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St. Patrick

Hosts Kaitlin & Jessica separate fact from fiction about Ireland’s patron saint. Read Transcript

- Welcome to the Superbook Show.

- Welcome!

I'm wearing green!

- Today, we're going to talk about

one of my favorite Superbook episodes.

- Oh, is it the onewhere Gizmo wears green

because I'm wearing green.

- Why are you so excitedto be wearing green?

- Because it's St. Patrick's Day!


St. Patty's!

- I love St. Patrick!

What do you know about him?

- Okay, almost everythingthere is to know.

- Like what?

- Well, St. Patrick was Irish.

He wore green all the time.

He chased the snakes out from Ireland

and he ate Lucky Charms becausethey're magically delicious.

- (laughs) You know what was great

about everything you just said?

- My accent.

- None of it was true.

Okay, change of plans.

We're gonna talk about St. Patrick.

Let's start with snakes.

It is true that there are noslithering serpents in Ireland.

- Which is why it is Indiana'sJones' favorite island.


Why did there have to be snakes?

- Sure.

However, St. Patrick wasn't the reason.

Apparently there have neverbeen snakes in Ireland.

- Snakes.

Why did it not have to be snakes?

- And green wasn't associatedwith Ireland until the 1600s.

- I guess Patrick wasn't there then.

- No, St. Patrick wasin Ireland in the 400s.

- But at least I was rightabout Patrick being Irish.

I mean, everybody knows that.

- They don't and he wasn't.

He was born in Britain.

- You're killing me here!

Everything interestingabout him isn't true.

- Oh, I don't know.

I think interesting mighthave to do with pirates,

slavery, and thrillinglife and death escape,

visions from God!

- Wait, wait, whoa, hold up.

Did you just say pirates?

- Yup!

When Patrick was a little boy in Wales

on the island of Britain,

he was kidnapped by pirates!

- Yo-ho, oh no!

- Yo-ho, oh, yes!

They sold him to a chiefton in Ireland.

- Whoa.

Well, so that's how we got there.

- He was trained as a shepherd.

Did it for six years

before he had a vision from God.

- Oh, so he was a believer.

Well, good thing being a saint and all.

- He wasn't before hewas kidnapped, actually,

but the experience broughthim closer to the God.

- And the vision?

- A dream from God telling him to escape.

He made a run for itheading for the coast--

- How has there not beena movie made out of this?

- He convinced themsailors to take him aboard

and return him home.

- Wait, hold on, then,

how come we think of him as Irish?

- Because he went back.

- Back to the peoplewho held him as a slave?

- He had another dream.

He heard the people of Ireland

calling him back to tell them about God.

- This guy had a dreaming problem.

(drum riffs)

- So, he went back andspent the rest of his life

telling the Irish about Jesus.

Oh, and some believe oneof his very first converts

was the chiefton that owned him.

- I think I would have afew words for my captor.

And they wouldn't be about Jesus.

- But imagine the courage.

Imagine the strength of character.

- Yeah, Jesus did say to love our enemies.

- And pray for those who mistreat you.

- Okay, you're right.

It did take a lot of guts.

- When he died on March 17th--

- St. Patrick's Day!

- He left behind a strong church

and the start of a Christian nation.

- I wish I was that strong my faith.

- He wasn't strong.

- But you just said--

- He wasn't strong on his own.

He's known for a prayerthat gave him strength.

It's called St. Patrick'sBreastplate or Armor.

Part of the prayer was asking

to be surrounded by Jesus.

"Christ with me, Christ before me,

"Christ behind me, Christ within me,

"Christ beneath me, Christ above me,

"Christ at my right, Christ at my left."

- Surrounded by Jesus.

That is a great way to live.

- Yeah.

So do you feel like you knowmore about St. Patrick now?

- Yes.

But one more question.

- Go for it.

- Did he eat Lucky Charms?

They're magically delicious!

- His word is forever alive.

I hope you enjoyedlearning about St. Patrick.

- And about Lucky Charms.

- She can't let go.

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- There's a link below whereyou can see the full prayer,

St. Patrick's Breastplate.

- See you next time.


- We kinda missed, let's try again.

If you look at

the person's elbow--- Look at my elbow.

- Yeah.



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