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Child Loses Daddy, Then Home

“When is Daddy coming back?” Daniel missed his daddy who was tragically killed by a robber. Three months later, an earthquake destroyed his home in Mexico. A family member took them in, but Daniel and his mom needed a home of their own. ... Read Transcript

- [Narrator] It was Daniel'skindergarten graduation day

at his school in Chiapas, Mexico.

His mom Cecilia wishes herhusband was there to see it.

- There was a robbery and he was killed.

It has been hard.

Daniel asks when his daddy is coming back.

- [Narrator] Daniel's grandpa Vic

has been helping providefor the family ever since

but he is a poor farmer.

Then, three months after her husband died,

an earthquake destroyedCecilia's adobe home.

Now Grandpa Vic had to provide a place

for them to live as well.

When CBN learned about Cecilia's need,

we purchased prefabricated wall panels

and other supplies tobuild them a new house

and with the help ofvolunteers, that new house

was ready in just a few days.

- It was amazing to see Daniel smile.

He ran inside and said my house, my house!

He is so happy.

This is a miracle from God.

- [Narrator] And during our time together,

CBN volunteers prayed with thefamily to become Christians.

- I have no words to thankyou for what you have done

for me and my family.

- [Daniel] Thank you all for helping us.


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