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The 700 Club - September 14, 2018

From the 9th Ward in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina survivors head to, “the promised land.” Plus, CBN News has the latest on Hurricane Florence as it heads towards the U. S. east coast. Read Transcript

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- [Male Narrator] The following program

is sponsored by CBN.

- [Male Narrator] Comingup, Hurricane Florence

makes landfall.

CBN News has the latestupdates on the storm.

And then...

- And the worst of it is yet to come.

- [Male Narrator] From theNinth Ward in New Orleans.

- Everybody knew that at some point,

New Orleans would flood.

- [Male Narrator] Katrina survivors head

to the promise land.

- God had prepared everything.

Everything was ready.

- [Male Narrator] On today's 700 Club.

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- Well, welcome to The 700 Club.

What was once a categoryfour storm of a lifetime

has weakened to a category one.

Hurricane Florence has made landfall

and is now making a slowmove down the coast.

The eye passed near Wilmington,North Carolina this morning.

- With winds topping 100 miles per hour,

forecasters say the lingering storm

could still do major damage,

especially from the amount of rain.

Jennifer Wishon has more.

- [Jennifer Wishon]Hurricane Florence collided

with the coast around 6 a.m.,

slamming into Wilmongton, North Carolina,

packing wind gusts of 105 miles per hour

and demonstrating she's no lady.

- It is making a landfallcoming ashore here

near Wilmington, North Carolina.

There, you can see the eyewall, the western edge of it

already over the inland areas,

so Florence will continue slowly inland

during the day today, but alarge part of the circulation

is out over the open waters here,

so we'll continue to see very heavy rain

spinning into Eastern North Carolina

and that will spread intoSouth Carolina, as well.

So, that is going to be the major story

out of this hurricane here, the flooding.

Looking at the future path of Florence,

notice it stays a minimal hurricane

as it moves slowly west andsouthwest today into tonight.

It will weaken further oncethat entire circulation

gets away from the waterduring the weekend,

then eventually themoisture streams north,

but near this path, just to the North,

we will be looking attremendous amounts of rain.

- [Jennifer Wishon] InNew Bern, North Carolina,

150 people had to be rescuedfrom rising flood waters.

- Surviving this storm willbe a test of endurance,

teamwork, common sense and patience.

- [Jennifer Wishon] In South Carolina,

another state in thehurricane's cross hairs.

- Proverb 6:6 through 8says, "Go to the ant,"

- [Jennifer Wishon] Emergencyofficials turned to the bible

and prayed to god.

- Help us to use this eventas a rallying point for unity,

help keep us safe, thyLord, help us to honor

and praise you, even inthe midst of the storm.

- Florence is expected todump some 20 inches of rain

on Myrtle Beach, is turningstorm surges up to 10 feet

and farther inland, rivers are already

overflowing their banks.


Power outages are already widespread.

Some 40,000 power workers from 17 states

are mobilized to respond.

Tens of thousands ofpeople across the Carolinas

and Virginia are weatheringthe storm in shelters.

- Once these winds start blowing

at that tropical storm rate, it will be

virtually impossible forthe rescuers to get in

to rescue you.

- [Jennifer Wishon] PresidentTrump says he's confident

the federal governmentis ready to respond.

Many in the storm's pathare holding onto the promise

that they're not alone.

- Help us remember that the same god

that created the heavens and the Earth,

that this same god that is with us

will see us through the storm.

We ask all these things inyour gracious name, Lord.

- [Jennifer Wishon]Jennifer Wishon, CBN News.

- Well, joining us now to talk about

the storm's track and theimpact is Joe Bastardi,

he's the chief forecasterfor WeatherBELL Analytics

and Joey, I've gotta ask the question,

what happened to this storm?

It seems to have changed track

and it seems to definitelyhave changed intensity.

- While I'm responding,I don't want you to think

that this is an egotistical response,

but on September 5th,we put out a forecast

saying it would be hitting Cape Fear,

near Cape Fear Thursday night and Friday.

Those maps have all beenout on public notice,

so the storm is basicallydoing what it's supposed to do,

it did weaken a bit,but let me say something

about this weakening.

Now, where do you thinkthere's more energy?

If you get a wind gust 125 miles an hour

for maybe 10 seconds or you get

70 to 100 mile an hourwinds for 12 to 24 hours,

where do you think there'smore energy in the storm?

Well, you gotta understand something

about that Saffir-Simpson scale,

it's only concerned with one wind

at one spot, measuring the highest wind,

this is an enormous storm andhurricane forced wind gusts

have occurred out 150 milesnortheast to the center.

We just had a wind gust inWilmington, North Carolina,

the second highest ever recorded,

only behind Hurricane Helene in 1958,

which had a 930 millibarpressure, this is 958 millibars.

When this storm is all said and done,

what we're gonna understandthat the immense power

of the storm, though notfocused its fury at the center,

will spread out more and because of that,

it will be every bit as badas what's been advertised.

So, as far as the endgame of the storm goes,

you have to understand thatwhen you get into a situation

where it's very close to land,

the steer recurrence of breaking down,

it starts meandering.

If you've noticed overthe last couple of hours,

it's moved southwestand even south southwest

just south of Wilmington,it didn't go over Wilmington

and what we are most fearful of

and what we've been talkingabout the past couple of days

is it comes back over thewater, goes just southeast

of Myrtle Beach, then hitsMyrtle Beach underneath it,

which would mean insteadof having northwest winds,

you shift the wind intothe East and Southeast

all across The GrandStrand and that gives them

the extra tidal surge also to go along

with the two feet of rainthey're going to get.

