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Good Things Come When You Invest Like This

Philip and Paula were selling investment land and thought they were profiting. It wasn’t until they crunched the numbers that they realized they had more going out than coming in. Then they made an investment that brought profit that continues ... Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Phillip andPaula Winniford love living

in the Pacific Northwest.

They're building theirdream home on a mountain

overlooking Newman Lake in Washington.

- When I look out where ourliving room view will be,

I see God's mountains.

We have the most beautifulsunrises from the other side.

- [Narrator] When the couple wed,

Paula worked in theSocial Security office.

Phillip was developing 20 acresof land he owned in Idaho.

- [Phillip Voiceover] Weended up selling two lots

for three times as much

as I thought as we weregonna be able to get.

- [Narrator] The Winniford'stook the money from the sales,

and saved it for theirnext business project.

- And we thought once we get settled,

and once we have enough money,

then we can start giving to God.

- [Narrator] Just a few short months after

selling another lot,

the Winniford's made a shocking discovery.

- After making all of thismoney on these other lots

selling them for three times as much,

the balance sheet said thatwe still had more going out

then we had coming in.

And so I felt that I was a failure.

- [Narrator] Then oneday their son told them

about all the good thingsthat happened in his life,

after he had started tithing.

And so he encouraged themto start tithing as well.

- And I felt that you know God,

I've prayed about everything,

but I really feel that I'veshorted you in all this.

- [Narrator] The Winniford'sstarted tithing to their church

and giving to a local charity.

Before long they startedtipping away at their debt.

Then Paula received a promotion

that doubled her salary at her job.

- And so it was major.

I would encourage anyone to try giving.

God says, "Test me."

And we did.

You know we just let go of it,

and He took it,

and He worked it out.

- [Narrator] In 2014they became CBN partners

at the 25 Hundred club level.

- I was amazed at 700 Club.

The sincerity I felt from them,

(voice cracking)

they're really caring.

Just loving people.

- I love Pat's teachings

on give and it will be given back to you.

Press down,

shake together.

- [Narrator] Today theWinniford's have sold

all but one parcel of land.

Each for a significant profit.

Now they've been able to retire,

looking forward to movinginto their dream home.

And they say they have more money to give,

because they trusted God.

- He doesn't need our resources.

But he's wanting us

to act on that


That's when things are gonna happen.

- He's a God who loves you,

and he tells us to test him,

trust him,

and we need to do that.

If you'll do that,

he will bless you.


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