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Faith Nation: September 17, 2018

Faith Nation: September 17, 2018 Read Transcript

(upbeat music)

- More fall-out from allegations

against the President'sSupreme Court pick.

Welcome to Faith Nation.

I'm Jenna Browder.

- And I'm John Jessup.

The President is standingby the nominee tonight,

saying Judge Brett Kavanaugh is, quote,

somebody very special.

- But assault allegationsfrom more than 30 years ago

could be putting the SupremeCourt nomination in jeopardy.

- CBN White House correspondentBen Kennedy has the story.

- Well, John and Jenna, the White House

is standing with theirpick for the high court.

Democrats are callingon Committee Chairman,

Senator Charles Grassley,

to delay Thursday's scheduled vote

until members can get moreanswers into these allegations.

This, as Judge BrettKavanaugh again today says

the story is not true.

(cameras clicking)

- [Man] Judge Kavanaugh.

- [Ben] The allegationagainst Supreme Court nominee

Brett Kavanaugh became more of a threat

after his accuser publicly spoke out.

Christine Blasey Ford came forward,

accusing the judge ofsexually assaulting her

at a high school party in the early '80s.

Ford first shared her story in July

with Senator DianneFeinstein seeking anonymity.

Feinstein later gave it to the FBI.

The Washington Post reportsFord took a polygraph test

administered by a formerFBI agent in early August

and concluded that Fordwas being truthful.

Ford says she's willing to tell her story

to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

- She should not be ignored.

She should testify under oath

and she should do it on Capitol Hill.

- [Ben] Kavanaugh isprepared to appear as well

and continues to denythe allegations, saying,

"This is a completely false allegation.

"I have never done anythinglike what the accuser describes

"to her or anyone becausethis never happened.

"I had no idea who wasmaking this accusation

"until she identified herself yesterday.

"I am willing to talk to theSenate Judiciary Committee

"in any way the Committeedeems appropriate

:to refute this falseallegation from 36 years ago

"and defend my integrity."

Some Senate Republicansbelieve this is all a ploy

by Democrats to delay the vote.

- The reality is the leftknows their only ability

to impose their agenda onAmerica is through the courts.

That's why they arefighting tooth and nail

to stop this President in his nomination

and confirmation of justices,especially the Supreme Court.

- [Ben] But RepublicanSenator Jeff Flake says

Ford must be heard andthat he's not comfortable

moving ahead with the vote on Thursday

if we have not heard her side of the story

or explored this further.

- I think he's on track, yeah.

I mean I think he's very much on track.

If they delay it a littlebit just to make sure

everybody's happy.

They want to be happy.

I can tell you, the Republican senators

want to be 100% happy themselves.

They're doing it very,very professionally.

Again, this should've beenbrought up a long time ago.

- That scheduled vote onKavanaugh's nomination

might not happen Thursdayas we wait to hear

if and when the Committeemight hear testimony

from Ford and Kavanaugh.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, Washington.

- Thank you, Ben.

Our Capitol Hill correspondent,

Abigail Robertson, joins us now.

Abigail, what are youhearing up on the Hill?

- Well, a lot of senatorson both sides of the aisle

are saying this is a very serious charge

that needs to be lookedinto before moving forward

and, as Ben said, both Judge Kavanaugh,

and Dr. Ford are prepared to testify

before the Committee about this incident,

but no dates have been set yet.

And if those testimonies end up happening,

they might not be done in public.

But in the meantime, a few Republicans

who were pretty safe yes voteson Kavanaugh's confirmation

say they want to hearfrom both parties involved

as soon as possible.

- One name that we're hearinga lot of is Susan Collins,

the senator from Maine.

What can you tell us about herand where she stands on this?

- Well, she tweeted earlier

that she thinks ProfessorFord and Judge Kavanaugh

should both testify under oath

before the Judiciary Committee

and a lot of other senators

are agreeing with that statement as well.

- Some are calling for a delay in this.

They want to hear from this woman.

What's the timeline looking like, Abigail?

- Well, Chairman Grassley's office

has not announced a new timeline yet,

and they're trying to stay on track

with that Thursday Committee vote,

but with the Senate off forYom Kippur on Wednesday,

if both Kavanaugh andFord end up testifying

before the Committee, it's unlikely

that vote will happen onThursday, but we'll see.