So, I think it's sortof a pick your poison

type situation here.

- Well, how long are we goingto be dealing with this storm?

- Well, in different forms,

we'll deal with it until Tuesday

because as far as tomorrow morning goes,

I think the storm willbe near Myrtle Beach,

I'm not so sure they'llstill have it classified

as a hurricane, butthey'll be getting racked

on The Grand Strand tomorrow morning,

the winds will be diminishing by that time

across Wilmington andsouthern North Carolina,

but they still have another 12 to 18 hours

of this because it's moving so slow.

Then it'll be out near Columbia,

between Columbia andGreenville-Spartanburg,

it looks like, on Sunday,then Monday the center

will probably be up nearKnoxville, Tennessee

and Tuesday, probably over my house

in State College, Pennsylvania

'cause all it wants to dohere is rain this summer

and without trying to be cute about that,

our rivers in Pennsylvania and Virginia

are already loaded up with water.

Another three to six inches of rain

from the remnants of a tropical cyclone

means that there's gonnabe a lot of river flooding

and something else we gottaworry about is tornadoes.

Those, we've already had acouple of tornado warnings,

but as this gets inlandand starts breaking up

to the right of the pathof parts of North Carolina

and South Carolina andthen up into Virginia

in the mid-Atlantic states,there's probably gonna be

tornadic activity with this, that's how,

that's what happens withthese big powerful storms

that have gathered all thatenergy one way or the other.

Remember, folks, tropicalcyclones are nature's way

of taking heat out of the tropics

and redistributing the heatinto the temperate regions.

They've been here forever,it's hurricane season,

occasionally a hurricane shows up,

sometimes more, sometimes less.

In this particular case so far,

we've been very blessed,we've only had one hurricane

and that's the one you see right now.

- Well, let's go back to South Carolina

and Myrtle beach, in particular.

Tomorrow morning, what sort of storm surge

are you anticipating there?

- Well, I'm going with what the,

I think the Hurricane Centerhas a good idea there,

I'm just explaining the nervousness I have

because of my, the forecastthat I've been looking at

has had a worry about itdropping south of Myrtle Beach.

Now, can I say definitelythat's going to happen?

Only God knows tomorrow,but I do think this jog

south, southwest along the coast,

and you could see it as well as I,

you don't need me to tell you which way

the storm's moving,'cause you just look at

the radar's been turning southwest,

gets it back out over that water

and then it comes in under Myrtle Beach,

so Myrtle Beach is going to bea very, very tough forecast,

I hate to say it, butit's a kind of forecast

you gotta look at every hourfor the next 12 to 18 hours

before you make a final call.

I'm very certain about the rain,

I'm just not certain whether the wind

goes into the East andNortheast at Myrtle Beach

which is very differentfrom the Northwest wind

they have now.

If you've been watchingpictures of Myrtle Beach,

there's sand blowing aroundbecause the wind's blowing

from the Northwest right now.

The Northeast wind isvery, very different there

as it piles water in.

Remember, folks, one of the things

we talked about yesterday,the past couple days,

the shape of the coastline causes a storm

to tighten up when it'scoming from the ocean.

You see how that coastis shaped like a cup,

well, what happens is, thestorm doesn't want to go ashore,

so those bands tighten up andyou saw the eye tighten up,

well, worry is that if itcomes back out over the water,

it will try to do the same thing

around Myrtle Beach tomorrow morning.

- Well, what do you think about

the rest of hurricane season?

We've got two more months to go,

should we anticipate we'regoing to see more storms?

- Yeah, I think that we shutdown over the next 10 days,

in fact, you know we gotall these storms out,

it's great, you see people talking about,

"Oh, this is because of climate change,"

well, how come Isaac fell apart

at the height of the hurricane season

in the Caribbean, right?

There's so many more factors,the totality of the picture

runs the show, not this littlething or that little thing.

But, what happens is, forthe next seven to 10 days,

the tropics quiet down,then after September 26th,

we're forecasting themto come back up again

and we may have one more big burst

that I'm very concernedabout the Southwest Atlantic,

the Western Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico,

last week in September,first week of October,

more than normal activity,it might even originate

off Africa, try to comeacross, but this time,

instead of falling apart in the Caribbean,

it gets very intense in the Caribbean,

they like to do thatat the end of the year.

By the way, one morething, Southern California

and the Southwest, do not be surprised

if we get one of thesesystems develop off Mexico

and recurve up in there.

And by the way, allthis is pointing the way

to a cold, stormy winterand as a matter of fact,

I've got Virginia Beach targetedfor relative to averages,

a lot of cold, a lot of snow this year,

so you might want to think about that.

- Well, Joe, you're justfull of good news today.


- Well, it doesn't seem to be- Well, come on, come on,

- in the same place for anyone.

- think of, let me say something,

something I tell my kidsand we have in our family,

the trials you face todayare because of the blessings

that got you here anywayand I'm serious about that.

Sometimes I think whenyou look at the weather,

this is a horrible situation,but almost everyday it's nice

or fairly nice, otherwise we wouldn't be

where we are today, so wegotta put up with this,

there's always some bad out there

and that's just the way nature is.

- Alright.

Well, Joe, thanks for being with us.

- Alright.- Well, as Hurricane Florence

hits North Carolina, cities and towns

are feeling its wrath.

CBN reporter, Erik Rosales, shows us

how those in the storm's pathhelped each other prepare

as Florence made its approach.

- [Erik Rosales] HurricaneFlorence, making its slow

and ominous approach.

