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Christian World News - September 14, 2018

Christian World News - September 14, 2018 Read Transcript

- [George] This week a special edition

of Christian World News.

We take you to Chinawhere a popular musician

experienced a miracle after he was brought

to the brink of death.

- [Interpreter] Am I a monsteror still a human being?

All my dreams and goals were washed away.

- [George] And Chinese Christiansare shaking their nation.

Some are trusting Jesus tohelp find their soulmates.

- [Interpreter] We're ableto grow together in the Lord.

God brought us together.

- We'll introduce you toa man who almost gave up

on finding his true love.

Then he received a blessing from God.

Hello everyone welcometo this special edition

of Christian World News.

I'm George Thomas.

A popular Chinese musician lost everything

in a horrific house fire accident.

He wanted to end his life

after sufferingdisfiguring burns and scars

to much of his body.

But his mother helped himfind a new purpose in life.

Mengfei Li has the story.

(singing foreign language)

- [Mengfei] Gaung Gao was atalented Chinese musician.

And since college,

his passion was to perform on stage

playing various instruments.

His musical talent was so impressive

that he was invited to performat many important occasions.

And at each one he receivedastounding praises.


In 1991 Gao's life changed dramatically.

His house was engulfedin smoke and flames.

His dreams were shattered asthe fire consumed his body.

He passed out and regainedconsciousness in the hospital.

(foreign language)

- [Interpreter] When Isaw myself in the mirror

I was very shocked.

I kept on asking the question,

where is my beautiful face?

Where are my fingers.

Am I a monster or still a human being?

All my dreams and goals were washed away.

- [Mengfei] Gao underwent 18 surgeries.

Due to the fire incident,

most of his skin had to be replaced.

The surgeon had to graftskin from Gao's head

to cover the wounds.

The emotional pain waseven more unbearable.

- [Interpreter] When myson saw me the first time

he ran away and refused to come back.

My wife was afraid ofcoming home to see me.

Everyone around methought I was a monster.

They all left me.

I didn't know how I was goingto live for another day.

There's only one solution for me, be dead.

- [Mengfei] Feelingdepressed and hopeless,

Gao drove to the ocean one day.

As he saw the waves and smelled the ocean,

he was ready to end his life.

He didn't want to be a burdenon his family or himself.

- [Interpreter] I didn'twant to live anymore.

No one was going to accept me.

I was tired of hiding myself in the house.

I used to be the big shot,

today not any more.

- [Mengfei] As Gao slowlyslipped into the ocean

all of a sudden he heard a voice.

The voice was telling him don't worry,

outward beauty, it's nothing.

God is looking at our hearts

and you are his child.

Gao paused, remembered his Christian mom

told him the same thing.

He collapsed in the water.

- [Interpreter] When Iwoke up the first thing

I saw was my mom.

She began to tell me about God.

She shared how God is the God of miracles.

Jesus never cares abouthow we look on the outside.

What matters to him was the inside.

He loves us no matter how we look.

- [Mengfei] Gao laid in bedlistening to his mom's words

trying to understand what she was saying.

(foreign language)

- [Interpreter] God is goingto give you a new identity.

He loves you no matter what you look like.

- [Mengfei] He knew it wastime to make a decision.

- [Interpreter] After 18operations I finally understood

why God spared my life,

because he loves me.

He wants to use me totell others about Jesus.

I'm so thankful that mymom introduced me to Jesus

despite of my sins.

My life still matters to him.

- Gao started to attendchurch services with his mom.

He was deeply touched bythe love and acceptance

from the church members.

He had new goals.

He wrote many books encouraging others

to know God and his miracles.

- [Interpreter] I have Jesus in my life.

I should be thankful about being alive.

He is not done with me.

I need to follow him and read his word.

I know he still has plans for me.

He loves me.

- [Mengfei] Today GuangGao has a new family.

He's very proud of his beautiful wife

and two amazing children.

Now when he looks at the ocean,

he's amazed by its beauty

and feels grateful forwhat God has given him.

- [Interpreter] Jesus thesavior and miracle worker.

- [Mengfei] Mengfei Li, CBN News.

- Powerful testimony.

In Hong Kong Christianityis a minority religion.

But Christians are findingways to reach more people.

One church is taking the gospel to prison.

And it is transforming thelives of hardened criminals.

- [Mengfei] From sunrise to sunset,

gleaming over the riverside.

People share stories about Hong Kong

and it's gaining theattention of the world.

Susan is a church leaderwho says Hong Kong

and its people are special to her.

- [Interpreter] I try to addvalue to the people around me.

We're all special in some way.

