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DAMAGE VIDEO: CBN News' Erik Rosales Reports from the Eye of the Storm in Wilmington

DAMAGE VIDEO: CBN News' Erik Rosales Reports from the Eye of the Storm in Wilmington Read Transcript

- We're just about 20miles outside of Wilmington

and we are literally inthe eye of the storm.

It came on shore at around7:00 Friday morning.

But you can see debrisis here in the roadway

and a number of trees are down

as we're making our way out to Wilmington.

We just made it to Wilmington

where the damage is extensive.

You can see that this gas station

was no match for the strong winds

and power lines are down in the area.

We're already hearingthe sounds of chainsaws

as crews are quickly tryingto clear away the debris

as the storm stillmakes its way onto land.

- This morning afterlandfall of the hurricane

near the eye the windspicked up really bad

and then the rest of the tree went.

- [Erik] Knocked a hole in your roof.

- It knocked the chimneyoff the second floor

onto the first floor.

And put a hole in the roof.

- [Erik] Wow. Thankfully youhad crews out here quick, huh.

- Yes. They knocked on my door.

And I said go to work.

- We made it over to WrightsvilleBeach, North Carolina.

This is the marina here

and you can see that thewater continues to rise.

We're not out of the woodsjust yet with this storm.

- We're still gonna have another high tide

at midnight tonight and that's our concern

is how much tidal floodingwe will get from that.

The winds will be less,

so we don't feel that it's gonna be

as impacted as much asit did at noon high tide.

But that's our primary concern.

- As the wind continues to howl,

local authorities have accessto Wrightsville Beach closed.

This is Erick Rosales for CBN News.


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