(loud whooshing)

- The giant storm, some 500 miles across,

already flooding coastal streets,

while the bands of rainhaven't yet reached

inland cities and towns,the preparation continues.

- Our main focus right now is making sure

everyone is prepared,they have the supplies

that they need, water, flashlights,

the basic necessities justto make it through the storm.

- [Erik Rosales] This church pastor

in Lumberton, North Carolinaused to work as an electrician.

He's now using those talentsto help his church members

keep the lights on.

- And I never realized thatGod would be able to use

those skills, alongwith sharing the gospel

and making disciples and Godhas brought the two together

and he's been able to use that skillset.

- He's pretty incredible and he's

a great friend of ours,as well, and we just,

we know we can always count on him.

- Many Carolinans decided towait out the storm together

inside shelters, I'm in frontof Lumberton High School,

it's one of four shelters in the area,

inside, some 300 people hopingthat they'll have a home

to come back to.

- I just thank God we hereand that pray that God

will bring us through the storm.

- For me, I'm scared of the storm,

but when I'm serving a man called Jesus,

I know he'll bring us through it.

- We started with fiveloaves of bread and tuna fish

and before long, we're feeding thousands.

- [Erik Rosales] Meanwhile,leaders of other churches

are planning to hand out food and supplies

to whoever needs it.

- We had a meeting this pastweek with our daycare board

and they all agreed todo it again this year.

So, what we'll do istransform this building here

into our, into a center of distribution.

- [Erik Rosales] Althoughtheir faith is tested,

people are keeping Jesusclose to their heart.

- God's gonna take care of me,

even if I lose everythingagain, it doesn't matter,

God's gonna bring it back.

And he, I mean, he does.

- [Erik Rosales] Atremendous amount of faith

is being shown here in the Carolinas.

Erik Rosales, CBN News.

- On the face of these storms,

preparation is key and wewant to help you with that.

We've got somethingabsolutely free for you,

all you have to do iscall us, 1-800-700-7000,

or you can go to

It's a three step process howyou can prepare for disasters

and it's really essential that you have

this kind of disaster preparedness plan.

So, three steps to keepyou and your family safe.

It's yours free, all you have to do

is call us, 1-800-700-7000.

Well, Hurricane Florencewill bring high winds

and flooding across the East Coast

and it's estimated thatNorth Carolina, alone,

will get 10, hear this,trillion, ten trillion

gallons of rain from the storm.

Homes will be damaged, peopleare expected to lose power,

and so, Operation Blessingwill be on the scene

to help with the recovery.

- West.

- [Male Operation BlessingMember] As Hurricane Florence

hits the East Coast, Operation Blessing

is already mobilizing to provide relief

where it will most be needed.

- We're staging our equipment,

we're preparing our equipmentand we're getting ready

to pull out for HurricaneFlorence response.

- [Male Operation BlessingMember] Operation Blessing staff

loaded trucks with food,water and relief supplies,

we fueled up and our trucks hit the road.

- We stage at the best location,

a place that we can respond effectively,

but keep our team out of harm's way,

so that we can get inquickly to help people.

- [Male OperationBlessing Member] Our staff

in Virginia Beach isorganizing volunteers now,

so we'll be ready toprovide immediate relief

as soon as possible.

- We try to meet whatever need there is.

Distributing water andvolunteer coordination,

mucking and gutting of houses

and a lot of mass feeding.

People have lost all their belongings.

In a flooded home, we help them sort

through these belongingsand we salvage memorabilia.

- [Male Operation BlessingMember] Operation blessing

has been there for familiesthrough many disasters before.

However hard Florencehits, we'll reach out

with the love of Christ to help people

get back on their feet.

- We're caring for people in need.

We want to pray with them,we want to offer them

that spiritual and emotional support.

That's why we respond topeople in their darkest days

after a disaster.

- Well, our teams are alreadyin the preparation area,

based around Raleigh, North Carolina,

and are waiting for the storm to clear

in order to go in there andprovide relief to people

as they need it.

And if you want to be apart of that relief effort,

all you have to do iscall us, 1-800-700-7000,

and say yes, I want to donateto the Operation Blessing

disaster relief fund.

You can also write us, CBN Center,

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23463,

just put on the memo line,

Operation Blessing disaster relief

and your gift will bedesignated into disaster relief.

We need help now, as weprepare for this monster storm,

it seems it's going tobe there for some time

in North Carolina, South Carolinaand we want to reach out.

Our motto is, "When disastersstrike, we strike back

"with love and compassion tolet people know we love them,

"God loves them, we're there for them

"in their time of need,"

but we need your help to doit, so call us, 1-800-700-7000.

Alright, Terry, I hearyou've got a viewer comment.

- I do.

Ya know, we love to hear fromyou all when you email us

or write us, but this is anemail comment that came in

from a viewer who says,"Pat and the entire team

"have prayed thatHurricane Florence not come

"to the Virginia Beach area."

"It appears that thatprayer has been answered,

"which is wonderful."

"I ask that someone get word to the hosts

"to pray on the show and also,

"you all pray in chapel services

"for Hurricane Florence to turn hard left

"and go out to sea rather than hit land

"or even come close to landbecause the storm still seems

"that the effect will be devastating

"on the North Carolinaand South Carolina coast

"and throughout much of NorthCarolina and South Carolina

"and other states and areas."

- Well, I'm not trying to sound defensive,

but we have been praying for that,

we have been praying for thestorm to go back out to sea.

We're certainly all gratefulthat the category four

has turned into a category one.

That's a magnitude difference.

