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The 700 Club - September 17, 2018

Shane and Heather’s credit card spending got out of hand. They got to a point where they struggled just to have money for gas to get to work. Heather started investing money in a way that saw immediate and long-term results. See what happened. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

(uplifting orchestral music)

- Welcome to The 700 Club.

As Florence exits the Carolinas,

the storm is still dumpingrecord amounts of rainfall.

Before it's over, 18 trilliongallons of water could fall,

triggering massive flooding.

- So far, at least 18 peoplehave died in the storm,

more than half-a-millionpeople are without power

and thousands are in shelters.

CBN News are in the hardest-hitareas of North Carolina

and our coverage begins withErik Rosales in Wilmington.

- After four straight days and nights

of pounding rain and howling wind,

we're starting to seea break in the clouds.

But take a look at this,

this is one of the local rivers here

and look at what it's doing to Highway 40.

It's eroding the road.

and it's not the only one.

The storm is speeding upas it exits the Carolinas,

but it's still dumping rain, lots of it,

more than 30 inches in some places.

Rescue teams are out in full force,

pulling about 1,000 peoplefrom their flooded homes

and shelters are overwhelmed.

Wilmington is now cut offand officials are planning

to fly food and water intothe city of 120,000 people.

- This storm has never been more dangerous

than it is right now.

- [Erik] Neighborhoodslook like a war zone,

roadways impassable, streetsare a maze of fallen trees.

- The next half of the tree went

and hit the roof, knocked the chimney down

onto my first-floor den andthat knocked a hole in the roof.

- [Erik] While nature ispunishing the Carolinas,

neighbors from nearby statesare stepping up to help.

These men traveled from Tennessee,

small business owners who say

they are just doing whatGod wants 'em to do.

- Just seemed like the rightthing to do, help people out.

They gotta be able toget back to their homes

and they can't do thatunless we clean it up.

- Just a need to give back.

The Lord's blessed us,we can bless others.

- I've driven aroundthe town a little bit,

I can see how badly we've been hit.

It's gonna take a lot of people like this,

coming down to help us recover.

We ain't gonna be ableto do it by ourselves.

- As the storm moves off to the west,

inland residents are notout of the woods just yet.

All that water's gonnaflow off of the mountains

into local rivers and we could see

more scenes like this in the future.

From Wilmington, North Carolina,Erik Rosales, CBN News.

- Well, whenever disaster strikes,

Operation Blessing strikes back.

Reporter Dan Reany is withour Operation Blessing team

in New Bern, North Carolina,where volunteers have been busy

helping the victims of Hurricane Florence.

- Even as floodwaters recede,

more flooding may be on the way.

But Operations Blessing'salready on the scene,

helping hundreds of families

in the wake of Hurricane Florence.

We're here in New Bern, North Carolina,

where we have dozens of volunteers

that have been handingout an entire truckload

of emergency supplies.

Food, hygiene kits, waterand these flood buckets

so people can start the clean up process.

We are meeting people's immediate need.

Meanwhile, a second team fromOperation Blessing is scouting

locations south of Raleigh to find out

where Operation Blessingcan do the most good.

- Operation Blessing is herein Lumberton, North Carolina

to reach the residentsthat have not gotten help

from anyone else.

Behind me, you see Chippewa Street,

which has been completely flooded,

we're really close to the river.

Along with these streets, alot of homes have been flooded.

We are meeting with local church leaders

to see how Operation Blessing can bring

some relief to these homeowners.

- [Dan] For the time being,

most people are staying in shelters,

they need the basics andthey're happy to get them.

- I appreciate y'all, CBN,y'all the best! (laughs)

- Y'all stay strong, God bless you!

- [Dan] Deidre's house was one

of the few in her neighborhood

that didn't get flooded,so she was among the first

to volunteer with Operation Blessing.

- Operation Blessing hasbeen just that, a blessin'.

To see you guys come in andto see your trucks roll up,

and just to see the smileon everybody's faces

knowin' that help ishere, it's been amazin'.

- [Dan] With the help of volunteers

and Operation Blessing donors,we'll continue to reach out

to families in their time of need.

- Thank you, Operation Blessing!

- And thank you.

If you're a member ofThe 700 Club, thank you,

you're a part of that.

For everyone in North Carolina

who is receiving aid today, thank you.

A portion of every giftto The 700 Club goes

into the work of Operation Blessing,

you're a part of all of it.

And our motto is, "When disasters strike,

"we want to strike backwith love, compassion

"and very tangible helpin their time of need."

So, thank you, you're a partof everything we're doing

and thank you.

We'll be right back, withmore of The 700 Club,

right after this.

(dramatic news music)

As newlywed school teachers,

Shane and Heather Kelley worked hard.

They also played hard,spending all the money

they earned and then some.

Soon, the couple was barely making it

from paycheck to paycheck.

And before long, theywere carrying $20,000

in credit card debt.

- [Reporter] Shane and Heather Kelley

never argued about money.

When they married, theyhad the same motto,

"Spend all the money you earn."

- I think I was feelin'tough, 'cause I never had

anything growin' up, you know what I mean?

We always struggled growin' up,

so once I seen a littlebit of money comin' in,

like yeah, I'm gonna spend it.

- We felt like we wereat that time in our life

when we were working and we deserved it.

- [Reporter] Shane and Heather had

steady incomes as teachers,

but it wasn't long beforethey were using credit cards

to spend money they didn't have.

- Foolish spending,going out to eat a lot,

buying new clothes, new shoes.

It felt like, we had that money,we have cards, we're good.

- We accumulated some debt.

We we're livin', Ibelieve, out of our means.

- [Reporter] Before long, the couple had

$20,000 in credit card debt

and were having a hard timepaying their monthly bills.

- We were strugglin' pretty good,

livin' from check to check,

but we can't even afford toget back and forth to work.

- [Reporter] During this difficult time,

The 700 Club caught Heather's attention.

- So, I sat down and I wasso enthralled I recorded it.

I just kept watching.