- Yeah, and there's a lot of controversy

about the timing of thisletter and when it came out

because Dianne Feinstein,senator from California,

she had this letter back in July.

What's your sense upthere with the frustration

and how some of the moreconservative senators are feeling?

- Yeah.

Chairman Grassley's office saysit raises a lot of questions

about the tactics andmotives of the Democrats

that they just now broughtthese accusations to light

when Senator Feinstein has had the letter

and known about this since July.

And Grassley says,

if Feinstein really tookthis claim seriously,

she should've brought it to the attention

of the full Committee much sooner

instead of waiting untilthe hearing process finished

and they were on the eveof this Committee vote.

And the President echoed that sentiment

just a few minutes ago,

saying this should've been brought up

long, long before now.

- Abigail Robertson,live on the Hill for us.

Thank you, Abigail.

- Thank you.

- Carrie Severino of theJudicial Crisis Network

joins us now for more.

Carrie, what do you makeof these allegations

and the fact that thewoman making them now

has taken this step to come forward.

- Yeah, well what we're seeing here is

allegations that are totally at odds

with what we have seen so far

of Judge Kavanaugh'scharacter and reputation.

You've got someone who's beenin public life for 25 years,

undergone six differentbackground checks in that time.

There's never been a whisperof misconduct in any of those.

You've got women who havealready been on the record

from every stage of his career

who've known him in allthese different times

who have said this doesn't sound

like the Judge Kavanaugh we know.

And now, 65 women came outthat knew him from high school,

saying the Kavanaugh we knew

was someone who was veryrespectful with women.

That doesn't sound consistent with him.

On top of that, his ownpersonal, unequivocal denial

that this is what happened.

I think it also, whenyou take into context

of how Senator Feinstein herselftreated these allegations,

she had them since July.

She did not bring them up

in front of the Judiciary Committee.

She didn't bring them up when she herself

was interviewing Judge Kavanaugh.

She didn't bring themup in the closed session

of the Judiciary hearingthat is off the record

so could've protected the confidentiality.

She wasn't treating these

as if she found them credibleor serious or relevant

and I think it's strange now to see,

at the very eve of the vote,

now, suddenly, a lot of people using them

to say now we need to delay.

- A lot of people aretalking about the timing.

However, there are Republicanswho are on the Committee

who are suggesting thatmaybe the right thing to do

is to delay and to hitthe pause on the vote

to take some time to investigate

and hear from both JudgeKavanaugh and his accuser.

What are your thoughts on that?

- I agree, and I think it'sclear that, for the White House

and the Senate Judiciary Committee to say

we want to make sure wegive a chance for both sides

to tell their side of the story

and get questioned by senators.

I think the question is

does that become then a dilatory process?

Are we gonna use this tojust slow walk things?

Or can we go and actuallyhave the investigation

and then move on?

What I'm seeing is a lot of the Democrats

are using this simply--

These are the same peoplewho were saying back in July

let's delay this, let's not have a vote.

They were saying it in August.

They were saying it in September.

We can't let it be a purely political

using this allegation as a delay tactic.

I think giving both sides afair chance to hear things

can be done and still can bedone in a reasonable manner

that it doesn't end up dragging on.

- Carrie, a perfect segueinto my next question.

This has already been a highly partisan

confirmation process.

Do you think that this isjust another example of that?

- Yeah, unfortunately.

I mean last week, JusticeGinsburg was interviewed

before all this stuffeven started breaking

the way it is now, and she wasinterviewed by a former clerk

talking about her confirmation process.

Remember, she worked for the ACLU.

She was very active in liberalcauses and feminist causes.

She got confirmed with onlythree votes against her,

virtually unanimous.

Justice Scalia, similarly.

Very committed to his judicial philosophy

on the opposite side.

He was confirmed unanimously.

She said the way it wasdone then was better.

The way it's being done now is not right.

And she was very criticalof the circus we had seen

up until now in the hearings,

which already was really anoffensive thing to watch,

I think, in many ways,

the way it was being used for demagoguery

rather than even lookinginto the candidate.

I'm afraid this is justanother step in that process

and even the Democrats seem to be

using this woman's allegations

as more of a partisanploy, as a delay tactic,

than really even taking it seriously.