I hear Joe loud and clearthat sustained winds

of 90 miles an hour for 12 hours

can do a whole lot ofdamage, but sustained winds

of 140, 150 miles an hourcan do a whole lot more

and I've been through supertyphoons in the Philippines

and I know what I'm talking about,

so we're very grateful that the storm

has lessened in intensity,but the same time,

still very concerned forpeople in North Carolina,

South Carolina, particularlywhat we're hearing

what may happen to MyrtleBeach tomorrow morning,

we need to just continue in prayer,

we've been in prayer all week,

let's continue inprayer, let's not give up

just because the storm has made landfall.

God is able.

He can still any kind of storm, anywhere.

He is sovereign and weneed to pray and believe

that God will lessenthese winds even more,

hold back the torrential floods,

hold back the torrentialrain and protect people.

Most of all, let's be in prayerfor people to be protected,

that we can come throughthis storm in tact.

And let's do that right now.

- Yeah.- Alright?

Lord, we just lift thepeople of North Carolina,

South Carolina to you andwe just ask for your mercy

and your compassion thatno life would be lost,

that all would be saved,that everything would,

we would come through this storm in tact

and that families would be in tact

and, Lord, most of all, thatthe communities would rise up

and the surrounding states would rise up

and provide the help andassistance that's needed

to those who are so desperately in need.

And now, Lord, we pray forFlorence to break apart.

- Yes, Lord.

- That everything with this storm surge,

everything with the storm intensity,

everything with the storm wall,

that it all just dissipate now.

Be still, Florence, be stilland go back out to sea.

No more destruction, nomore flood, no more rain,

no more wind, we ask itall in Jesus' name, amen.

And amen.- Amen.

- [Gordon Robertson] What's next?

- Well, coming up, apastor who had to leave

his congregation out of thepath of a hurricane twice.

- The news report hadshowed how tremendous

this storm would be, a category five,

and everybody knew that at some point,

New Orleans would flood.

- [Terry Meeuwsen] Hear howhe found his promise land

when we come back.

(upbeat music)

- Pastor Willie Monnetknows what it's like

to see falling rains and rising waters.

In 2005, his church was locatedin New Orleans' Ninth Ward,

ground zero for Hurricane Katrina.

- [Male Reporter] On January 20, 2005,

Pastor Willie Monnet's sermonhad a troubling prediction

for his congregation in New Orleans.

- And God's really havingmercy on America, really,

actually, in tremendous rebellion.

With all the things you see going on

with the weather andall the stuff like that,

it don't, New Orleans couldbe under water 20, 30 feet

in a split second.

- [Male Reporter] Pastor Monnet started

the inner city church in 1996

and it became a safe haven for many

from drugs and violence.

Located east of New Orleansin the city's Ninth Ward,

he named it Smoking for Jesus Ministries.

- The revelation in 3:16, Jesus states,

"I'd rather you cold or hot,

"but if you're lukewarm," he said he will

"spill you out of his mouth."

So, we name it Smoking for Jesus Ministry,

On Fire for the Lord, Red Hot.

- [Male Reporter] For Pastor Monnet,

the church was familyand he was determined

to keep them together and safe.

In faith, he and members of the church

started preparing forthe impending disaster.

(melodic music)

- We haven't even gotten intoa fraction of this thing yet

and believe me, it's gonna get a lot worse

before it gets better.

We still have 150 mile anhour hurricane out there

and the worst of it is yet to come.

- [Male Reporter] They werecalling the storm Katrina.

- The news reporter showed how tremendous

this storm would be, a category five,

and everybody knew that at some point,

New Orleans would flood.

- [Male Reporter] OnSaturday, August 27, 2005,

the order came to evacuate.

- From the time that pastortold us start boarding up,

we were ripping andrunning and making sure

we had enough stuff andsupplies and materials,

and you can imagine, you'reboarding up everything,

then when you finish boarding,

you gotta run home andtry to hurry up and pack

and get ready, get your family together

and get ready to get out of dodge.

So, it was pretty hectic.

- On Sunday morning, therewas a eerie feeling there,

everything was quiet andknowing that something

was going to happentremendous in activity.

- [Male Reporter] That morning,a caravan of over 40 cars

carrying over 200 churchmembers left New Orleans

and headed west towards Texas.

- We got in the cars together and expected

to take a journey that would probably

only take about five to six hours.

It turned into 12 hours.

- [Male Reporter] Theycame to a retreat center

in Lumberton, Texas.

The first thing theydid was hold a service.

- God blessed that even in Lumberton,

we were able to use their facilities.

One of the things that really stood out

about the whole ordeal isthat no matter where we went,

we always did church services.

- [Male Reporter] ByWednesday, they were able

to watch news reports ofthe devastation Katrina

and the resulting stormsurge was inflicting

on their city and their neighborhood.

- [Female Reporter] Peopleare just getting so angry

and as you've been watching on TV,

the flood waters are still rising

in New Orleans this morning.

- Total devastation aroundBiloxi and Gulfport,

a couple of streets in, itsounds like it's flattened.

- [Female Reporter] New Orleansresidents are still fleeing

what can only be describedas hell on Earth.

- The water was up to street signs.

That was a reality for us thatwow, our city is under water.

So, what do you think we should do?

We're basically homeless,we have nowhere to go.

And so, we began to pray.

- [Male Reporter] After two weeks,

living in the cramped quartersof the retreat center,

some members drove back to NewOrleans to survey the damage.

- Church took about four feet of water.

At 98% humidity, everything was molded.

All our homes weredevastated, we didn't have

but three days clothes that wetook with us for the journey.

