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Would David Ever Walk?

Little David had never walked because he was born with clubfoot. His mom carried him everywhere, even to work. She worried about his future and prayed constantly that God would help her son walk. See how this mother’s prayer was answered in ... Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Three-year-oldDavid has club feet

and has never been able to walk.

- I carry him everywhere,even while I do my farm work.

I worry about him,because if he cannot walk,

he cannot work.

I pray constantly that God will help him.

- [Narrator] When David's motherheard about Plaster House,

a ministry supported by CBN,

she and David traveledcross-country by bus to come to us.

- I was really nervous,but when I arrived,

I saw many other parentswith children like mine.

I knew this place wasan answer from the Lord.

- [Narrator] We paid forDavid's surgery and casts

and provided him and hismother with a place to stay

and everything they neededduring his recovery.

- Being here is like being on holiday.

We get lots of rest.

It has completely changed my son's life.

- David just fell asleep in my arms

and I can feel his legs,like, moving back and forth.

I think he might bedreaming about walking.

- [Narrator] Soon, the casts came off.

At night, for the next few years,

he'll wear corrective shoes

that will completely straighten his feet.

But already, David is up and running.

- The day David walked for the first time,

I felt like he could nowfinally spread his wings

like a bird and fly.

It's hard for me to keep up with him now.

I arrived carrying him, andnow he can run and play.

I thank God for this miracle.

May God bless you for helping us.


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