- Carrie, I just want to ask you,

Politico is now reporting thatthe Judicial Crisis Network

is getting ready to spend $1.5million in TV ad campaigns

that will feature a long-timefriend of Kavanaugh's.

Is this, in any way, a sign or a signal

that, perhaps, his supporters think

that his nomination is now in jeopardy?

Do you think that he'll bethe next Supreme Court Justice

on the Supreme Court?

- Oh, I definitely do.

What it is is illustrating thevery purpose that we exist,

which is to make sure that, for nominees

in this kind of a position

who are faithful to the Constitution,

faithful to the ruleof law and, therefore,

getting a lot of attacks from the left,

that there's someone thereto be an advocate for them.

We've run lots of adstalking about Judge Kavanaugh

up until now and this is just the latest,

trying to make sure peopleare aware of who he is

and aren't just listening to the smears

and the slurs from the other side.

- Carrie Severino, we'll leave it there.

Thanks for joining us.

- Have a great day.

- In other news, the aftermath

of Hurricane Florence continues.

The storm is responsiblefor at least 23 deaths

in North and South Carolina

as hundreds of thousandsare still without power.

Amber Strong has more.

- [Amber] Now a tropical depression,

the remnants of Hurricane Florence

are still lashing the Carolinas.

- Well, what we're dealing with is

probably the most catastrophic disaster

that this county has seenin the last 50 or 60 years.

- [Amber] The powerfulstorm and heavy rain

leaving more than 500,000 in the dark

and prompting hundreds of water rescues

like this mother and babysaved by the Coast Guard.

- [Guardsman] We've got you.

(woman laughs)

No rush.

- [Amber] But inWilmington, North Carolina,

firefighters prayed outside the scene

where a mother and hereight-month-old were killed

when a tree crashedinto their home Friday.

The injured father wastaken to the hospital.

Teams like the NationalGuard, the U.S. Marine Corps,

and volunteer groups like the Cajun Navy

and the New York FireDepartment are all on the scene.

- When you can help your fellow man,

when you can get out there anddo what you're trained to do,

that's a great thing.

- [Amber] North CarolinaSenator Thom Tillis

says the economic impacton the Tar Heel State

will be long-lasting.

- The agriculture industry,

the largest industry inour state, is hard hit.

We're gonna have to sortout the crop damage.

- [Amber] The federal government saying

the recovery process willtake a full team effort.

- It's locally executed, state managed,

federally supported, and that'sthe model that we shoot for.

- [Amber] Also warningother states to beware,

as the effects ofFlorence continue inland.

- We're also anticipatingyou're about to see

a lot of damage goingthrough West Virginia

all the way up to Ohioas this system exits out.

- [Amber] PresidentTrumps says he's pleased

with the comprehensiverecovery response so far,

tweeting FEMA, firstresponders, and law enforcement

are working really hardon Hurricane Florence.

As the storm begins to finally recede,

they will keick into an even higher gear.

Amber Strong, CBN News.

- Thanks, Amber.

Well, CBN News National SecurityCorrespondent Erik Rosales

has been in North Carolina

since before Florence hit

last week.- That's right.

He joins us now from downtown Wilmington.

Erik, what is it like therein the wake of the storm?

- Well, I tell you what, guys.

It is very sweaty right now and it's...

It's very sweaty right now.

We're not out of the woods just yet,

and the reason for thathas to do with the river

just down the street over here.

All the water that's fromthe mountains and everything

goes down into the Cape Fear River.

And that Cape Fear Riveris expected to rise.

We just ended up receivinga news conference

from the Mayor and he saysthat it could actually rise

either Tuesday or Wednesday,so that is not good news

and it could actuallyflood more things inland.

Take a look.

The storm is speeding upas it exits the Carolinas,

but it's still dumping rain, lots of it,

more than 30 inches in some places.

Rescue teams are out in full force,

pulling about 1,000 peoplefrom their flooded homes

and shelters are overwhelmed.

Wilmington is now cut off

and officials are planning to fly food

and water into the city of 120,000 people.

- This storm has never been more dangerous

than it is right now.

- [Erik] Neighborhoodslook like a war zone.

Roadways impassible.

Streets are a maze of fallen trees.

- The next half of the tree went

and hit the roof, knocked the chimney down

onto my first floor den,

and that knocked a hole in the roof.

- [Erik] While nature ispunishing the Carolinas,

neighbors from nearby statesare stepping up to help.