- [Male Reporter] Theyrealized there was nothing left

for them in New Orleans.

Then, just three weeks after Katrina,

they learned that another storm, Rita,

was headed straight for Lumberton.

- We didn't know which way to turn,

but God did, and he hadeverything laid out already.

All we had to do was justtake our hands off the wheel

and trust him.

- [Male Reporter] They headed further west

to the Texas Hill Country.

Because of the millions fleeing the storm,

the five hour drive took them 19 hours.

But, everywhere they went,they said God provided

all they needed for their journey.

- Just to see other churches,

they opened up the doors to us

and the places we'd just be able to go

'cause that's unusual if yourun around with 200 people

and then try to findsomewhere to house them.

Every step of the journey,everything we needed

was always there and no matter from food,

from clothing.

- [Male Reporter] 40 daysafter leaving New Orleans,

the church found what theycall their promise land

in the Texas Hill Countrytown of Marble Falls.

It just so happened, abrand new apartment complex

had just opened.

- Nobody lived in it.

They needed people to livein that apartment complex,

so God sent all these families

that needed a place.

We didn't have any furniture,

so everything was given at that time

to 52 families or more.

That was God's miraculousgiving manner in the wilderness.

- [Male Reporter]Eventually, the pastor heard

of a nearby property in Vernon,Texas that was for sale,

which included a church, land,

and several adjacent buildings.

- When God opened upthis place and the man

who wanted to sell thisplace called us and said that

"Y'all are a idealmatch for the property,"

that's part of this miracle.

How would God know that weneeded these dormitories,

we needed property to build our house,

we need a church, we needan administrative hub,

we need a cafeteria, we need a gymnasium

for our children, we need a playground,

everything was here already.

God had prepared everything.

Everything was ready.

- [Male Reporter] Sincesettling in the area,

the church and itsmembers have flourished.

Their many ministries haveprovided vital services

to the community.

They even opened up aCajun seafood restaurant,

bringing a little taste of New Orleans

to the Texas Hill Country.

- It was definitely a faith journey

because we didn't knowwhere we were going.

We knew that God had a plan.

We knew that God had a plan.

- I say it like Moses, Ididn't do this, God did it.

We didn't, and people ask us all the time,

"How did you choose Marble Falls?"

We didn't know it existed.

We talking walking by faithnow, just trusting God.

- Walking by faith, trusting God.

Here's a word for you.

God's not surprised by today's headlines.

He's not figuring out what to do

in the aftermath, if youwill, of Hurricane Florence.

He already has a plan.

All we have to do is wake up today and say

this is the day the lord has made,

I will rejoice and be gladand let's look forward

to say God's got some good plan for us,

he is shaping all thingstogether for our good.

That wonderful church they had to flee,

all those hardship, manydays they're wondering,

"Where do we go, what do we do?",

cramped quarters, threedays worth of clothes

and it's time to shakeyour fists at heaven,

but no, God had something else for them

and he had something wonderful for them.

And today, let's realize that,

God has a good future for us,

he knows the plans that he has for us,

not to harm us, he'sgot plans for our good,

so let's believe that,let's stand on that,

let's pray for that and let's expect it.


- Well, still ahead, a joggerruns right into the path

of an oncoming twister.

- I didn't know about a tornado warning

and when it hit me, it wentfrom 10 or 15 miles an hour,

the wind, to 200 milesan hour, all at once.

- [Terry Meeuwsen] How hesurvived the full force

of a killer tornado.

That's next.

(upbeat music)

- And welcome back to The 700 Club.

Wind and rain are pounding North Carolina

as Hurricane Florence moves in.

The category one hurricane barrelled

into Wilmington, North Carolina early,

packing wind gusts of 105 miles an hour.

Tens of thousands ofresidents across the Carolinas

are weathering the storm in shelters.

President Trump saysthe federal government

is well-positioned to respond.

4,000 National Guardtroops are already on duty

with more to come.

CBN's Operation Blessing is also prepared

to move in once the storm clears.

Stay with throughout the day

and over the weekend forupdates on Hurricane Florence.

The top democrat in theSenate Judiciary Committee

says she has given federal investigators

information on Supreme Courtnominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Senator Dianne Feinsten saysshe received information

from an individualconcerning the nomination,

but she will not disclosethe information publicly.

The Judiciary Committee isexpected to vote next Thursday

to recommend Kavanaugh'sconfirmation before the Senate,

but Feinstein's announcementcould potentially disrupt

Kavanaugh's steady path to confirmation.

The White House iscalling the announcement

an 11th hour attempt to delayKavanaugh's confirmation.

Operation Blessing is helping

tribes in Kenya overcome hunger.

Persistent droughts havethinned the tribes' cattle herd

over the last few years, forcing families

to look for alternatesources of food and income.

Operation Blessing steppedin to teach the tribes

how to raise chickens.

Before this project, thetribes considered it taboo

to eat chicken meat.

Now, the women are alsocollecting more than 80 eggs

every single day and sellingthem to other communities

and area markets.

You can learn moreabout Operation Blessing

by visiting its website,

Gordon and Terry are back with much more

of today's 700 Club, it'scoming up right after this.

(upbeat music)

- In April 2009, a killertornado touched down

in Central Tennessee.

For more than 20 miles,it splintered trees,

toppled homes anddestroyed nearly everything

in its path, except for David Young.

- [Female Reporter] On theafternoon of Good Friday,

David Young drove to hisfavorite running trail

near his home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

David's a pastor and wantedtime to pray and prepare

for the upcoming church services.

He began his run despite theominous clouds on the horizon.

