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Change in Moving Plans Creates Financial Hardship for Military Family

US Marine Sal incurred debt when his transfer orders got canceled after he already moved his family to their new duty station. Plus, the family vehicle needed repair. CBN paid the moving expenses and fixed the family vehicle. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Sergeant Salhas served 13 years in the

US Marines deploying sixtimes to Afghanistan and Iraq.

When he's home, Sal spendstime with his wife, Alma and

their two children.

Sal says that he couldn't givehis best to his country if

Alma didn't give herbest to the household.

- [Sal] I consider myself verylucky having a wife raising

my kids if I'm not there.

But because of her beingthere, she gets to share those

stories as they're growing up.

- [Narrator] When Sal receivedorders to transfer from

Camp Pendelton, they movedAlma and the children early so

the kids could starttheir new school on time.

They had to take out a loanto do it, but they knew the

military would reimburse them once Sal

reported to his new command.

But after the familymoved, Sal learned his

transfer was canceled.

He called Alma to tell herthere would be no reimbursement

for the move, and that theywere stuck with the expense of

moving Alma and the kidsback to Camp Pendelton.

- [Alma] I felt sad and angry.

It's just feeling some frustrationbecause you technically

don't own your life.

You just have to do what you're told.

- [Narrator] Sal and Alma hadto budget to pay back the loan.

At the same time, theirvehicle needed repairs

they couldn't afford.

So Alma got a part time joband Sal started working a

second job on weekends.

The couple relied on theirfaith to stay positive.

- [Sal] I have faith in the Lord.

Faith in my wife.

And we'll get through it.

- [Narrator] Just a few weekslater, CBN's Helping The

Home Front got a call fromtheir church, Saint Michael's,

asking for help.

- [Priest] It was a situationwhere we needed to move

quickly, and I was veryimpressed with CBN's response and

how quickly they were able todo something to help us out.

- [Narrator] Father Ed Harrisasked the couple over to tell

them CBN was paying the loanfor their moving expenses.

- [Father Harris] The debtthat you incurred and the

situation was difficult.

And we're going to do everythingwe can to eliminate that

debt so that you don't have toworry about that, so you can

spend time with your family.

- [Sal] I have no words.

Never expected it.

- [Narrator] Father Harrishad another surprise.

- [Father Harris] We want todo what we can, partnering

with the 700 Club to helpyou get your car fixed.

Whatever it takes to get itfixed, we're going to help you.

We want to do something else to help you.

And so we're going to takeyou on a shopping trip.

And, we're going to let youget whatever it is that you

think you need for yourchildren to get them ready

to come back to school.

We want you to know that we'rewith you, and to know that

you're not alone in this.

- [Sal] I'm speechless.I'm very, very grateful.

I never thought there wasany type of people like that

to help other people.

It's not always dark.

There's light at the end of the tunnel.

- [Narrator] After they droppedoff their vehicle, they went

shopping to buy new schoolclothes and supplies

for the children.

This family can now moveforward with less stress.

- [Alma] I cannot sayit in words how grateful

I am to Saint Michaels and you guys, CBN,

for what you guys

have done for our family.




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