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700 Club Interactive - September 17, 2018

Rayeesa, a former Muslim recounts her journey to faith and freedom. Read Transcript

- [Gordon] A devout Muslim forced

into a marriage she didn't want.

- I was suddenly married to someone

that I didn't really know.

- [Gordon] Find out how she escaped.

Plus, a crisis pregnancycenter for expectant fathers.

- We've had men walk in the door and say,

"I need help with my girlfriend."

- [Gordon] See how they'rehelping these dads-to-be

and saving lives along the way.

- I'm here for you.

We're gonna make this work.

- On today's 700 Club Interactive.

Welcome to the show.

Here's Efrem Graham withthis week's top five stories

from Studio5.

- [Efrem] At number five.

- Steph and Ayesha spentthe fourth changing diapers

as their family just got bigger.

- [Efrem] It is baby numberthree for the Currys.

Ayesha Curry posting, "Godhas been too good to us."

The proud parents whowe just can't get enough

of posted precious photos of their son,

Cannon W. Jack Curry,who was born on Monday,

a bit earlier than they had expected.

The NBA star and celebritychef welcomed baby Cannon

to the world July 2nd.

(photographers shouting)

- [Efrem] At number four,

two music makers popping the big question.

♪ Maybe we can be ♪

♪ Each other's company ♪

♪ Each other's company ♪

- [Announcer] Is Justin Bieber engaged?

That's the rumor.

TMZ the first to report thesinger popped the question

to model, Hailey Baldwin,Saturday in the Bahamas.

- [Efrem] The Biebs andBaldwin are all abuzz

on social media, with Haylie's dad,

Stephen Baldwin, tweeting.

"Always pray for God's will.

"He is moving in the hearts of JB and HB.

"Let's all pray for His will to be done.

"Love you two so much."

- Kirstin Katrina Corley,

will you make me a man and be my wife?

- [Female] Hey.

- Come here, Bobby.

- [Efrem] That's Chancethe Rapper proposing

to his long-time girlfriend.

It came during 4th of Julycelebrations with family.

♪ I made it through ♪

♪ Made it through ♪

♪ Made it through ♪

- [Efrem] At number three.

♪ It's kind of hard for me to explain ♪

♪ I'm-- ♪

- [Efrem] Texas crooner, Leon Bridges,

graces the cover of the latestedition of Relevant magazine.

The dishwasher turnedmusic star is talking

about his sophomorealbum and his new sound.

- It would've made senseto make another album

that was the same orsimilar to my first album.

I would've done great off of that,

but I wanted to set new goalsand I wanted more than that.

- [Efrem] The self-describedChristian who makes

art's new project is called Good Thing.

♪ I've been loving with no meaning ♪

♪ Running from my feeling now ♪

- [Efrem] At number two.

- 2018 NBA draft, the DenverNuggets select Michael Porter,

Jr. From the University of Missouri.

(audience applauding)

- [Efrem] Studio5congratulates rookie forward,

Michael Porter, Jr. on his multi-year deal

with the Denver Nuggets.

Back surgery limited him to three games

in his final college seasonand recent headlines suggest

his start on the NBAcourt could be delayed.

But his faith is not wavering.

- Man, all I can say is it's a blessing.

I'm not entitled to this.

Everything's a blessingand I'm so excited.

My path is a little differentthan everybody else's,

but I'm gonna make sure that this pick

is this organization's bestpick they've ever made.

- [Efrem] At number one.

- ♪ Bobbi, Bobbi, Bobbi,Bobbi, Bobbi, Bobbi, Bobbi, ♪

my baby.

- [Efrem] Whitney is inAmerican theaters right now.

It's the first film producedwith the cooperation

and interviews from fresh shot members

of the singer's family.

- (audio drowns out speech)

- [Efrem] Including thelegendary singer's mother,

Cissy Houston.

- Nobody could touchWhitney as far as singing.

He said, Mom, she taughtWhitney everything she knew

about how to use that voice.

- You had three places to singfrom, the heart, mind, guts.

She learned 'em all.

- [Narrator] Say anythingyou wanted to say to her,

what would you say?

- I love you, Whitney.

- Everybody loved her.

She was a little girl wishing upon a star,

always trying to find her way back home.

(lively music)

- Well, for all the latestin entertainment news,

check out Efrem's weekly show, Studio5.

You can watch it onlineat

Coming up, a young Muslimwoman tries to run away

from an arranged marriage.

- We trusted these guysto help us to escape

and they took us and they said,

"oh, well, the taxi'sgonna come a bit later."

In the end, what happened wasthat they took us back home

and literally threw us backinto the front of the house.

- See how she finallyescaped when we come back.

(lively music)

Rayeesa wanted to live a Western life.

To her, that meant doingthings like playing tennis.