- I knew there were storms coming,

I didn't know we had a tornado watch

and certainly didn't knowabout a tornado warning.

- [Female Reporter]Two miles into his run,

the storm arrived.

David didn't know it, but thefull force of an EF-4 tornado

was headed right for him.

- As it starts to rain, I recognize that

it could get serious here, butI was really kind of excited

about it and I thought,"Hey, I've been looking

"for some sort of survivalsituation and here's a good one."

- David had been through storms before.

While winter backpackinga few months earlier,

he panicked as hypothermia set in

during an unexpected storm.

- Every day since thatbackpacking trip in Figueroa,

I had been saying to God,"Don't ever let me panic again,

"you keep me calm nomatter what happened."

- When was the point that yourealized you were in trouble?

- I could hear a rumble in the distance.

My head kept saying tomy gut, "There's no way

"this is a tornado."

- [Female Reporter] Acrosstown, David's family

huddled together in a grocery store

as the tornado passed by.

- My son, my 13 year oldson, wouldn't sit down.

Instead, he stood up and hewas just pacing back and forth

and several of them kept saying,

"You need to come over here with us,"

and he kept saying, "No,if it's okay with you,

"I need to pace and pray for my dad,"

praying specifically for me.

They didn't know I was out on the trail.

- [Female Reporter] Asthe tornado approached,

David darted off thetrail and wrapped himself

around the base of a nearby tree.

- As soon as I saw thedebris, I began to hear

the forest explode above me.

The sound of the trees crashing was,

it was just unbelievable.

It was a thousand treesexploding all at once.

It was almost deafening,the sound of the trees.

And when it hit me, it wentfrom 10 or 15 miles an hour,

the wind, to 200 milesan hour, all at once.

- But you didn't let go.

- Oh no, I wasn't gonna let go.

Now, wherever the tree went, I was going,

but I was not gonna let go of that tree.

- [Female Reporter] Davidheld tight as the winds

lifted his body in the air.

Bushes and trees were uprooted and smashed

all around him.

- And then the eye of thetornado passed over me,

so I dropped down and I curledback around the tree again,

and as I looked up, it wasthe most phenomenal thing

I've ever seen.

It was peaceful, it wascalm, and at the very top

of the tornado, the debris that had moved

to the left or the right,it moved up and down,

and my first thoughtwas that I'm in heaven

and these are angels dancing up and down,

it looked like angels justperforming a little ballet

at the top.

I lay there and I looked upand I remember feeling warm

and loved and thinking to myself,

"This is the greatest gift

"that god could ever have given me."

- You felt the love of Godin the eye of a tornado.

- It's hard to explainthat, but it's true.

Yeah, I did, I felt God'slove right in the middle

of the eye of the tornado.

- [Female Reporter] But,David's moment of tranquility

was short-lived.

- And then when the back wall hit,

it hit with as muchviolence as the front wall

and it began to drop the things

and it didn't feel asthough trees were dropping,

it felt as though they were being thrown.

Thrown down on the ground hard.

At first, I was thinking to myself,

"This is unbelievable, ofall things I'm in the middle

"of a tornado."

By the time the back wall had hit me,

I was thinking, "Okay, thishas gotta end pretty soon,

"I won't make it muchlonger if this keeps going."

- [Female Reporter] Twotrees came crashing down

on top of David.

One smashed his left legand the other hit his head,

giving him a concussion and adeep gash, but he was alive.

As the tornado passed, Davidscrambled over the debris

and made his way up toward the street.

The reality of what justhappened began to sink in.

- It looked like anuclear bomb had gone off.

Just 30 seconds before, therehad been a beautiful forest

and now it appeared thatevery tree in the forest

was down and there wastwisted debris everywhere,

pieces of buildings,huge chunks of buildings,

there was the entire sideof a semi tractor trailer

was down there on a tree right next to me,

wrapped around that tree.

- [Female Reporter] David made his way

to a nearby parking lot, thenwas rushed to the hospital

by men who found him there.

- They put seven oreight staples in my head

and they said to stop the bleeding,

I was, I would have bled to death,

wrapped my leg up andthe best we could tell,

it was just beat up badly.

It may, again, it may havebeen a hairline fracture,

but nothing serious.

- Easter Sunday, David walked out

in front of his churchand preached a sermon

that was born in the eye of a tornado.

What was your message?

- The message was thatregardless of how bad

the storm is, Christ is risen.

And one of the things thatI've thought about often

is that holding onto thattree in the middle of a storm

is just a wonderful metaphor for life,

and if we cling to the cross of Christ,

holding onto that tree,even if you don't know

what's coming next, ifyou don't know how bad

it's gonna be, regardlessof how much debris

is slamming around you,you hang onto that tree

and God's gonna take care of it.

- Boy, life is unpredictable, isn't it?

Full of surprises, full of the unexpected.

I mean, even something like the hurricane

that we're experiencing right now,

you see it coming, you see coming,

I am sure some of you felt like I did

and the day before it was expected to hit,

you walk outside and it's kind of still

and the sky is blue andit's peaceful and quiet,

but the storm is coming.

And no matter who you areand no matter where you live,

at some point in time,the storm is coming.

And I look at this man'sstory and he was going through

a personal scenario withGod on just wanting to know

that he would trust Godin the middle of anything

that came to him.

So, I think the questionthat hits all of us

as we watch people going through struggle

or as we're going through it ourselves

is what's your anchor in themiddle of the raging scene?

What do you hang onto whenthe eye of the tornado

is headed right for you?