- [Reporter] As Heather learnedmore about the work of CBN,

she wanted to become part of it.

- And so I prayed and I said,"God, you know how I feel

"about giving my money away,

"I feel like this is the real deal."

So, I wrote a check for$45 and I asked God,

"Bless this, let me know thatthis is the right thing."

- [Reporter] When Shane heardthat Heather had written

a check to CBN, he didnot share her enthusiasm.

Now, they were in conflict over money.

- I was like, "What do youmean, what's this tithing?

"Why do you want to give?"

I was angry at the time, for sure,

and I just could notunderstand why she was wanting

to give money when wedidn't have money to give?

- [Reporter] What happened next shocked

both Shane and Heather.

- And the very next day, shereceived a check for $45,

the same exact amountthat she went and sent in.

So I was like, "This is amazing!"

It blew my mind.

- [Reporter] Still, Shane wasn't convinced

to tithe on a regular basis.

- She was wanting to tithe and give money

that I didn't think we had.

- He said, "Well, that's fine,if that's what you want to do

"then take it out ofyour part of your money."

- [Reporter] So Heatherbegan to tithe faithfully

on her salary.

Six months later, both Shane

and Heather received raises at work.

So, Heather increased her giving,

and during this time,the couple began to pray

and study the Bible together.

- In Malachi, he was talking about,

"Just test me and watchthe flood gates open up."

And in Exodus, "Give your first fruits."

That's when I was startin'to really understand

about this tithing process andthat's when we became as one.

It became together as one tithers.

- So it was joyful for meto see him come on board

and see how God's worked in his life.

- [Reporter] A few monthslater, Shane was offered

a higher-paying job inanother school district,

a job he had been seeking for three years.

- When I started to giveand become a cheerful giver,

that's when things startedchanging in my life.

It's just wild how thetiming was, how God works.

I look forward to giving now just 'cause

I see how our money'sworking through The 700 Club.

We see the kids with cleft palettes,

we see the homes that have been torn apart

and they're rebuilding, andwith the Helping the Home Front.

That's when I was like, "Man,I want to give to this."

- [Reporter] Today, the Kelley's have had

several pay increasesin the last few years.

They're almost debt free

and now they're saving for the future.

- I promise you, God is faithful on this.

Just test him and tryhim like the Bible says

and see what he does for youand how the floodgates open.

- I just would encourage people to tithe.

Take that leap of faithand see how God can work

in your life and in your family's life.

- Here's the word from Malachi,

I encourage you to memorize it.

"Bring all the tithes into the storehouse,

"that there may be food in My house,

"and test Me now in this,says the Lord of Hosts,

"if I will not open foryou the windows of heaven

"and pour out for you a blessing,

"that there will not beroom enough to receive it."

Heather started that, sheprayed over an offering.

She said, "Lord, I need you to bless this,

"I need you to show me on this."

And she tested God, that'sthe only time we get

to test him, is with ourtithes and offerings.

You saw the result.

The next day, she got a check back

for the exact same amount.

She prayed over it and nowthe prosperity is come,

he has opened the windowsof Heaven over them.

The same thing will happen to you

if you just follow the same principle.

Well, Jamal and NatashaMiller have reached

rock star status asmillennial entrepreneurs.

Today, they're runninga seven-figure company.

But just a few years ago,

the couple was living on food stamps.

Well, that's when Jamalheard a message about money

that led to an amazingreversal of fortune.

- [Reporter] In 2011, Jamal Miller met

Natasha through Facebook.

Nine months later, the two were married.

And their love story went viral.

The couple startedblogging about their lives

and Christian relationship through

their website Married and Young.

Meanwhile, Jamal was working in ministry,

but soon got what he thoughtwas a better job offer

in a different part of the country.

- I took a positionsomewhere outside of Chicago,

I left my home church.

And within nine months, weknew that we had stepped

outside of God's will.

- [Reporter] The Millersdecided to return to Chicago.

Jamal lined up a new job, butthat one then fell through.

- We hit rock bottom.

And I remember at thispoint, I did not know,

I was like, "God, why is this happening?"

- Seeing' him struggle,it kind of was like,

"Okay, what are we gonna do now?"

- [Reporter] With no consistent income

and their first child on the way,

Jamal took part-timejobs wherever he could.

- I was driving Uber, driving Lyft.

I would come home, Iwould work from 8 to 1,

take a break and then from2 to 9 or 2 to 10 every day,

I would work our online business.

- I was actually the one thatwent to the state aid office

and feeling ashamed, like,

"God, I know that wedon't have a lot of money,

"but there's people in herethat don't have anything."

- I felt like I was beingstripped of my manhood.

I was not able to fulfillmy duties as a man.

- [Reporter] In years past,Jamal and Natasha had been

faithful tithers, but astheir money woes grew,

Jamal decided to cut back on giving.

- It actually shocked meto see my husband close

his heart off to giving.

- Because I was like,"God, not everything is

"picture-perfect rightnow, you understand."

- [Reporter] After months of scraping by,

Jamal heard a message from hispastor he knew was for him.

- And he said that, "Manyof you need to break

"the spirit of control offof you in regards to money."

I was like, "Oh, my gosh, this is me."

His call to action wasto sow a seed of $1,000.

- [Reporter] That $1,000 was half

of the Miller's remaining savings.

Jamal called Natasha and told her

he wanted to give that money to God.

- Yes, I was shocked.

I began to see a Jamalthat was filled with faith

and immediately my faithattached itself to his faith

and we did it.

- [Reporter] After givingthe $1,000 to their church,

the Millers recommittedto tithing regularly.

And at that time, Jamalprayed an unusual request.

- "God, if you're gonna be specific

"about the amount of money,

"I'm gonna be specific about my request.

"That I will get an idea,that I will get something

"that will position usas a family to be able

"to create real wealth thatwill last for generations."

- [Reporter] After thatprayer, the Millers say

God directed them torefocus on their website.

- It all came together and we said,

"Let's teach people how to truly become

"the one worth marrying to where when

"they meet their spouse,they will be whole."