But to her devout Muslimparents, that was unacceptable.

So they came up with a solution

for their Westernized daughter.

- I read the Quran, I read the Bible.

I remember reading thesebooks cover to cover

and then one day I justthought, you know what,

I need to know.

I need to know if Jesus is real.

- [Narrator] Rayeesa was born in

a religious Shiya Muslimfamily in South London

and grew up learning the Islamic faith.

- I remember my mum and dadwould have a Mullah come

into our house and teachus how to read the Quran.

I definitely believed in Allah,so I never questioned that,

but I never really feltany connection with God.

- [Narrator] Rayeesa's familywere quite conservative.

They wanted her tofollow the Islamic faith

but also keep her awayfrom Western culture.

- I had a very strictupbringing in the Shia faith.

Other than going to school,

I didn't really knowanyone other than family.

- [Narrator] In order to obey her parents,

Rayeesa wanted to doeverything they asked.

However, there was something that she

and her younger sisterreally enjoyed doing.

- We loved tennis and Iwanted to enter competitions.

And they wouldn't allow that because

it was not respectable for a Muslim girl.

- [Narrator] Rayeesa's sport was becoming

a threat to her parents,

so they thought of doingsomething that Rayeesa

had no idea of.

- They explained to us thatwe were getting too Western

and they wanted us toexperience their culture.

And then after that,

we went to Pakistan and we

were sat down one day and my parents said,

we have decided that you'renot going back to England,

that you're gonna stay in Pakistan

and we're gonna findyou suitable husbands.

I never, ever thought somethinglike that would happen

to me and it actually mademe feel completely alone.

I felt like, oh my goodness.

- [Narrator] They stayedthere for several months

while Rayeesa's parents werehunting for their husbands.

And then one night, whenher parents were asleep--

- We can't just sit hereand wait for our parents

to marry us off.

- [Narrator] Rayeesa and her sister asked

the security guards to help them run away,

but they didn't knowwhat was coming up next.

- Well, basically, wetrusted these guys to help us

to escape and they took us and they said,

"oh, well, the taxi'sgonna come a bit later."

And so, in the meantime,

they were trying to geta bit friendly with us

and we were not having nay of that.

So in the end, whathappened was that they took

us back home and literally threw us back

into the front of the house.

- [Narrator] She had to payfor the mistake she had made.

Her parents forced herto marry a man from India

and flew back to Englandafter the wedding,

not knowing that they had made

the biggest mistake of their lives.

- I was suddenly married to someone

that I didn't really know.

It just turned out that hedidn't want to be married

to me and he actually wanted to come

to England and have a job.

His plan was for me to go back to England

and sort out all his paperwork.

- [Narrator] She flew backto England broken and hurt.

There were many questions on her mind.

Rayeesa even questionedher belief in Allah.

She didn't do thepaperwork for her husband

or return to India.

She joined the police forcein London and moved out

of her parent's house.

- Through my work,

I was introduced tothis lady called, Anna,

and she was workingwith vulnerable, young,

Asian women and we just connected.

We have the same heart and the same vision

to really try and reach out to them.

- [Narrator] Anna was a believer,

so she tried to shareher faith with Rayeesa.

- She was a very selflessperson and although

I was not a bad person myself,

I could see that therewas something missing

in my life that she had.

- [Narrator] Rayeesa was trying to recover

from what she'd gone through.

She didn't have the courageto believe again in anyone.

- Just because I was socurious, I just said,

"look, why, what's sospecial about Jesus?"

I said, "just tell me whydo you love Jesus so much?"

I just thought it's the most crazy thing.

She told me who God wasthat was so different

to what I'd been taught.

I was taught that Jesus was a prophet

and he was like Mohammed,

but hearing Anna's explanationof how actually Jesus

was God in human form comingand then giving his life

and dying so that we couldhave a relationship with God.

I thought what if this is true?

What if Jesus really isGod and I'm believing

in Mohammad and Allah and you know,

but what if this is not the truth.

So for me then, from that point onwards,

I was determined to findthe truth about God.

Who is God?

And I just knelt downand I just prayed to God

and I said, "Jesus, if you are real,

"if you are who you say youare, then I hear your voice,

"that you're knocking on the door.

"I open my heart and Iwant you to come in."

Suddenly, the minute I said that,

it just felt like I was flooded with love.

It was an instant feelingof being washed and accepted

and I knew then that this Jesus is real.

Worry and fear and everythingwas just washed away.

This love that I justfelt complete, I knew,

I had met God.

I had met Jesus.

The Bible is the final word.

It is the word from God.

In the Quran, it does saythat Jesus is the word of God.

- [Narrator] Rayeesa gaveher life to Jesus that day

and never looked back.

She is now married to aGodly man named, Richard,

and they live in Hereford

with my three beautiful children.