Those are times when, I'vesaid this before on this show,

I think it's so true,though, sometimes we can feel

so secure in the blessings of God

that we don't contemplatehow frail we are,

how fragile, how small, howout of control we can be

in certain circumstances.

The only one who never changes,

the only one who is eternally the same,

the same yesterday, today and forever,

the only one who is high and lifted up

and sits above it all and who has you

in the palm of his handis your heavenly father.

The only anchor worth hanging onto.

Everything else blows away in the storm.

But, if you're hanging onto your God,

if you're hanging onto theone who created the universe,

you are hanging onto somethingthat is indestructible,

to someone who is infallible,to someone who has

made a promise to you.

"I will never leave you or forsake you."

He doesn't say we won'tgo through the storm,

what he tells us isthat he's going through

the storm with us.

So, I don't know what your storm is today,

maybe you're on the coast of the Carolinas

or Georgia and you'reconcerned about the weather

as we see it today, which is significant,

or maybe you're facing a medical diagnosis

that's just bigger thandoctors and medicine

and bigger than youcertainly know how to handle.

Maybe you're facingeternity because of that.

Maybe your marriage is falling apart

or you've sinned somuch, you don't feel like

you can come back to God.

Well, the message for you todayis God has never left you.

His arms are outstretched to you,

he's waiting for you to turn to him,

to say, "God, you aremy anchor in the storm,

"you are the one that I hold fast to,

"the one who I depend on,the one who is never changing

"and always available,"God loves you so much.

Invite him into your heart and your life,

invite him into yourcircumstances right now

and then really rest on him.

Don't just let it bethe words of your mouth,

let it be the action that you take

because of your deep faith in him.

If you have someone that,some need in your life

that you'd like to praywith someone about,

we have people standing by right now.

Folks who are hanging onto that anchor

and they'd love to pray withyou in the midst of your storm.

Our number is toll free,it's 1-800-700-7000.

Just call, there's a friendon the other end of the line,

you don't even have to give your name,

just ask them to pray with you today.

God sees you and knows youand is right there with you

in the midst of your storm.


- Coming up, a few inches of flooding

turns into a few feet injust a matter of seconds.

- And I watched that waterliterally suck him underwater

and he disappeared rightbefore my very eyes.

I remember, in my mind, thinking,

"Oh my goodness, I've just become a widow

"at the age of 41," I didn'tthink there was any way

Joe could survive that.

- [Gordon Robertson] Hearhow this family braved

the rushing waters, right after this.

(upbeat music)

- When a major stormtore through Nashville

a few years ago, it leftmore than a billion dollars

of damage in its wake.

For the Corey family, thatstorm cost them their car

and almost their lives.

- [Male Reporter] On May1, 2010, the citizens

of Nashville, Tennessee braced themselves

for historic flooding.

- And it was essentiallythe storm of the century.

- [Male Reporter] Joe and Colleen Corey

checked their pantry and realized they had

very little food and weren'tprepared for the storm.

They thought they could outrun the storm,

so they rushed to a nearby grocery store

with their son, Clay.

- We went shopping, tookabout a half an hour

and on the way back, we encountered

about 10 to 15 inches of water.

- [Male Reporter] Thewater surrounding their car

surged from 10 inches to almost three feet

in a matter of seconds.

- [Colleen Corey] The roadstill hadn't been closed.

As we were crossing inour Chevy Trailblazer,

it was an immediate surge of water.

- [Joe Corey] At that point,I rolled the window down

and I told my wife and my son to get out

and get on the hood.

I pulled them out and Igot on the hood myself.

- I knew I had time touse my cell phone one time

and to make one call andI'm my mother's only child

and I knew I had totell her, one last time,

that I loved her if we didn't make it.

So, my mother said whenshe got the call from me

that she immediately calledpeople in our church,

they started a prayer chain, our minister,

and she said, "Ya know, all I thought of

"was the power of prayer."

- [Male Reporter] A second surge of water

slammed the vehicle.

- That second surge threwme against the vehicle,

so I looked at my wife and my son

and I said, "I love yous,stay with the vehicle."

- And I watched that waterliterally suck him underwater

and he disappeared rightbefore my very eyes

and as Clay, my 12 year old son, and I

were sitting on top ofthat Chevy Trailblazer,

I remember, in my mind, thinking,

"Oh my goodness, I've just become a widow

"at the age of 41."

I didn't think there was any way

Joe could survive that.

My son was crying, hesaid the Lord's Prayer

over and over again andthe strength in his voice

was unbelievable.

- I said a prayer on the top of the,

on the hood of the car and Ikept on praying the whole time

because I knew if I prayed, then we might,

we'd have a better chance of getting out.

- At that point, it wasmaybe a minute later

that I heard my husbandscreaming our names.

I turned to the right andI saw just Joe's head,

just above, in this brown,awful, swirling water.

- [Male Reporter] Joe had grabbed a tree

and conceded the water wouldsoon overtake the Trailblazer.

- The current just kept gettingstronger and kept rising.

- Looking at Joe's face andseeing the fear in his face,

but he kept looking atme and he kept saying,

"You're going to be okay," he said,

"I know that Clay and youaren't going to be able

"to hold on much longer."

It was just like a suctionpulled that vehicle

and it disappeared and,again, that was a matter of

maybe two seconds and it was gone.

- [Male Reporter] Colleen andClay jumped off of the car.

- He had one chance toget me, to rescue me,

he pulled me out ofthat water with one arm

and literally threw me onthis branch above his head

and at that split second, I turned my head

to check and see where my son was

and my son had disappeared.