- Besides managing the church,

she's also actively involvedin an important mission,

giving hope and guidance toHong Kong prison inmates.

Hong Kong has been part of mainland China

for more than 20 years.

Most of us know that Christianity

it's spreading rapidly in China.

Hong Kong has a more openreligious freedom policy

than mainland China.

And that's why the prisonministry is only possible

in this part of China.

- [Interpreter] Wedesigned a unique program

called Onesimus.

The program is teachingthose people that God

can change us inwardly also outwardly.

We all made mistakes in life.

The critical part isto realize the mistakes

and get on the path that God has for us.

- [Mengfei] For Susan leading the ministry

was not easy.

Where many inmates were teenagers.

They were unaware thatbad choices often lead

to severe consequences.

In 1998 Rob Sun Lao wasarrested on drug charges

and imprisoned for 25 years.

- [Interpreter] The 25years in prison was harsh.

I thought my life was done.

The choices that I made broughtpain and trauma on to me.

I thought my life was washed away.

Life didn't mean anything to me back then.

- [Mengfei] During his darkest moments,

Lao met a pastor from Susan's church

who introduced him to Christ.

Lao was deeply moved.

- [Interpreter] I was touched by God.

The time I wasn't a believerand tried to commit suicide

but I heard a voice saying,

are you really going to do stupid things

and hurt your family again.

That voice brought me back.

And it was the voiceof the heavenly father.

- [Mengfei] As Lao studied the Bible,

he understood that God stillhad better plan for his life.

His circumstances didn'tdetermine his future.

Only God had the final say.

In 2011, Lao was released.

He immediately started toattend Kunfun association.

Today Susan and the churchare making greater efforts

using the gospels and creative ways

to change inmates lives.

They believe these peoplecould also become the children

of God one day.

- [Interpreter] God doesn'twanna break any relationships

even when those people don't seem lovable.

I also see that no matterhow broken or twisted

a life is,

when God picks it uphe really looks forward

to bringing back thegreatness that was there

when creation began.

- [Mengfei] Mengfei Li, CBN News.

- [George] Up next this AustrianJew escaped the holocaust

and fled to China where he found refuge

and much, much more.

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Jesus said it.

I came to give you life.

Life to the fullest.

Life in your family.

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- And welcome back to this special edition

of Christian World News.

You know in the 1930s and1940s were some of the darkest

times for Europe's Jews.

Millions were executed inHitler's concentration camps.

One country that openedits doors to those fleeing

the holocaust was China.

Mengfei Li brings us the amazing story

of one Austrian Jew who literally

found new life in Shanghai.


- [Mengfei] It was part ofhistory that no one can forget.

During the reign of NaziDictator Adolph Hitler,

Jews lived under daily terror.

Their synagogues were burned

and millions were sentto concentration camps.

Six million perished.

Some nations opened theirdoors to the fleeing Jews.

China was one of them.

Many Jewish families appliedfor visas to come to China.

All of a sudden,

cities like Shanghai becamehome of the Jewish refugees.

Many were relieved thatChina was a safe place.

A country that changed their lives.

Elizabeth Linton was born in Austria.

She and her husband recentlyvisited Shanghai, China.

Not for sightseeing but inmemory of her deceased father.

Michael Weiss who cameto Shanghai after fleeing

the holocaust.

Weiss was born in Vienna, Austria.

After Hitler overran the country,

as a Jew, he realized

that he couldn't safelyremain in the country.

- After he came to Shangahihe was working as an engineer.

He had graduated fromthe university in Vienna.

He was about 25 years old at the time.

- When I hear storiesabout how the nations,

many of the nations including America

turned away Jewish people seeking refuge.

It really is heartbreakingwhen you think about it.

But look at what the Chinese people did.

They opened their armsto a persecuted people.

Some came without visas,

some came without passports,

without proper documentation.

- [Mengfei] Upon landing in China,

American missionary coupleFornd and Carol Stearns

embraced Weiss.

- And they introduced himto Watchman Ne in the church

in Shanghai.

- [Mengfei] WatchmanNe was a church leader

and Christian teacher whoworked in China at the time.

Exposed to many Chinese Christians,

Weiss was deeply touched bytheir help and love for him.

He learned about the Biblefrom the Chinese Christians.

- I think it was 15th of November in 1939

he was baptized by Watchman Ne.

Watchman Ne gave him the name Johannes

as his Christian name.

And Johannes stands for John.

- [Mengfei] Just when Weissthought things will get better,

the Japanese military invaded Shanghai

and he was taken prisoner andsent to a concentration camp.

During the imprisonment hewas threatened numerous times

with death.

However Weiss only did two things,

read the Bible and pray.

