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Superbook Brings Family the Gospel

In Thailand, after he watched CBN’s Superbook for the first time, Goe got so excited that he announced to his parents, “I learned that God can help us do great things!” They hadn’t heard this before, and they were curious. So they went ... Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Goh grew upin a strict Buddhist family

in Thailand.

But when he heard about a fun activity

at a Christian church near his home,

he got curious.

That's where he saw CBN'sSuperbook for the first time.

- It was very exciting.

I watched David killGoliath with a small stone.

I learned that God canhelp us do great things.

- [Narrator] Even though itwas his first time at church,

Goh prayed along with his teacher

after the Superbook episode.

- I prayed that Jesuswould forgive my sins.

I invited him to come inside my heart.

I was so happy thatJesus came into my life.

- [Narrator] Then he went home

to tell his mom about his decision.

- I told her the storyof David and Goliath,

and I said, mom, did you know that

God can help us to do great things

if we have him in our heart?

- Goh's mom immediately noticed

there was somethingdifferent about her son,

and secretly wished that she had

the same joy that she saw in him.

- My heart was always heavy.

We often went to the templeto receive a blessing,

but when we got home, Ifelt like I was all alone

in the dark.

- [Narrator] The nextweek, Goh invited his mom

to go with him to church.

- I listened to him, and he was right.

Going to church filled me with joy.

- [Narrator] Two weekslater, both of Goh's parents

went to church and prayedto become Christians.

- I'm so glad that wecan worship God together

as a family.

- [Narrator] Recently, Goh'sparents started a Bible study

in their home where they share Jesus

with other Buddhist familymembers and friends.

- It all started with Superbook.

Superbook showed me thatGod is able to do anything.

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