These men traveled from Tennessee,

small business owners who say

they are just doing whatGod wants them to do.

- Just seems like the right thing to do,

you know, help people out.

They gotta be able toget back to their homes

and they can't do thatunless we clean it up.

- Just the need to give back, you know.

The Lord's blessed usso we can bless others.

(chainsaw motor revs)

- I've driven aroundthe town a little bit.

I could see how badly we've been hit.

It's gonna take a lot of people like this

coming down to help us recover.

We ain't gonna be ableto do it by ourselves.

- That's right, it's all about being

the hands and feet of Jesus out here.

We've witnessed a numberof people doing that,

helping each other.

Carolinans are definitely resilient.


- Wow, just devastating scenes

that you captured there in your story.

Erik, I know that you've got FEMA

and you've got he Coast Guard out there.

Tell us a little bit about thefederal government response.

What have you seen?

- Right, actually, we havesome good news to report.

We actually just came back from seeing

about 20 semi-trucks with huge tires.

They were able to make itthrough the floodzone areas

along with a state trooper escort.

They brought in 20 semi-trucks

that will be able to feedsome 60,000 residents

here in the county overthe next four days.

They have enough food andwater for 60,000 residents

over the next four days and, who knows,

that may even help us because

we're starting to run out of food here.

You go to the market and there's nothing.

The shelves are bare along with no gas.

- Yeah, Erik, tell ushow the community there

has really come togetherto each other's aid.

- Oh, they certainly have.

I mean I gotta tell you,the southern hospitality

is definitely out.

They actually, some of them made biscuits

with whatever they could andbrought them into the hotel

and we've been able tohave biscuits with them

and share stories aboutprevious hurricanes.

It's just people comingtogether and helping each other.

In the story, we talked tothose two men from Tennessee.

They own their own business

and they ended up just wantingto help out the people,

so they do that and they just come

and they start clearing away the streets.

Nobody told them to.

They say just God.

- Just God.

All right, Erik Rosales for us

in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Erik, thank you.

We'll be right back after a quick break.

Today is Constitution Day,a day Americans celebrate

the signing of the U.S. Constitution.

And while this holidaydefinitely gets less fanfare

than the Fourth of July, itis arguably just as important.

The Constitution is thecountry's blueprint for governing

and spells out its three separate branches

and system of checks and balances.

It was signed on this day in 1787,

11 years after the U.S.gained independence.

Since then, 27 amendments have been added

to the Constitution.

- Well, the separation ofpower, checks and balances,

limited government, and individual rights,

those are all key tenetsof the Constitution,

but is American in danger

of losing those founding principles?

Well, David Brody satdown to discuss the issue

with one of the country'sleading conservative voices.

- [Commander] No retreat!

(dramatic music)

- [David] As The Patriot,

Mel Gibson may have played the movie role,

but national author, TV andradio personality Mark Levin

wants to bring that personato the modern day world

via the airwaves.

- This is LevinTV, I'm Mark Levin,

where we are not fair and balanced.

We are 100% pro-Americanand patriots here.

- [David] His book,Rediscovering Americanism,

provides to Americans clues

to this country's structural founding

and the progressive philosophy

trying to fundamentally destroy it.

- People are curious about their country.

They're curious about its founding.

They're curious about liberty.

They don't hear a lot about it.

You turn on TV, never hear about it.

The culture never discusses it.

- [David] Levin rightsthat wrong by going deeper

into the writings of top liberalphilosophers and thinkers

in order to reveal their true agenda.

- The early progressives,like Wilson and Croly

and these fellows, theyrelied on philosophers

like Marx and Hegel and Rousseau,

all of whom reject the notion

of the laws of nature and nature's god.

Now that phrase, those phrases,

are in our Declaration of Independence.

They're not even taughtin most public schools.

They're certainly not taughtin universities and colleges.

Yet that goes to the core of our founding.

- [David] Levin says rejecting natural law

means progressives reject avital part of civil society.

- They're universal laws.

They're universal, eternal truths.

Right and wrong.

Good and evil.

A moral order.

People are to be virtuous and prudential

and be temperate and so forth and so on.

And what does it mean, universal truths?

Well, these God given universal truths.

Man can't make them andman can't take them away

whether it's in the form ofa legislature or a dictator

or a vote of your community.