- We kinda of just began

to really put God backin the driver's seat.

Our prayer life began to increase.

- [Reporter] Their smallblog and video webinars began

getting tons of traffic.

Jamal and Natasha turned Married and Young

into an online ministry program

and the results have been amazing.

- We went from making aninconsistent amount of money

every month, to now making aguaranteed $20,000 every month.

From a course, to a conference,

and now a full-blownmembership site inspiring

thousands of couples totruly invest in themselves

before they get married.

- [Reporter] Today, Marriedand Young's ministry has

transformed into The One University.

The Millers have written a book

that was on Amazon'sHot New Releases list.

They've even been feature in

as rockstar Millennial entrepreneurs.

Jamal and Natasha, withtheir two daughters Harvest

and Melodie, credit God with their success

because of theirfaithfulness through giving.

- Tithing has opened up doorsthat, man could never open.

The favor that has been released upon us

has been insurmountable.

- This is the way that we believe

that the Lord is callingus to change the world.

It's to be extravagant givers.

- Extravagant givers.

I love Jamal's prayer because he prays

in accordance with God's word.

He's asking for blessing,but he's not asking

to spend it on his own desire,

he's not violating whatJames tells us to do,

"Don't ask amiss."

He asks in accordance with God's word.

Here it is from Proverbs 13,

"A good man leaves an inheritance

"to his children's children,

"but the wealth of the sinner is

"stored up for the righteous."

So, Jamal's asking, "I want to be able

"to leave something generationally.

"I want wealth that lasts,

"I want it to last tomy children's children."

He praying in accordance with God's word.

And then he asks largely, so often we say,

"I need to make the mortgage payment,"

or, "I need to make the rent payment,"

or, "I need to get out ofdebt," or all of those things.

Here's what Jamal said, "I want an idea.

"Lord, I want an idea that will lead

"to generational wealth."

That is asking largely,

and that's in accordance with God's word.

Here it is in James 1, "Ifany of you lack wisdom,

"let him ask of God, whogives to all liberally."

And there's another way totranslate that Greek word

behind liberally, means largely.

So, he asks largely, "I want an idea

"that will lead to generational wealth."

What a wonderful thing to pray.

God's honored by that kind of request

and when you do the same thing to say,

"I'm going to live it God's way,

"I'm going to ask inaccordance with his word,"

then wonderful things can happen.

Now, I've got somegreat news from partners

from Maryland and Mainehave joined together,

they want to challenge others to give.

They love giving to CBN, sothey'll match your giving,

dollar-for-dollar, $75,000.(majestic music)

(audience applauding)Let's pray.

Lord, we ask for blessing over this.

We ask for blessing for thepartners who made it possible,

and we ask for blessing for those

who are watching right now.

Speak to them, encourage them,

for we ask it all in Jesus' name, Amen.

And Amen.

$75,000 is the challenge amount,

what are we asking you to do?

We're asking you to join The 700 Club.

How much is that?

Well, it's just $20 a month,

that breaks out to .65 cents a day.

We also have 700 ClubGold, which is $40 a month.

1000 Club is $1,000 a year,that breaks out to $84 a month.

At whatever level, callus now, 1-800-700-7000.


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It's Pat Robertson'slatest teaching called,

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He always wants to bless his people.

But how do you get that blessing,

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- In order to have a blessing,you've got to be blessable.

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- The words of Jesus, they are as valid

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we will be blessed.

- [Announcer] You willsee amazing true stories

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- Well, 37-year oldBob Lotich is debt free

and he gives away 37% of his income.

But at one time, he was $13,000 in debt

and about to max out his credit card.

Then, the day his rent wasdue, his car broke down.

Well, that's when Bob decided to find out

what the Bible has tosay about managing money.

- If you were livin' paycheck-to-paycheck

and just strugglin' to make ends meet.

- [Reporter] Bob Lotichis a financial guru.

He runs the website, SeedTime,

and helps thousands ofreaders get out of debt.

His wisdom comes from experience.

Both he and his wifeLinda, were each in debt

before they married.

- I was overspending justbecause I just felt like it.

Because it's my money andI can do whatever I want.

- I was livin' way beyond my means.

I just saw things that Iwanted, and I just bought 'em

and I wasn't real goodat telling myself, "No."

I had some of my identity tied up in

all these things that Iwas spending money on.

- [Reporter] Bob had juststarted to get serious

about his Christian faith whenhe took leave from college.

He was $13,000 in debt, had no savings

and was about $250 away frommaxing out his credit card

the day his rent was dueand his car broke down.

- I'm sitting there and Ican't help but cry out to God,

and just think, "I am clueless,I have no idea what to do?

"I need to know how tomanage my money better,

"so I don't find myself in asituation like this again."

- [Reporter] After he got his car fixed,

he immediately started looking

at what the Bible says about money.

- The big verse that stood out to me,

I think it's Proverbs 22:7,

"The borrower's servant to the lender."

This just jumped out at mebecause that's how I felt.

- [Reporter] Bob began spending less

and paying off his debt.

Then he found a verse thatsaid he should test God

and give 10% of his income.

- I realized, "Wow, maybeI should try this out?

"Maybe I should do this andat least see what happens."

So I began givinginstead of just hoarding.

- [Reporter] The test paid off.

Bob got a better payingjob, graduated college

and started working inthe financial business.

When he met and married Linda,

she was a receptionist atchurch and already tithing,

but needed help with her debt.

- It was like he swooped in and was like,

"We're gonna take care of this."

So he starts walking me through steps

and I probably cut myspending back about 90%.

- [Reporter] As the Lotichs continued

to give 10% of their income,

they also started to give 10%

of what they owed on top of that.

- When we were dating andwe kind of started talking

about this, I feel likethat's really where

the over and above attitude started to

creep in. (laughs)

And started to just kindof take over my heart,

of like, "Why would we only give 10%?

"This isn't really mymoney, it's God's money,

"he's trusting me with it.

"If he wants me to give more,

"why wouldn't I just give more?"