Rayeesa runs a cookery class and testifies

to the love of Jesus with others,

especially women who have gone

through similar situations in life.

Her family never accepted her back

after she became a Christian,

but Rayeesa found a new familyin Jesus, which is eternal.

- God is always with me.

He'll never leave me or forsakeme and I also believe that

He will bring my family together

and bring my family to Him as well.

I do believe that.

- You can have the sameexperience that Rayeesa had.

All you have to do isfollow the same steps.

Now for her,

she was quoting a verseand it's from the Bible.

Behold I stand at the door and knock.

If anyone, that would beyou, if anyone hear my voice

and open the door, I'll come in.

And then he adds to it,I will sup with them.

That means that we'llhave a meal together.

You'll be able to partake of Him.

Now, that's wonderful.

That's a wonderful promise.

How do ya access it?

Same way Ayesha did, said, Jesus,

if you're there, if you're real,

I open the door of my heart and I ask

that you would come in.

That's what she did and shefound out that, yes indeed,

Jesus is God.

What the Bible says about Him is true.

But the greatest truth,He wants to come to you

and be your savior, your messiah,

and that's his name,Emmanuel, God with us.

Now, for you, right now,don't change the channel.

Right now, if you want to meet Jesus,

let this be the moment that you do that.

Bow your head with me,don't turn away, right now,

bow your head with me.

Let's pray that same prayerand you'll get the same result.

Pray with me.

Jesus, that's right say Hisname, say it out loud, Jesus,

I want to know you, I want toknow that you are my savior.

So I open the door of my heart.

I ask that you would come in.

I ask that you wouldforgive me of anything

that I've done wrong and set me free.

And Jesus, if you do this for me,

I want to follow youall the days of my life.

Hear my prayer.

Come into my heart,

for I ask it in Jesus' name.


Father, for those who justprayed, fill them with your love,

fill them with your acceptance,let them know that today,

their prayer has been heard and answered.

Show them, Lord God, forwe ask it in Jesus' name.

Amen and Amen.

If you prayed with me,

there's one more thing I want you to do.

I want you to let somebody else know.

The Bible says that whenyou believe in your heart

and then confess with yourmouth, you shall be saved.

So here's how you do it.

You're gonna call us.


Just say I prayed with that guy on TV.

Now, when you call,

we've got somethingabsolutely free for ya.

It's called A New Day andthere's a CD teaching,

What Do Christians Believe?

What do I do now, how doI live the Christian life?

It's all free.

Packet's free, phone call's free.

Do it now.


Well, still to come,

a woman's pregnancy centerthat also treats men.

- I've had guys tellme in that room things

that they have never shared with anybody

in their entire life.

- See how this center is helping fathers

in the fight for life.

That's up next.

(lively music)

There are nearly 3,000crisis pregnancy centers

across America and most ofthem are focused on women

and having an unplanned pregnancy.

Well, one Florida centerchooses a different approach.

- [Charlene] Located nextto Florida State University,

A Women's Pregnancy Center in Tallahassee

addresses the critical needsof unplanned pregnancies

in its community.

Started in 1985,

its main mission is torescue babies from abortion,

offering free pregnancy testing,

adoption referrals and ultrasounds.

- 80% of our clients willcarry their babies to term.

- [Charlene] Yet babies aren'tthe only ones saved here.

A Women's Pregnancy Centeralso has a ministry for men,

which encourages fathersto stand in the gap

and fight for life for theirchildren and their families.

- We've had men walk in the door and say,

"I need help with my girlfriend"

or "I've got a situation.

"I've gotten a girl pregnant

"and I don't know how to help her."

Or, "my girlfriend just called me.

"She's driving back from Jacksonville.

"She tried to have an abortion.

"She couldn't get it.

"And I just found out she'spregnant and she wants

"me to get her an abortion in Tallahassee,

"and I don't know what to do."

- [Charlene] In the center'sJust for Men program,

trained male counselors work one-on-one

with men seeking answersabout fatherhood and life.

- I've counseled them many times

with the girl in the room with us,

and it's a woman talking to a man.

And I know the impact that it has,

but then I'll connect them to the man

and I'll see his body language change.

I'll see his eyes startlooking at the male counselor.

He's engaged.

- We're just trying to bringto the men an understanding

of the value of life andthe sanctity of life.

- [Charlene] The center also offers

an abortion recovery program.

Counselor Harold Francis oftenshares his personal story

to help others like him.

- My wife and I, whenwe first got married,

we'd only been married about 10 months,

we did have an abortion.

- [Charlene] He receivedmuch-needed healing

after completing the coursebased on biblical principles.

- I think that I had asked manytimes for God's forgiveness

for what I had done.

It opened it up to me thatthere were issues in my life

that I hadn't forgiven myself for which

is directly related to the abortion.