At the end of World War Two,

Johannes Michael Weiss stayedanother eight years in China

before moving back to Vienna.

He immediately started a new life.

- And he prayed I have many prayers

that he wrote down for his children.

That we would come toknow God early in life

and embrace the faith andGod with all our hearts.

- [Mengfei] Today as she walks around

the Shanghai Jewish Refugee Museum

she was drawn to all the memories here.

- It made it real.

That he was here.

And especially the name ofJohn that was given to him

as his Christian name.

- [Mengfei] Johannes Michael Weiss

passed away in 1983.

With a degree in Theologystudy he never stopped

giving praises to Jesus

and thankfulness for the Chinese

who introduced him to the Lord.

- And my father toldme that the word of God

kept him alive.

- [Mengfei] Mengfei Li, CBN News.

- Coming up a taste of Ireland in China.

And how one church used some creative ways

to help millennials find their true love.

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- Hello I'm Terri Newsom.

Did you know there aremore than 148 million

orphans in the world today?

148 million.

But it was three littlegirls that taught me

about the plight of orphans.

Eight years ago my husbandand I spent nearly a month

immersed in the daily activitiesof a Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw first hand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection,

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew aministry from my heart

called Orphan's Promise.

Today we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated.

And they're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to join with me

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Will you call the numberon our screen right now?

Because every child deservesa chance to be happy.

- [Pat] When you give, smiles grow bigger.

When you care, homes are happier.

When you comfort,

the hurt goes away.

When we all come together to love,

miracles happen.

- And welcome back to the broadcast.

When couples exchange vows

they commit their livesto their soul mates.

Well in China many young people

are hoping to tie the knot

before the year ends.

But some find it difficultto meet their perfect match.

That's why Chinese churchleaders are coming up

with some very creativeways to help singles

find their true love.

Mengfei Li has the story.

(Irish music)

- [Mengfei] On a beautifulsunny Saturday morning

in Beijing,

these young Chinese dosomething unusual here,

Irish dancing in the park.

Besides enjoying the fun,

the main purpose is tohelp single Christians

find their true love.

Some Christians prayed for years

that Mr. Or Mrs. right will show up.

They passionately sought the right person.

Some even went to church leaders for help.

- [Interpreter] God calledus to be in relationships

with one another.

Our church is like a family.

We wanna help them find the right ones

who are also part ofour Christian network.

We have many unmarriedamazing brothers and sisters.

They deserve to marry the right people.

That's what motivated to usto plan such a huge event.

- [Mengfei] These youngpeople get to know each other

by playing group games.

This one requires themto find scripture verses

hidden in bushes.

- [Interpreter] I'm so happy to see

that everybody is having a great time.

Praise the Lord.

- [Mengfei] It also broughtmany first timers too.

- [Interpreter] Mypastor told me about it.

And I'm so glad that I came.

- Since 2012 many localchurches in Beijing

have organized a similar annual event.

Through prayer andattending fun activities

many have found the right person

God has prepared for them.

Tie Yang was single for eight years.

Before attending the church programs

he tried many times on his own

to find his future wife.

But that always ended in disappointment.

He started believingthere was no right person

waiting for him.

Church leaders encouraged himto be patient and faithful.

They were afraid that he willmiss a blessing from God.

- [Interpreter] When we arevulnerable and disappointed

we tend to compromise our principles.

We need to remind ourselvesthat God is in control

and he has the perfectsolution for our puzzlement.

Trust in him is very important.

- [Mengfei] Later on he began to take part

in church fellowship meetings.

Soon he met his future wife Xiang Chun Ji.

- [Interpreter] After beingmarried for eight months,

I still can't believethat I found a beautiful

and lovely wife.

We have our own family today.

Most importantly we are ableto grow together in the Lord.

God brought us together.

- [Mengfei] LV's wife believes her husband

is a gift from the Lord.

- [Interpreter] My husband is such

a caring and sweet person.

He loves me so much.

We want to encourage othersingles to trust in Jesus.

He has the perfect timing.

- [Mengfei] Beijingchurch leaders are hoping

more Christians and nonChristians will join

these singles program

and come to realize thatGod should always be

at the center of any relationship.

And if they will wait on him,

they will find their perfect match.

(Irish music)

- And Asia reporterMengfei Li joins us here

in the studio with more.

Why is Christian dating so important

to young Chinese folks?

- Well George one thing you notice that

internet growing rapidly in China.

And there are over sixmillion internet users

in China alone.

So a lot more millennials,

they're looking for lovethrough the internet.

But guess what,

they're not finding anything.

So basically that's where the church

start to step in

saying hey we'll helpyou find the right way.