- What's miraculous is thatall of our debts got paid off

so much faster than we anticipated

and I'm convinced it was because of that.

I'd rather define financialsuccess by how much I can give

rather than how much I can make.

And so that's what I did,I set a financial goal

that I would be able to give away $500,000

and that was my goal.

- [Reporter] The couple stuck to it,

even when Bob was laid off.

By then, he'd started his financial blog

and was making $100 a month.

Now, he felt he was supposedto run it full-time.

- And in my mind I'm like,"This doesn't make any sense

"because how are we gonna pay the bills?

"How is this gonna work out?"

- [Reporter] Within ninemonths, he was making more money

from his website, thanfrom the job he'd lost.

And Bob and Linda's debtwas completely gone.

- We just never stopped giving,

and I can't help but think thathad something to do with it.

- [Reporter] Soon, thecouple paid off their house

and Bob's website sky-rocketed in value.

They'd reached their goal of giving

away half-a-million dollars.

Now Bob is 37, and gives37% of his income to God.

He plans to increase thatone percent every year.

- We cannot out give God.

That's what I just wanna keep spending

the rest of my life doing.

I truly believe that tithingis one of these things

that just opens up thefloodgates of Heaven.

It's just one of thoseareas that we have seen

such breakthrough in that I can't help

but just encourage people in this.

- When you've given to the Kingdom of God,

you might not have a lot,and for us in the beginning,

we didn't have a lot to give, (laughs)

but, God can take it and just explode it.

You give what you haveand he multiplies it.

- Here's the principlefrom 2 Corinthians 9,

"Remember this, a farmer who plants

"only a few seeds will get a small crop.

"But the one who plants generously

"will get a generous crop.

"You must each make up your own mind

"as to how much you should give.

"For God loves the personwho gives cheerfully.

"And God will generouslyprovide all you need.

"Then you will alwayshave everything you need

"and plenty left overto share with others."

Bob and Linda put thatinto practice at age 37,

giving away 37% of his income.

It's amazing what happens, but you see it.

It seems counter-intuitive,but you see the result.

If you follow the same principle,

you'll get the same result.

If you'd like to do that,call us now, 1-800-700-7000,

say, "I want to join The 700 Club."

When you call, make sureyou ask for Pledge Express,

that's electronic monthly giving

where the bank does all thework and no checks to write.

We can send as our gift to you,

Power for Life monthly teachingCDs, so if you'd like those,

ask for Pledge Express when you call.

We've got a $75,000 challenge.

If you get the red numberup, $61,000 left to go

with 33 minutes on the clock.

Call us now, 1-800-700-7000.


- Well, when you join The 700 Club,

you're part of helpingpeople all over the world.

People like Jim Spauldingand his wife, Audrey.

When Hurricane Harvey destroyednearly everything they owned

Jim felt as if he couldn't go on

and Audrey was breaking down as well.

That's when OperationBlessing came to their rescue,

offering practical helpand loving support.

- [Reporter] When Hurricane Harvey ripped

through Southeast Texas,

Jim and Audrey Spauldingwere stranded out of town.

- We weren't able to get back home

for 11 days after it had flooded.

Streets and stuff were closed

and that's why so muchdevastating damage was done,

because it sat in water and allthe mold and mildew come in.

- [Reporter] The couple andtheir neighbors experienced loss

like never before.

- You practically lose everything,

it was devastating toall of our neighborhood,

all over our community.

I've never had anything so devastating.

I've seen a lot, but it breaks my heart,

to see so many people goin' through

such traumatic times like this.

It's gonna take a long time to get

where you can feel likeyou're a person again.

- [Reporter] To make matters worse,

Jim recently had numerous major surgeries.

- I'm 73-years old andI've had bypass surgery,

I've got a lot of stintsin, I've got a pace maker,

and I just don't have any energy.

And this is about to put me under.

I mean, it really is.

- [Reporter] Jim and Audreyknew they couldn't handle

the gutting and cleanup themselves

and didn't know whatthey were going to do?

Then, volunteers fromOperation Blessing arrived.

- Operation Blessing has come in

and are removing all of thecabinets and all the sheetrock

and all of the stuff that's been damaged,

from the floor, up.

They just took over,we don't have to do it.

- [Reporter] Not only didOperation Blessing volunteers

handle the hard, physical labor,

we cared for theirspiritual needs as well.

- Operation Blessing prayed with us,

joined around us and prayed as a group.

You really felt the blessings of God.

We couldn't make itwithout Operation Blessing.

- [Reporter] And when our volunteers saw

Audrey breaking down, wewere right there with her

in that crucial moment.

- I met with Audrey and I noticedthat she was visibly upset

and I took a walk with her and we talked.

She was able to just pourher heart out a little bit

about all they've been through.

She just really appreciatedbeing able to share that with me

and us being here hasgiven them some hope.

That's really what it's allabout, to have the hope.

- It's gonna take a long, long time

to get all of this stuff taken care of.

I can't tell ya how gratefulI am for Operation Blessing.

- Can I tell you that none of this is able

to happen without you.

That's why we're asking youtoday to join The 700 Club.

.65 cents a day, $20 a month makes you

a general 700 Club member.

But look at your otheroptions, if you will.

If you could go up to the next club level,

that's a gift of $40 a month,

those are our 700 Club Gold members.

Or, jump up to the 1000 Club,

that's $84 or more a month.

2500 Club members come in at $2500 a year,

that's $209 a month.

You could become a Founder,that's $5,000 a year

and it breaks out to $417 a month.

Then we have a group wecall the Chairman's Circle.

These are friends who givegifts of $10,000 or more a year.

Ask God what he'd have you to do and then,

knowing that you arebringing hope and health,

very tangible help, callnow, 1-800-700-7000.


- The two young childrenof our next story lived

in constant fear of dying

every time they took a sip of water.

That's because their older sister had died

from drinking contaminated water.

Their parents live with the same fear

and there's absolutely nothingthey could do about it.