- [Charlene] That enableshim to counsel other men

through their pain.

- I've had guys tell me inthat room things that they

have never shared withanybody in their entire life.

I'm 69 and there's a youngAfrican-American in there

that's 19 years old andat the end of the session,

we're both crying and hugging each other.

- [Charlene] Daume oftensees that healing extends

to other family members.

- We've had fathers, oh my gosh, go from,

we're talking 50-year-old men bringing

their 16-year-old daughter here thinking

that abortion was the best thing.

And then meeting with a malecounselor and coming out of

that room saying to his16-year-old daughter,

"baby girl, we've got this.

"You don't have to do this.

"I'm here for you.

"We're gonna make this work."

- [Charlene] Practicalneeds must also be addressed

for the soon-to-be dads.

- A lot of them are in toughsituations financially.

They're in between jobs.

They're looking for jobs.

They haven't been working andthey realize I really need

to step up my game and actuallygo out and get a job now.

I give them assistance.

I try to help them with their job search.

I help them with their resumes.

- [Charlene] Several menhave even come to Christ.

- We've had men not evencome into the center,

but the woman gives uspermission to call her boyfriend

and the male counselor call the boyfriend.

And the boyfriend just kind of going,

really you're interested in me?

Really you think my opinion matters?


And then he'll start a conversation.

And we've had counselorsactually lead them to Jesus

on the phone, not expecting it at all.

Not expecting this phone callto be that kind of moment.

- [Charlene] The kind ofmoment the staff here call

nothing short of miraculous.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News,Tallahassee, Florida.

- I've said for yearsthat I want a culture,

a society that we live in,

I want one where motherswant to have their children.

It may be time to changethat to where fathers want

to have their children.

We've gotten into an age where maybe

it's popular to be a baby daddy,

but it needs to be popular to be a father,

to realize the life thatis being given to you

and how wonderful it is and how exciting

it will be to raise themup to see their hope

and their future come into being.

What a wonderful ministry.

I certainly applaud what they're doing.

When disaster strikes,

CBN's Operation Blessingstrikes back in places

all over the world, like Oaxaca, Mexico.

That's where two sisterlived and worked until

an earthquake destroyed theirhome and their business.

Take a look.

- [Narrator] After multiple earthquakes

hit Oaxaca, Mexico,

sisters Bernarda and Francisawound up living together

with their parents andstruggling to make ends meet.

- I have my own business cooking tamales,

so when I saw my kitchenequipment on the ground,

I felt so bad.

I thought, what am I going to do now?

- [Narrator] Franciscaused to work in a store

and made a kind of coconut candy.

But the store got destroyedin the earthquake.

Now the sisters work together.

They share a tiny, little fire over there.

About half of their equipment is gone,

but they're still stayingpositive, still staying happy.

- I feel now is the time tohave even more faith in God.

- So I was happy to be there

the day Operation Blessinggave them all the equipment

they needed to jumpstart their business.

We got all of the equipment set up.

Then, it was time for a mid-day break.

The best part of the dayis knowing that this family

has a good, fresh startand a bright future ahead.

- I thank you all forthe wonderful gifts you

have given us today.

We were desperate and you rescued us.

Nobody ever noticed us oroffered to help us before.

I am very grateful foreverything you have done for us.

- And if you're a member of The 700 Club,

that thank you,

that gratitude goes outto you because a portion

of every gift you giveto The 700 Club goes

into the work of Operation Blessing

to help people around the world.

And you're a part of all of it,

you're a part of everything we're doing

around the world when you join.

Another portion of everygift goes into the work

of CBN International to preach the Gospel

around the world usingtelevision, internet,

all the various media formsthat are available to us today.

And you get to be a part of all of that.

Now, if you're not a member, Iinvite you to join right now.

How much is it?

It's just $20 a month andthat breaks out to $.65 a day.

Some of you can join at a higher level.

We have 700 Club Gold for you.

That's $40 a month.

Then we have 1000 Club.

That's $1,000 a year and thatbreaks out to $84 a month.

At whatever level, call andjoin and be a part of it,

be a part of a great community of people,

10s of thousands of people that say,

yes, let's make a differencein the world today.

When earthquakes hit in Mexico,

let's bring help andrelief to people in need.

When disaster strike, ourmotto is let's strike back.

When you call and join,I've got something for ya.

It's my father's latest teaching,

Angels: Their Power, Purpose and Presence.

It's yours when you join The 700 Club.

I want ya to have it, socall us now if you'd like it.


Here's a verse for ya from Romans 15.

Now may the God of hope fill you

with all joy and peace in believing,

that you may abound in hope bythe power of the Holy Spirit.

For all of us here at700 Club Interactive,

God bless ya and we'llsee ya again tomorrow.

(lively music)

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