- [David] Levin points outPresident Woodrow Wilson

as one of the biggest offenders

who espoused a progressive doctrine

before taking over as Commander in Chief.

- Woodrow Wilson relentlessly attacked

separation of powers.

He relentless attacked theprinciples of the Declaration.

He dismissed them.

He dismissed the Declarationas a Revolutionary document

by pioneers that havenothing to do with a modern

and complex society, as hehad to to be a progressive.

- [David] Levin says progressives believe

re-writing Americanhistory will allow them

to create a monster government

where the state and individual become one.

In other words, a world whereelites know best, not you.

- Let me ask you a question about that.

We have this massive administrative state.

How are these people experts?

They're part of the civil service.

They're part of a public sector union.

Some of them have theirjobs because of seniority.

Some of them have becauseof affirmative action.

Is it based on training?

Is it based on Ivy League schools?

Is it based on experience?

So the whole myth that government's filled

with these experts who are noble,

who are gonna improve health care

and education and so forth,

it's been a myth, it'sbeen a lie from day one,

from their philosophers to their thinkers

to their current politicians,like Bernie Sanders.

- [David] Levin says elitism

leads to government-created rights

never intended by our founders.

- Our colonists didn't fight a revolution

for health care and food and shelter.

They figured we'll take care of that.

We want our liberty.

We want our freedom.

If we do not engage inthe battle of ideas,

not so much against elites,but elitism, we're gonna lose

because most societiesare formed by the elites,

by the intellectuals, by the academics

whether we like it or not.

- You could say this bookissues a dire warning.

Rediscover Americanism or risk losing

our country's reason for being,

another example of Levin seekingto play the role of patriot

or possibly that of modernday founding father,

if there were such thing.

Have you ever thoughtabout going back in time

to a certain period inhistory where you might--

- Yes.

- I had a feeling you mighthave thought about that.

What period of history would've that

been?- I would have

loved to have been a delegate

at the Constitutional Convention.

And sometimes I think to myself,

was born at the wrong time.

I really do.

That the birth of a nation,

to have an impact atthe birth of a nation,

not that I would have done any better,

but just to participate in that,

I can't think of anything,other than family,

I can't think of anything more glorious.

And so I think that would be it.

- What about being atruth teller today though?

- History will judge.

- [David] Mark Levin,using pen, microphone,

and today's media, has his weapons

to keep the dream ofAmerica's founders alive.

David Brody, CBN News.

- [Jenna] The miraculousstory of how one Missouri boy

survived what shouldhave been a deadly fall.

(light dramatic music)

- Miracle boy and medical marvel.

That is how people aredescribing a young Missouri boy

who fell face first into ameat skewer and survived.

- Well, Jenna, I had thechance to visit the little boy

and his family over theweekend in Kansas City,

and he told me he's justgrateful to be alive.

Fifth grader, Xavier Cunningham,

feels like a kid on top of the world,

a far cry from wherehe was just a week ago,

recovering from major surgery

with his life hanging in the balance.

The nightmare began at atreehouse behind the family home,

where a swarm of hornets started to sting

Xavier and his friends.

Xavier fell onto a nearly foot-long

metal rotisserie meat skewer below,

piercing him through the left cheek

right to the back of the skull.

Amazingly, it missedhis brain, spinal cord,

and any major nerves.

Three days after his operation,

doctors cleared him to return home.

- He woke up.

Everything was just precious to him.

It's still precious,just the little things.

The sunrise, he had to turn to watch it.

And he would just start crying.

He'd say it's beautiful.

- [John] And two dayslater, we were with him

when he ventured out forFriday night football.

Xavier knows that his storyis nothing short of a miracle

and he credits that to his faith in Jesus.

- So when you're justgetting to know Jesus,

you're like, oh, he savedus, he gave his life for us.

After this, it's just likehe truly is the God Almighty.

- Xavier, there's anythingelse you want to say?

- Just stay strong and don't be afraid

if anything like this happens.

- An amazing kid who's gonna have

an amazing testimony to share

for the rest of his life.- Wow.

No kidding.

Just seeing that he only has

what appears to be a Band-Aidor a bandage after that.

- Small scar.- It's a miracle.

- Yeah.

Well, that's gonna do itfor today's Faith Nation.

- Have a great day.


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