- [Reporter] The Ma family lives

in a barren mountainousregion where much of the time,

there's very little rain.

For years, the only placethey could find water was

in potholes or muddyponds miles from home.

- There's a lot of bacteriaand lots of parasites in it.

It's sour and hard to swallow.

- I can't stand it, it'syellow and smells awful.

- I hate this dirty water!

- [Reporter] Mrs. Ma will never forget

how her oldest daughter got an infection

from drinking the bad water and died.

- Her intestines ruptured.

I still remember her moaning,"Daddy, please save me!"

- [Reporter] After their daughter's death,

the family was extra carefulabout boiling the water,

but still scared to drink it.

- I was afraid that Imight be tortured by it

and die like my sister.

- [Reporter] The Ma'sson was in the hospital

with inflamed intestines several times.

- He got better, but there wasalways the threat of death.

- I made a wish from my heart

that one day I wouldn'thave to drink it anymore.

- [Reporter] Her wishcame true when CBN came

to their village and foundout about the water problem.

We quickly built cisterns for the Mas

and other families in the village.

We also gave them water filters.

- I'll never forget seeing the clean water

for the first time.

The flavor, it's so sweet!

- Now, my brother and I drinkas much water as we want.

And we don't worry aboutgetting sick or dying.

- Thank you, CBN.

Because of your love, we willalways have good, clean water.

- [Reporter] And now, the whole family has

something else, too.

- When CBN shared the storyof Jesus, I accepted him.

- [Reporter] And soon, hiswife and children did, too.

- He brought us all peace,

and I want everyone inmy village to know Jesus.

With your help, we haveclean water for our bodies

and now we have living waterthat nourishes our souls, too.

- Be a part of it, be a partof helping people right here

at home and around the world.

You make it all possiblewhen you join The 700 Club.

So call us now, 1-800-700-7000.

$40,000 is the amount lefton the $75,000 challenge

and we're gonna take the $40,000 down.

Palos Park, Illinois, $3,500.(audience applauding)

That takes us down to $36,000

with 25 minutes and 55seconds on the clock.

Go to the phones, call us, 1-800-700-7000.

Let's go over to Wendy.

- Thanks, Gordon.

Well, when you join The 700 Club,

we'll send you PatRobertson's latest teaching,

it's called, Miraculous Blessings.

As Pat explains, God wants to bless us,

the question is, how do wereceive those blessings?

There's only one way and you'll find out

what it is in this new DVD.

- When God of all theworld says, "Bless you,"

think what it means.

You see, God Almightyis a God of blessing.

That's what we find in theBible all the way through,

he said, "I will bless you."

He wants to bless us.

But how do you get that blessing?

If you want blessing there'sonly one way to get it.

- [Announcer] MiraculousBlessings, available now.

- God loves you and he wants to bless you.

And we want to bless you with this,

Pat's new teaching called,Miraculous Blessings.

Discover how to beblessable and so much more,

this is a fascinatingDVD that you will watch

and enjoy with your familyand friends for years to come.

It's yours when yougive us a call right now

and just say, "Yes, I wantto join The 700 Club."

1-800-700-7000 is the number to call,

or you can log on to

And, by the way, it'sjust .65 cents a day,

$20 a month is all it takesto become a CBN partner.

Many of you watching are already there

and we just want to say thank you.

Without you, we can't changethe world like we're doing,

but with you, when we all do it together,

we can do amazing things.

Now, if you'd like to takeit up to the Gold level,

that's $40 a month.

We want to bless you back with three DVDs,

one Miraculous Blessings foryou and two to give away.

If you can go higher, a lot of us can,

let's take it up to our 1000 Club level.

Just $80 a month or higher,you're gonna get five

of Pat's great new teaching.

This is our gift when yougive us a call right now.


- All right, I've got some wonderful news.

(drum roll music)

Partners from Iowa and Illinois want

to add to this challenge,they want to add $82,000,

making it $157,000.(majestic music)

And let's pray.

Lord, we ask for blessing for the donors

who made it possibleto issue this challenge

and for those watching right now.

Bless them, encourage them, speak to them,

for we ask it all in Jesus' name, Amen.

And Amen, $157,000 isthe challenge amount.

23 minutes, 25 seconds on that clock.

Call us now, 1-800-700-7000.

Well, when Mary and Al got married,

they brought more than loveinto their relationship,

they also each carried a lot of debt.

And, at the same timethey had a dream to live

in an upscale neighborhood.

Well, it seemed impossible at the time

until they learned the keyto multiplying their money.

- [Reporter] Al and Mary Chickremember taking long walks

around this scenic neighborhoodin the Pacific Northwest

after they were first married.

- We would decide thatit was time to exercise

and take off and come up to this area.

- We always kind of dreamed about one day

this would be a great placeto live, up here on the hill.

- [Reporter] But theydidn't have the money.

Prior divorces had left eachof them in financial trouble.

- It was a few bucks in thebank and the pickup truck

and that was just aboutall that I owned by name.

I had just started thisnew business and so,

I was living basicallypaycheck to paycheck.

- Going through a divorceand not really having

a lot to divide and bills to pay

was scary.

I was asking God how Iwas gonna make this work

and I think he clearlyspoke to me and said,

"You need to give andI will care for you."

And amazingly, through God's grace,

I was able to pay every bill.

I think it is God'sresponse to my faithfulness.

- [Reporter] When she met and married Al,

he was already giving.

He learned about it from The 700 Club.

- I remember about the benefits of tithing

and that you can't out giveGod and so I kind of tested it.

- [Reporter] Even duringdownturns in the economy,

the couple obeyed God's call to give.

One place they gave to was CBN.

- I just always feel confident

that the money that I givethere is going to a great cause

and that it's actuallymeeting needs for little kids

and helping them out.

Those are the stories thatstill get to me today.

- [Reporter] They say faithful giving took

Al's medical supplies businessfrom a two-man operation

to a 50-person sales team.

- God has opened up theseopportunities for us

and that's one of the ways,I think, he does give back.

