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From Dreaming to Living the Dream

Both recovering from past divorces, Al and Mary worried how to make their finances work. They dreamed of living in a beautiful neighborhood – but couldn’t possibly afford it. See what happened to turn their dream into a paid in full reality. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Al and Mary Chickremember taking long walks

around this scenic neighborhoodin the Pacific Northwest,

after they were first married.

- We would decide thatit was time to exercise,

and take off, and come up to this area.

- We always kind of dreamed about one day

this would be a great placeto live, up here on the hill.

- [Narrator] But theydidn't have the money.

Prior divorces had left eachof them in financial trouble.

- It was a few bucks in thebank and a pickup truck,

and that's just about allthat I owned to my name.

I had just started this new business,

and so I was living basicallypaycheck to paycheck.

- Going through a divorce,

and not really having a lot to divide,

and bills to pay, was scary.

I was asking God how Iwas gonna make this work,

and I think He clearlyspoke to me, and said,

"you need to give andI will care for you,".

And amazingly, through God's grace,

I was able to pay every bill.

I think it is God'sresponse to my faithfulness.

- [Narrator] When she met and married Al,

he was already giving,

he learned about it from the 700 club.

- I remember about thebenefits of tithing,

and that you can't out give God,

and so I kind of tested it.

- [Narrator] Even duringdownturns in the economy,

the couple obeyed God's call to give.

One place they gave to, was CBN.

- I just always feel confident

that the money that I give there,

is going to a great cause,

and that it's actuallymeeting needs for little kids,

and helping them out andthose are the stories

that still get to me today.

- [Narrator] They say faithful giving took

Al's medical supplies businessfrom a two man operation

to a 50 person sales team.

- God has opened up theseopportunities for us,

and that's one of the waysI think He does give back.

You know, we test Him,we give a little bit,

and the benefits are incredible.

- [Narrator] Now Al and Mary don't just

walk around that beautiful neighborhood.

They live there, in a homethat's completely paid off.

- Things have never lookedbetter, financially.

- Ask God, you know, straightout, as a 700 club member,

and see if God doesn't bless you

and bring opportunities to you,

that allow you to give alot more in the future.


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