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Drinking From a Dirty Pothole

Unbelievable but true: The Ma family in China drank water from potholes because that’s all they had. The oldest daughter got sick and died after drinking it. CBN’s China ministry saw their suffering and responded. See how compassionate ... Read Transcript

- [Narrator] The Ma family lives

in a barren mountainous region

where much of the timethere is very little rain.

For years the only placethey could find water

was in potholes or muddyponds miles from home.

- [Interpreter] Therewas a lot of bacteria

and lots of parasites in it.

It's sour and hard to swallow.

- [Interpreter] I can't stand it.

It's yellow and smells awful.

- [Interpreter] I hate this dirty water.

- [Narrator] Mrs Ma will never forget

how her oldest daughter got an infection

from drinking the bad water and died.

- [Interpreter] Her intestines ruptured.

I still remember her moaning,

"Daddy, please save me."

- [Narrator] After their daughter's death

the family was extra carefulabout boiling the water

but still scared to drink it.

- [Interpreter] I was afraidthat I might be tortured by it.

And die like my sister.

- [Narrator] The Ma'sson was in the hospital

with inflamed intestines several times.

- [Interpreter] He got better

but there was always the threat of death.

- [Interpreter] I madea wish from my heart

that one day I wouldn'thave to drink it anymore.

[Narrator] Her wish came truewhen CBN came to their village

and found out about the water problem.

We quickly built cisterns for the Ma's

and other families in the village.

We also gave them water filters.

- [Interpreter] I'll never forget seeing

the clean water for the first time.

The flavor is so sweet.

- [Interpreter] Now my brother and I drink

as much water as we want

and we don't worry aboutgetting sick or dying.

- [Interpreter] Thank youCBN because of your love

we will always have good clean water.

- [Narrator] And now the whole family

has something else too.

- [Interpreter] When CBN shared the story

of Jesus, I accepted him.

- [Narrator] And soon, hiswife and children did too.

- [Interpreter] He brought us all peace

and I want everyone inmy village to know Jesus.

With your help we haveclean water for our bodies.

And now we have living waterthat nourishes our souls too.


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