Clay was gone and all I could think of was

he was under that water.

- That's the point Ithought, "I'm gonna die."

- And then I looked out and I saw him,

his face was under thewater, just under the surface

of the water and his hand was up

and I reached out and I grabbed him

and threw him above me.

- [Male Reporter] After fighting the water

for over an hour, theCorey family finally saw

three EMS workers braving the water

and coming toward them in a rowboat.

- The water that day wasrougher than any water

I've ever seen.

I've grown up on the water and never

have I seen water this rough.

- I just remember thinking,"Lord, please give them

"the strength and theabilities to get to us

"in this water."

I remember Lieutenant Sam Clark told us,

he said, "Look, we have onechance to make this work,"

he said, "We have seconds," he said,

"This boat isn't goingto last much longer."

- [Male Reporter] Joe, Colleen and Clay

all caught their lifejackets and were pulled

into the boat with a dragline.

After the rescue, 18 menon shore heaved the rowboat

back in with a rope.

- I relive my son's voicesaying the Lord's Prayer

over and over again as hewas clinging onto those vines

and fighting that water.

- Prayer is powerful andwhatever you're going through,

it doesn't matter what it is,

God can help you go through it

as long as you ask for his help.

- [Colleen Corey] God's hand was there.

It was there with us that entire time,

but it's just an incredible feeling

to experience that kind of love.

- Without a shadow ofa doubt, God is there.

Without a shadow of a doubt,he cares about his children.

It was divine interventionat all points in time

and I can tell you,that day in that water,

those prayers were answered.

- It's an incredible story, isn't it?

The power of prayer to change things,

the power of prayer to change us.

Well, we've been praying for our country

over the last few days on this program

and we want you to join with us.

Will you call us at 800-700-7000

or go to

Let us know your personal requests

and at the same time, tell us that

you'll be teaming withus to pray for America.

When we all join together,great things happen

because God is mightyand he hears the voices

and the requests of his children.

We're also praying for you, as you know,

during this week.

Here's someone askingfor prayer for strength

and restoration,physically and financially,

after a series of surgeriesfor a brain tumor.

Someone else saying, "Pleasepray that my back is healed

"from scoliosis, spinalstenosis and arthritis."

Someone saying, "I ask forGod's guidance and help

"in selling our houseand finding a new home

"for the next phase of our lives."

And then, someone saying,"Please pray for the men

"and women in our militarywho are deployed overseas

"away from family."

And Gordon, you have some, as well.

- I've got this one, "Praythat America will have

"a great awakening and a revival

"that we repent of our sins."

"Healing for my niece,she was just diagnosed

"with pancreatic cancer."

And then, "Healing of an aortic aneurism."

And then, "Healing and deliverance

"from anxiety and depression,10 years of mental torment."

Let's go back to that story,let's go back to the flood

that just seemed toovertake them in moments.

And what was the prayerthat saw them through?

It was the Lord's Prayerand it's a wonderful

pattern of prayer.

And in that, we're to startoff with "Our father,"

it's not my father, it's not your father,

it's our father.

He's interested in all of us,

"Our Father, who art in heaven,

"hallowed be thy Name,

"thy kingdom come,"

all of us get hung up on thatone, what does that mean?

Is that the second coming,what does that mean?

Well, it means this, thathis will would be done.

God's kingdom is whereverhis will is being done.

So, let his kingdom in yourheart, let his will be done

in your heart.

"On Earth as it is in heaven."

So, in heaven, are there any storms?

Is anyone sick?

Are there any tears?

Is anybody lonely?

Anybody depressed?

The answer to all of that is no.

So, we look to have itand we see God's will

and Jesus asks us, as his ambassadors,

he says, "This is the pattern of prayer,"

you're supposed to praythat his kingdom would come

and be on Earth as it is in heaven.

So, let's do that right now.

For all of these requests,we can say confidently

this is not God's will,this is not what he wants

for you and I.

He wants to be that goodfather who is ready, willing

and able to provide our every need.

So, let's believe that, let's look to him,

the author, the finisher of our faith,

and let's pray right now.

Lord, we just lift thosewho are suffering right now,

the ones who have writtenthese prayer requests,

we hear their heart crying,we know that you hear

their heart crying, andso, we have this confidence

that we're praying inaccordance with your will.

So, stretch forth yourhand to do wonders today.

Stretch forth your hand tostill this mighty storm.

Stretch forth your handor rescue your people.

Stretch forth your handto heal, to deliver,

to bring peace.

Lord God, be gracious unto us,

cause your face to shine.

Do miracles, would ya?

For we ask it in Jesus' name.

Terry, God gave you some.

- Yeah, somebody, you've hadsome kind of laser procedure

on your eyes and it's caused a problem

instead of creating theanswer you'd hoped for

and you feel, not just frustrated,

but almost a little, Idon't know if guilty's

the right word, but, becauseyou chose the procedure,

God's healing your eyesright now in Jesus' name,

complete restoration to your vision.

- There's a woman, your name is Mary,

and the anxiety of this storm,

the anxiety of everythinggoing on in your life,

has just caused you tohave these blinding,

debilitating headaches andGod is just relieving you

from all of that, he'sgiving you his peace.

Just let it come to you right now,

take all of that burdenand just cast it onto him

and realize he cares for youand he's reaching out to you

right now, by name, Mary,and giving you peace

in Jesus' name, amen.

That's all the time we have.

We have a word from Psalms for you,

"God is our refuge and strength,

"an ever-present help in trouble."

Let that verse guide youthrough this weekend,

we'll see you again next week.

(upbeat music)


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