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News on The 700 Club: September 17, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Sept 17.: Read Transcript

- Welcome to The 700 Club.

As Florence exits the Carolinas,

the storm is still dumpingrecord amounts of rainfall.

Before it's over, 18trillion gallons of water

could fall, triggering massive flooding.

- So far, at least 18 peoplehave died in the storm,

more than half a millionpeople are without power,

and thousands are in shelters.

CBN News is in the hardesthit areas of North Carolina,

and our coverage begins withErik Rosales in Wilmington.

- After four straight days and nights

of pounding rain and howling wind,

we're starting to seea break in the clouds,

but take a look at this.

This is one of the local rivers here.

And look at what it's doing to Highway 40.

It's eroding the road.

And it's not the only one.

The storm is speeding upas it exits the Carolinas,

but it's still dumping rain, lots of it,

more than 30 inches in some places.

Rescue teams are out in full force

pulling about 1,000 peoplefrom their flooded homes

and shelters are overwhelmed.

Wilmington is now cut off

and officials are planningto fly food and water

into the city of 120,000 people.

- This storm has never been more dangerous

than it is right now.

- [Erik] Neighborhoodslook like a war zone,

roadways impassible, streetsare a maze of fallen trees.

- The next half of the tree went

and hit the roof, knocked the chimney down

onto my first floor den,

and that knocked a hole in the roof.

- [Erik] While nature ispunishing the Carolinas,

neighbors from nearby statesare stepping up to help.

These men traveled from Tennessee,

small business owners whosay they are just doing

what God wants them to do.

- Just seems like the right thing to do,

you know, help people out.

They gotta be able toget back to their homes

and they can't do thatunless we clean it up.

- It's the need to give back, you know?

The Lord's blessed us,we can bless others.

(chainsaw motor revs)

- I've driven aroundthe town a little bit.

I can see how badly we've been hit.

It's gonna take a lot of people like this

coming down to help us recover.

We ain't gonna be ableto do it by ourselves.

- [Erik] As the stormmoves off to the west,

inland residents are notout of the woods just yet.

All that water's gonnaflow off of the mountains

into local rivers and we couldsee more scenes like this

in the future.

From Wilmington, North Carolina,Erik Rosales, CBN News.


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