You know, we test itwhen we give a little bit

and the benefits are incredible.

- [Reporter] Now Al andMary don't just walk around

that beautiful neighborhood,they live there

in a home that's completely paid off.

- Things have neverlooked better financially.

- Test God, straightout as a 700 Club Member

and see if God doesn't bless you

and bring opportunitiesto you that allow you

to give a lot more in the future.

- See what will happenwhen we get to test him

with our tithes and offerings.

You can do that right now bycalling us, 1-800-700-7000.

Just say, "Yes, I wantto join The 700 Club."

That's $20 a month, .65 cents a day.

Some of you can join at a higher level,

we've got 700 Club Goldfor ya at $40 a month.

1000 Club is $1,000 a year

and that breaks out to $84 a month.

We also have 2500 Club,which is $2,500 a year

and the Founder, $5,000 or more a year.

Finally, Chairman Circle,$10,000 or more a year.

We've got 20 minutes lefton this $157,000 challenge.

$90,000 is the red number,it's comin' down, $89,000.

Call us now, 1-800-700-7000.


- Peter and Sandra are a couple who's time

in military housing was coming to an end.

After serving five tours of duty,

Peter was facing the possibility

of having to move his familyinto a homeless shelter.

Instead, CBN's Helpingthe Home Front was able

to give them a hand-up.

- [Reporter] Peter VanVeltzer spent nine years

in the Army as a BlackHawk helicopter mechanic.

- If anything should go wrongin the air, that's on me.

So we make sure theseaircraft are good to go.

- [Reporter] His wife,Sandra, is extremely proud

of Peter's service.

- He had the bravery, he justknows that this is something

that he was called to do.

- [Reporter] After hecompleted five tours,

Peter decided to get out of the Army

and use his G.I. Bill to go to college.

But they learned it wouldtake longer than expected

for his school benefits to kick in,

which meant no income for three months.

At the same time, their van needed tires

and the transmission needed repair.

Their time in militaryhousing was coming to an end.

They needed to move butdidn't have rent money.

The couple startedcontacting homeless shelters.

- Panicking and frantic and I'm thinking,

"How are we going to support this family?

"What's gonna happen?"

- Bethel Church knew aboutthe family's situation

and contacted Helping the Home Front

and asked CBN to step in.

Pastor Lance Phillips invitedthe couple to his home

to share some big news.

- CBN, in partnership withBethel Community Church,

is really stepping up to the plate

and we're going to give you the finances

to be able to pay the first month's rent

and the last month's rent.

And also, to be able topay two more payments

on top of that, how does that sound?

- It's awesome.- And it gets better.

We know you have a vehicle situation.

CBN, in partnership withBethel's gonna be able

to step up and give you the finances

to repair your vehicle.

(uplifting music)

It even gets better.- Oh, Lordy, help me.

- On top of all of those great things,

CBN is taking you to buyclothes for your children

and whatever you need for your two kids.

- Oh, my gosh. (laughs)

It's awesome.

- [Reporter] Their churchand CBN paid for rent

while the family waited

for Peter's school benefits to kick in.

We took them to Sear'sAutomotive to replace the tires

and get the transmission fixed.

When Sears heard aboutHelping the Home Front,

they kicked in a big discount.

Then, it was off to a shopping spree

to buy clothes for the kids.

- What you guys havedone has really fulfilled

a lot of our dreams and goals.

And I feel like we can now go forward

and also give to others as well.

- This is another way of sayingthank you to our military

and another way of making a difference

in the lives of brothers and sisters

right here in America, folks.

Thank you for your help with that.

We're asking you to go toyour phone and call right now.

We're in the middle of achallenge, it means when you call,

every dollar you give willbe matched dollar-for-dollar.

So when you call, willyou use Pledge Express?

That's electronic monthly giving,

it saves some money forus that we can put right

into the lives of peoplelike Peter and Sandra,

and we say thank you in advance.

And our thank you that'sgonna come every month is

Power for Life, you'll get a teaching.

Use Pledge Express, please.

Our number's toll-free,it's 1-800-700-7000.

Gordon.- Okay.

We're gonna take the red number down.

Littlefield, Texas,

2500 Club member coming in at 2500.

(audience applauding)(majestic music)

From Carteret, New Jersey,1000 Club member lifting

to 2500 Club.- Thank you.

- 2500, that takes us down to $63,000,

16 minutes on that clock.

Call us now, 1-800-700-7000.

Well, Pat Lenhart is a loving grandmother

who considers herself a DVD missionary.

Any occasion is a great occasion for her

to give Superbook to her grandchildren.

And as a CBN partner, she'salso helping to bring Superbook

to children all over the world.

- [Reporter] When PatLenhart discovered Superbook,

she knew it was the perfect way

to teach her grandchildrenabout the Bible.

- It's something that Ididn't have as a child.

I grew up in a church wherethey didn't really teach

from the Bible.

All the stories of the Old Testament,

I had no clue what they were about?

My little three-year-oldgrandson knows more

about the Bible stories than I did

when I was in my 30s.

That's why I'm just sopassionate about Superbook.

Sometimes I watch him watching it,

he doesn't blink his eyes, (laughs)

he's so spellbound by it.

So, if he can get thesestories as a three-year-old,

the foundation is there.

- [Reporter] Wheneverit's time for celebration,

Pat knows exactly what presents to give.

- I love to give Superbook to my grandkids

at Christmas,



and all the times in between.

As soon as I get one in themail from Superbook Club,

they get that one that weekand they look so forward to it.

- [Reporter] By supporting CBNthrough the Superbook Club,

Pat is able to reach otherkids around the world.

- I'd like to consider myself

a DVD missionary.

We don't want to keep it justfor ourselves, it's too good!

- [Reporter] Pat's daughter-in-law, Erin,

homeschool's her children andshe's always on the lookout

for wholesome and educationallearning tools like Superbook.

- The quality of Superbookis really excellent.

CBN is giving parents a tool to impart

our faith to the next generation.

- What Superbook has done for me is

it's made me get into the word of God.

