it's somebody who hopes

that Donald Trumps is a one all,

that this didn't happen.

If you look at the content ofthe anonymous op-ed it said,

we as a nation, essentiallywould have to examine

how this happened.

Well, once again, I'dsay look in the mirror

because I'll tell you tworeasons why it happened.

Two reasons why Donald Trumpbecame the republican nominee,

very simple, their names ourJohn McCain and Mitt Romney.

Those are two winnableraces that were blown.

- Sam what did this controversy say

about the President's abilityor inability to control

of his own White House?

- Well it says something Ithink about John Kelly frankly,

that if it is from this White House

If it's somebody from this White House

which is why I think everyonewithin the White House

at least should be more than happy

and able to submit to takea truth detector test.

Why not, because I think this President

has to at least know, hecould always have somebody

in a cabinet and sitting in an apartment

down Pennsylvania Avenue.

But so does President hasto be sure that he does not

have people like this walkingaround in the Oval Office

in the West Wing.

And the irony, Gary is oneof the things I talked about

was trade and tariffs andobviously that was a lot of the

Bob Woodward book which I've already read.

I got an advanced copy.

- Well, I wanted toask you about that Sam.

Onto the Woodward book, any facts here

or is this all fiction.

I mean, this is a guy whoalong with Carl Bernstein

helped bring down Nixon byreporting about Watergate.

So fact or fiction, what's going on?

- Well, first of all, what I would say is

it was detestable that nobodyin this White House (mumbles)

at the President was able

to be able to sit down to Woodward.

This goes to republican orthodoxy.

I have heard for yearsand you have heard Gary,

we heard it during theBush Administration,

certainly when they allowedChina to join the WTO

that if there are tariffs,

if we don't entering these multilateral,

multi-country, hard to enforce

with no reciprocityagreements like Bush did

that the economy would tumble down.

I mean, first of all you look18 years later after Bush

and what this President inherited.

But here's the funny point Gary,

this president has put in tariffs,

he is putting in thisagenda and Gary guess what?

The economists will tell you,these republican economists

from the think tanks,

they'll tell you don'tbelieve their lying eyes

but the manufacturing numbers are rising.

- Sam are there anyOctober surprises ahead

from this president beforethe midterm and if so

what do you expect?

- Well what I hope isis that this president

is able to campaign asmuch as he needs to.

Remember this midterm isessentially his first reelect.

And all the hard work that we did,

especially, the evangelical voters,

the social conservativevoters, the faith voters.

Those are the ones whodelivered this president

the victory that he was able to get

that was a historic victory.

It was more electoral votes

than any other republican president

has gotten in over 25 plus years.

And if the democrats take over Congress,

Gary, remember this will end badly

or it could end badly becausethey will put articles

of impeachment through Congresson anything and everything.

I also think that whatwe are going to see,

sooner than later Gary,because obviously Jeff Sessions

won't do it, is that this president

is going to releasedocuments which will show us

how the Obama Administration,under the Obama White House,

the FBI conducted acounter-intelligence operation

which continued until afterthis man swore office,

Donald Trump.

He has so many enemies.

Once again, just like that anonymous op-ed

by some high flying republican wrote,

some country club republican wrote.

They don't like the fact thatwe voted for Donald Trump,

they don't get it.

He is out there, he's at war.

- Sam Nunberg, thanks somuch for joining us today,

we appreciate it.

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- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are morethan 148 million orphans

in the world today, 148 million.

But it was three littlegirls that taught me

about the plight of orphans.

My husband and I spentnearly a month immersed

in the daily activitiesof the Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw firsthand the utterloneliness, the pain of rejection

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew a ministry

from my heart called Orphan's Promise.

Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated andthey're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to join with me

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- [Narrator] When yougive, smiles grow bigger.

When you care, homes are happier.

When you comfort, the hurt goes away.

When we all come togetherto love, miracles happen.

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- President Obama recentlyreturned to the limelight,

trying to influence theupcoming mid-term election

by campaigning in California.

He spoke about politicians spreading fear

but then he did exactlythat when he warned us

about the importance of this election.

- This is a consequentialmoment in our history.

And the fact is that if we don't step up,

things can get worse.

- So the message fromthe former president is

you must vote the way I believe

and if you don't, the countryis in for some bad times.

He also said this midtermelection will give us the chance

to restore sanity to politics.

- We have the chance to flipthe House of Representatives

and make sure the real checksand balances are watching.

(audience cheers)

And I cannot tell youall across the country

you can feel the energy.

- Yes, the energy, sanityand checks and balances

he proposes are actuallyjust the opposite.

Democrats say if they recapture control

of the House of Representatives,

they'll impeach thisduly elected president.

Their promise comesdespite a new Gallop poll

which shows only 29% of Americans

believe the President acted illegally

during the 2016 election.

So while the country's been distracted

with Russian collusionfor the past two years,

the only thing that will getdone in Washington in 2019,

is impeachment.

Is that really the course wewanna pursue for our nation?

President Obama also wants to take credit

for the good things that are happening.

He reminded people thatcurrent job numbers

are about the same as theywere during the last two years

of his presidency.

True, overall numbers are about the same

but not the number of manufacturing jobs.

327,000 of those wereadded during the past year.

That's the highest number in 23 years.

Or what about unemployment?

3.9%, that's the lowest in about 50 years.

And it's the lowest it hasever been for African Americans

and other minorities.

What about the stock market, record high.

New factory startups andexpansions are also up.

So is consumer confidence.

Last month, the consumer confidence index

was the highest since August 2000.

And according to the National Federation

of Independent Business,small business optimism

jumped to a record high in August.

Also, middle class income hasjust reached an all-time high

of just over $61,000 per year.

So, President Obama, with all due respect,

you didn't build that.

Your policies actuallyslowed the economic recovery.

You can't spend yourselfout of a recession

and into economic prosperity.

And you nearly doubled the national debt

from $10 and a half trillionwhen you entered office

to $18 trillion when you left.

Must have been all those,those shovel ready jobs

that you created, that was the cost.

Well, people are stillsearching for those.

Obama also added 97,000pages of regulations

to the Federal Registry duringhis final year as president.

That was about 40,000 more

than Ronald Reagan's highest year, 1981.

President Reagan had a saying,government isn't the solution

to our problem, government is the problem.

And when it comes to the American economy,

less is more, less regulation,less taxes on the people

and it all works togetherto create more jobs,

more wealth, more prosperity.

It's that simple.

Yes, Donald Trump, notBarack Obama deserves credit

where credit is due folks.

His tax cuts and deregulationhad made a big difference

in creating economic prosperity.

Now let's pray it's here to stay.

Well, that's it from the Global Lane.

Be sure to follow us onFacebook, YouTube, SoundCloud

iTunes and Twitter.

And until next time, be blessed.

(dramatic music)


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