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Operation Blessing Brings Hope to Areas Ravaged by Hurricane Florence

Operation Blessing is on the ground in hurricane-ravaged North Carolina with a message of hope. They are serving hot meals, assisting in the cleanup process, and working diligently to help people get back on their feet. Read Transcript

- [Reporter] After routingaround closed highways

and making it through flooded streets,

the Operation Blessingteam set up to serve meals

to families in need inLumberton, North Carolina.

- Oh y'all were a blessing.

- There's not enoughthank yous to go around.

It's like speechless,especially that we got children.

- [Reporter] This is one of the areas

hardest hit by Hurricane Florence.

Pastor Mike Bowen is doing his best

to help his congregation.

- Our town's in dire straitsright now and in drastic needs,

but this time, it hit land and slowed down

and kept dropping rain forover 48 hours to our town.

- [Reporter] Step oneis getting people water

and getting them fed.

- It was really, really ablessing that y'all came in

and it helped us a lot.

- So we're serving hot meals back here.

Over here we have palletsof water stacked up,

ready to give to people.

We have an entire truckloadof food to help people.

And pretty soon, we'rereally gonna help them

start the clean-up process.

We've got a trailer filled with demolition

and clean-up equipment.

We're taking people's names,getting their requests,

and pretty soon, we'rereally gonna help them

get back on their feet.

In the weeks ahead, oncethe floodwaters subside,

Operation Blessing willbe saving people's homes.

Right now, people are justgrateful for a hot meal.

- It's a blessing, really.

I just want to thank them so much

because, without them, whoknows what we would be doing

and where we would get it from.

- [Reporter] Pastor Bowensaid he deeply appreciates

those who support thework of Operation Blessing

for helping the community

and the members of thechurch in Lumberton.

- I wanna say thank y'allagain for giving to our church.

The Bible says you'restoring up treasure in heaven

by doing this.

Thank y'all.


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