To, when faced with a crisis or a dilemma,

say, "Okay, what does the word of God say

"about this problem?

"How could I solve it that way?"

I think once you watchone, you'll be hooked

and you'll wanna get them out there

to all the kids you have.

- Be a part of it.

You can be a part of takingthe stories of the Bible

to the children of the world.

Superbook is an amazing thing,

we're now in over 40 languages.

We have a broadcast map showingall the different languages,

all the different results.

It's 180 million viewerslast year for Superbook,

that's what our researchprojections are showing.

You can be part of it.


Join The 700 Club, callus now, 1-800-700-7000.

Say, "Yes, I want to be a part of it."

We've got $47,000 left on this challenge.

$157,000 is the challenge amount,

46 is the amount left tomatch, 13 minutes on the clock.

Call us now, 1-800-700-7000.

Let's go to Wendy at the phones, Wendy.

- The phones are ringing, Gordon,

it's getting exciting over here.

Well, Miraculous Blessings,

this is Pat Robertson's new DVD teaching.

In this, Pat revealswhat things will put us

in a position to receive God's favor.

And also, what things canhinder the blessings of God.

Just watch.

- [Announcer] Get your copyof Miraculous Blessings,

a new DVD from the ChristianBroadcasting Network.

Pat Robertson teaches youthe Biblical principles

that will enable you to experiencethe incredible blessings

of God in your life.

- The important thingabout being blessed is

to look at the laws ofGod and follow them.

If we follow those laws,we will be blessed.

- [Announcer] Discover thethings that put you in position

to receive God's abundant blessings.

And, learn those things thatcan hinder the blessing of God.

- If you want to know the blessing of God,

you have to recognize God's in charge.

His blessing is what makes prosperity.

His blessing is what makes fruitfulness.

- [Announcer] You also seeastonishing true stories

of everyday people whoselives were transformed

by God's miraculous blessings.

Find out how you can stay inthat wonderful place of favor,

get Miraculous Blessings now.

Call 1-800-700-7000,

or go to

- God loves you and he wants to bless you,

not just with your daily needs,

he knows that you need those,

but, also with the deepdesires of your heart,

that's what the Bible says.

And we want to blessyou right now with this,

Pat's new teaching called,Miraculous Blessings.

You can receive God's abundant blessings

in your life and so much more.

This is our gift to you whenyou give us a call right now

and say, "Yes, I wantto join The 700 Club."

How much is it?

.65 cents a day, $20 amonth is all it takes

to become a CBN partner.

Now you can go to your phonesright now, 1-800-700-7000,

our toll-free number, ourcounselor's standing by right now

to take your call.

Or, you can log on to,

that's a great way to give as well.

Now many of you are already partners

at the $20 a month level andwe just want to say thank you.

You are making a big difference.

But, if you'd like to be abigger blessing, if you would,

let's take it up to the Gold level,

that's just $40 a month.

When you do that, wewant to bless you back

with three of Pat's teaching,one for you, two to give away.

If you can go higher, a lot of us can,

let's take it up to our 1000 Club level,

$80 a month or higher.

Guess what, you're gonna get five

of Pat's new teachingcalled. Miraculous Blessings.

This is our gift to you whenyou give us a call right now.

Terry.- Thanks, Wendy.

Well, right now I want tointroduce you to a little girl

whose smile lights up a room.

Her name is Olungaka andshe lives up to its meaning.

But not long ago, hersingle mom was desperate

for a job and strugglingto support her family.

- [Reporter] Olungaka is her mother's joy.

Her name literally means, theunending great love of Jesus.

- She is such a happy child,

she always wants to help when I clean

so I give her the small socks and vests.

But, in the past, she'll get bored

and want to go to school with her friends.

I didn't have a job soI couldn't afford it.

- [Reporter] With no oneto look after her daughter,

it was hard for Nolindo to find work.

- Mondays were the only daysI had time to look for work.

I never found a job and alwayswent home feeling defeated.

- [Reporter] One night,while her daughter slept,

Nolindo cried out to God.

- I asked him for any kind of job

so that I could provide for her.

- [Reporter] Then, a friendreferred them to Life Child,

a ministry supported byCBN's Orphan's Promise.

We paid all of Olungaka's fees to attend

and Nolindo received mentoringas part of our program.

She started volunteering ata local neighborhood watch

and with our help and encouragement,

she soon got a job as a security guard.

- Without your help, wewould still be struggling.

I am thankful that I canfinally provide for my daughter.

I know God brought us all these blessings

and Olungaka learns so much at the center.

- My teacher tells me I am very smart.

Today we learned that God madethe heavens and the animals.

I learned to pray and Iknow that Jesus heals me

every time I pray.

- [Children] Bless ourhands and bless our food.

In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

- I love everything about being here,

especially the food and my friends.

But I don't like nap time,

because I just want to keep playing.

Thank you, CBN.

- How can you not fall in love with her

and how can you not be satisfied knowing

that if you're a 700 Club member,

you have made a difference in her life

and the life of her family.

It's happening when youcall and join The 700 Club

and here, from Chickamauga, Georgia,

somebody joining The 700 Club at $2,760.

(majestic music)Thank you so much.

We appreciate it.

You call too, 1-800-700-7000.


- Well, as an eight-year-oldduring the Holocaust,

Rosa says she knew only three things,

hunger, fear and sickness.

Before the war's end, shenearly starved to death

and she contracted typhus,meningitis and pneumonia.

Well, today Rosa lives in Israel

and not long ago, she wasstill struggling to get along

until she received help from CBN Israel.

- [Reporter] Rosa was eight-years-old

when her family was forced to live

in a Ukrainian ghettoduring the Holocaust.

- Nine people had tosleep in one small room.

The first winter, typhus began to spread

and there was no medicine,

just one wet rag sharedbetween us to cool the fevers.

- [Reporter] Rosa told me she

and the other Jewishchildren worked for the Nazis

in a local factory all dayfor just a few scraps of bread

and a little soup.

- It was the only way to get food.