Because love can be provided by God

and through God.

- I'm curious is the view of Christianity

with this generation differentfrom generations past?

- Well George you'vebeen to China many times.

A you encountermillennials from every trip

and I do too.

It's very different.

I again have to say todaythe younger generation

in China are crazy or passionateabout knowing the Lord.

Because they realize ohif I wanna be successful,

if I wanna make more money,

have a great family,

I need to know the truth.

I need to do somethingcan hold us accountable.

- Coming up in a few seconds

we're gonna have a story,

another unique story about coffee.

I always thought thatChinese loved their tea.

Coffee is now growing here?

- Well coffee definitelyis still existing in China.

But guess what,

the younger generations are replacing

the Chinese tradition withsomething more western.

So you've been to China many times

and through the bigger countries.

And you see Starbucks andcoffee shops everywhere.

And guess what, it's one of the ways

to show their luxurious lifestyle.

- Okay terrific.

Stay with us where wewill have more of that

as I said a story about coffee in China.

Well folks we'll be back right after this.

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- Hello I'm Terri Newsom.

Did you know there aremore than 148 million

orphans in the world today?

148 million.

But it was three littlegirls that taught me

about the plight of orphans.

Eight years ago my husbandand I spent nearly a month

immersed in the daily activitiesof a Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw firsthand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection,

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew aministry from my heart

called Orphan's Promise.

Today we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated.

And they're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to join with me

and become family to these children.

Will you call the numberon your screen right now?

Because every child deservesa chance to be happy.

- Hello is this thing on?

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- [Kid] Yeah!

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The new Superbook Kids Bible App.

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- Coffee is one of the mostpopular drinks in China today.

In fact there are morecoffee shops today rising

in the capital city.

One coffee store owneris using a unique way

to invite customers totaste more than just

the popular drinks.


- [Mengfei] Hanye Weiis a native Beijinger.

Since 19 he devoted himselfinto the coffee business.

For so long he was fascinatedby the unique smell

and delicious flavor.

- [Interpreter] The firsttime I tasted coffee

I was drawn to the flavor.

It's something I had never tasted before.

Starbucks was stillnew to China back then.

Chinese people didn't understand

how to appreciate this western drink.

- [Mengfei] Wei was determinedto learn more about coffee.

He learned how to make it

and came up with his own unique recipes.

- [Interpreter] I was so eager to pursue

my own passion,

but it was not easy.

When I faced setbacks I was frustrated.

I knew I could do it butsomehow couldn't make it right.

It seemed like something was missing.

- [Mengfei] Wei began spending more time

away from his family.

His wife felt he was no longer dedicated

to the marriage and their children.

Then one day Wei met a Christian friend

and shared his frustration and concerns.

After a long talk, Weirealized what was missing.

He became interested in going to church

and he made a decision.

The same day before going tobed I gave my life to Jesus.

I wanted him to help me to become

a successful coffee maker.

I couldn't do it alone.

- [Mengfei] Wei took theopportunity to open his own shop

in one of the mostpopular areas of Beijing.

His business grew andhe started riding a bike

delivering coffee to his customers.

- [Interpreter] It's likeGod suddenly opened a faucet.

People started to come to my coffee shop.

I was overwhelmed byblessings and provision.

He taught me so much over the years.

- Being the coffee shopowner more than 10 years

Wei was grateful about whatGod has provided for him.

Gradually he began to invite his customers

to listen to his story

as well as encouragingyoung people in China

to know about Jesus Christ.

- [Interpreter] People always ask me

how I became successful today.

It's important for themto hear my stories.

It's not about me.

God did it for me.

- [Mengfei] Every Friday night,

Wei holds Bible study at his coffee shop.

He's not afraid ofpeople asking questions.

He's passionate about sharing the gospel

with everyone who comes in.

- [Interpreter] Wei is a great teacher.

He's very patient when explaining

different books of the gospel to us.

His stories about God touched me.

- [Mengfei] Trying to makea living in large cities

like Beijing and Shanghai, it's not easy.

Wei sees more Chinesemillennials are flooding

to Beijing to pursue their dreams.

He's planning to open up more coffee shops

around the nation.

The purpose is to invitemore coffee lovers

to his store and give them a chance

to know how great his God is.

- [Interpreter] Beingsuccessful is not easy.

But everyone has the opportunitiesto achieve their dreams

by knowing God andfollowing his principles.


- [Mengfei] Mengfei Li,CBN News. Beijing, China.

- Thank you Mengfei Li.

Thank you so much for joining us

on this special editionof Christian World News

as we see what God is doingin the nation of China.

Until next week, goodbyeand God bless you.


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