If you did not work, you did not eat.

We knew only three things in the ghetto,

hunger, fear and sickness.

- [Reporter] After typhus,Rosa caught meningitis

and then pneumonia.

- I can't believe I survived.

So many died.

After we were liberated,we survivors helped give

the dead proper burials.

- [Reporter] Years after the Holocaust,

Rosa started a family and waspart of a large immigration

of Jews to Israel in 1972.

She's now a widow and struggleswith back and leg pain

which makes it difficult for her to walk.

- I have dealt with thispain for many years.

Most days, I can't go more than 20 meters

before I have to stop, it's very limiting.

- [Reporter] So, CBN Israelgot Rosa a special walker

with a built-in chair so shecan rest whenever she needs to.

- It's a real pleasure to go outside again

and not have to worryabout pain or falling.

- [Reporter] We also take Rosafood and spend time with her.

- I love food and I'mgrateful for all the things

you have done for me.

It's so important for me toknow that you remember us

and see I'm not forgotten.

It's a wonderful feeling,thank you very much.

- It's so important to remember them,

to remember the Holocaust survivors,

to remember the Holocaustand we're doing that.

We're doing that in your name

when you're a member of The 700 Club.

You're a part of CBN Israel,

you're part of Operation Blessing,

you're part of Orphan's Promise,

you're part of Superbook,

you're a part of Helping the Home Front,

you're a part of all that we do.

So, if you want to seethis kind of thing happen

around the world, joinwith us, 1-800-700-7000.

Just say, "Yes, I want to be a member."

When you call, ask for Pledge Express,

electronic monthly giving wherethe bank does all the work.

There's no checks to write and we send,

as our gift to you, Power forLife monthly teaching CDs.

So if you'd like those, ask forPledge Express when you call

or just go to

When you give monthly on the internet,

you automatically signup for Pledge Express.

Do it now, 1-800-700-7000.

Let's go over to Wendy.

- Well, Gordon, I can'tsay enough great things

about Pat's new DVD, but don'tjust take my word for it,

here's what other people are saying

about Miraculous Blessings.

- Everyone needs to getMiraculous Blessings.

- God wants to be able to bless you.

- And Miraculous Blessings shows us

how we can be put into a placeto receive those blessings.

- When he was talkingabout being blessable,

my ears really perked up.

- This video tells you howyou can become blessable.

- God wants to bless us.

- Why would anybody wantto miss out on a blessing?

- If you want blessing,there's only one way to get it.

- [Announcer] MiraculousBlessings, available now.

- If you want to beblessed beyond anything

you've experienced before,we want that for you, too,

that's why Pat has put this together.

Live a life of favor andblessing, this is our gift to you

when you give us a call right now

and just say, "Yes, I wantto join The 700 Club."

1-800-700-7000, this isthe the number to call

or log on to,another great way to give

and we will rush you thisDVD, Miraculous Blessings.


- Well, Sheika is a five-year-old girl

who lost her home andeverything she owned in a fire.

Her single mom and sisterswere also left with nothing.

But most of all, Sheikamissed her prized possession,

a pink party dress.

- [Reporter] Ruth andher daughters were forced

to live temporarily in a tent

after a fire destroyed theirshantytown home in Belan, Peru.

They'd just returned fromvisiting Ruth's sick mother.

- When we got back, everythingwas ashes and smoke.

- [Reporter] Ruth and the girlslost everything in the fire,

but her youngest daughter,five-year-old Sheika,

seemed to be especiallyhard hit by the loss.

- My dress and my shoes were burned.

Everything burned.

- [Reporter] Ruth is a single mom.

Before the fire, shesupported her children

by baking and selling items near her home.

Sheika like to help.

- I like being with mymom and I love her a lot.

- [Reporter] But everything

from the business was destroyed, too.

- At night, I would cry, asking God,

why all this happened to me?

- [Reporter] When Operation Blessing came

to the community to help,

we learned that the governmentwould rebuild the houses.

So we provided Ruth everything needed

to restart her baking business,

including pans,ingredients and a new oven.

- Since I was very little, I worked hard.

I never had anyone give me anything.

It is a joy for me to receive all of this.

- [Reporter] Finally, we took Sheika

on a little shopping trip

and bought her silvershoes and a new pink dress,

just like the one she'd lost in the fire.

- Thanks, Operation Blessing,

for helping me to push forward.

- Thank you for my new dress and shoes!

- Hope in the midst of great loss.

Thank you, 700 Club members, that's you.


- Terry, in this new DVDcalled, Miraculous Blessings,

you'll meet people who personallytested the promises of God

and you'll also see howGod has provided himself

faithful to his promises, watch.

- We had four jobs that didn't go right,

but we didn't waiver in our faith.

- That's when God put on my heart

that we needed to do the well.

- [Husband] Within a couple of days,

we got an insurance refund check

that we had no idea was coming.

- And here we are, this year,it's just booming. (laughs)

- You go out and help other people

and you get rewarded for it.

- [Announcer] Get PatRobertson's latest teaching,

Miraculous Blessings.

- And you get rewarded for it.

We want you have it.

Miraculous Blessings, it'syours when you call right now.


- All right, we're countingdown to victory, 36,

34 seconds left in this$157,000 challenge.

We want to go way over the topso you can be a part of it.

We're gonna counteverything on the phones,

so call us now, 1-800-700-7000.

You can also go to

and when you give on the internet monthly,

we've got Pledge Express for you,

that's electronic monthly giving.

And we can send Power for Life,monthly teaching CDs to you.

So, if you want those, we'vegot seconds left in those,

call us now or go to

Well, it's been a gloriousfirst day in our fall telethon.

We had $157,000 on the challengeand against that you gave,

(majestic music)(audience applauding)

- Ooh, yes!- $193,000.

We leave you with thesewords from Proverbs,

"The blessing of the Lord makes one rich,

"and he adds no sorrow with it."

For Wendy, for Terry, forme, for all of us here,

God bless you and we'llsee you again tomorrow.

(uplifting music)


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