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'It Doesn't Look Good': CBN News' Chief Political Analyst David Brody Gives His Views on the Allegations Against Kavanaugh

'It Doesn't Look Good': CBN News' Chief Political Analyst David Brody Gives His Views on the Allegations Against Kavanaugh Read Transcript

- And, joining us now by Skype

is Chief Political Analyst David Brody.

David, what do you make ofthese latest allegations

concerning Kavanaugh,and the upcoming hearing?

- Well, there's so muchto unpack Jenna and John.

It doesn't look good forKavanaugh, quite frankly.

And, why is that?

There's so many different reasons.

But, let's just startwith the #MeToo movement.

I mean, if Clarence Thomaswas in this environment

20 plus years ago therewould be a very strong chance

that he wouldn't even be onthe Supreme Court right now.

I mean, so, you really have to take

the pulse of the country,the mood of the country.

And, you know, sexualassault is sexual assault.

In this case you'vegot the culture that is

really weighing heavilyin all of this discussion.

So, I think that's a big part of it.

Look, Democrats played a, you know,

dirty tricks, dirty last second tricks.

But, you know what, they're not

the first politicians to do it.

And, so, I even question if we're even

gonna get to this Monday hearing

with Brett Kavanaugh and the accuser.

We'll see, me may.

But, at this point, this feels like

a drip, drip, drip scenario.

- David, who's the onus really on here?

Is is on the accuser, Dr.Christine Blasey Ford,

or Judge Kavanaugh, anddoes it really boil down to

who's more credible on the witness stand?

- Yeah, I think credibility's

gonna have a lot to do with it.

I don't think the onus ison either one, honestly.

I mean, this sounds like it's gonna be

a he said, or she said.

However, there wasanother guy, apparently,

as part of that incident,so, now we're not quite sure

how much his role isgonna be in all of this.

One big red flag guys, that I have seen,

is that now Judge, or excuse me, yeah,

Judge Kavanaugh, BrettKavanaugh, is denying

that he was even at that party.

Now, to me, that's a major, major issue

because if she can at least prove that,

in essence, he was there.

And, there are other people to corroborate

that he was there, well thatmakes him out to be a liar.

And then, it's game,set, match, it's over.

So, at this point, it's noteven so much about the incident,

I mean, it is about the incident, clearly.

But, there's another layer.

And, that layer is, was he even there.

He's saying he wasn't eventhere, and that she's mistaken.

I think that's a, thatcould be the real rub here.

- Yeah, not a lot of wiggle room.

David, many observersare drawing comparisons

between how things are unfolding

at this 11th hour with Kavanaugh,

and the Clarence Thomashearings with Anita Hill.

What are your thoughts there?

- Exact same thing, it'sthe exact same thing.

And, for Kavanaugh, as Iwas just saying earlier,

you know, even worse'cause the #MeToo movement.

I don't think there'sany question about it.

And so, Democrats see this with Joe Biden,

and Ted Kennedy, and inessence they went ahead and,

what Clarence Thomas called

at the time, a high-tech lynching.

And, you know, it was a hesaid versus she said situation.

The difference now, #MeToo, and that's why

I think Kavanaugh's in a lot of trouble.

- You know, you just mentionedthe MeToo era that we're in,

I would imagine Republicanshave to be a little

extra cautious in howthey handle the accuser,

to avoid looking like they'rea party that's against women.

- Right, I think that's a, here we go,

there's so many layers, it'slike, here's another layer.

Yeah, they have to beconcerned about that.

Now, they're already insomewhat dire straights

with suburban moderatewomen in the suburbs,

as it relates to the midterm elections.

And, even before that, theywere in a bit of trouble.

I think it's beeninteresting if Donald Trump,

at least for the time being, and you know,

check back with me in a minute and a half.

But, he's been relativelyquiet on Twitter,

and other places, we'll see.

I know McConnell and others aresaying, hey, keep it zipped.

But, no one tells Donald Trump

to keep it zipped for too long.

- [John] That's for sure.

- From a political standpoint,how much of a stain,

David, is this on Kavanaugh's nomination,

and his reputation in the future?

And, will this be, youknow, his scarlet letter?

- Yeah, it's a major hit.

Beyond a major hit, I mean, this is what,

let's be honest, he hasworked for his entire life.

He wanted to be a USSupreme Court Justice,

and he's very much, that'sall very much in jeopardy now.

I do wanna point back to oneother interesting article

that's out there, youknow, Brett Kavanaugh wrote

about the drunken college days.

This, if you go, this is not fake news,

it's real news, heactually talked about this,

wrote about it, spoke aboutit, in his college days.

So, that, the Democratsat least, are saying

that lends some credibilityto that he would've

maybe done something likethis in high school as well.

So, I just think that'sa, talk about layers,

another layer as well for Kavanaugh.

- David, one quick final question.

You just alluded to it with the midterms,

how do you think this is gonna shake out

when it comes to the midterm election?

Do you think that this might actually

motivate Republicans who are thinking

they weren't as motivated,or weren't as excited

to go to the polls, knowing that

the Supreme Court Justicehangs in the balance?

Or, do you think this might tip the scales

for the so called blue wave?

- Yeah, it feels like a bit like

a silver lining here for the Republicans.

Now, of course, for Brett Kavanaugh,

if indeed he withdraws his nomination,

or it doesn't go through, obviously

it's devastating for Judge Kavanaugh.

And, Donald Trump will take a 24,

to 48 hour, to 72, hit from the media.

And, the Republicans will take a hit.

But then, comes the silverlining potentially, which is,

will it motivate the baseof the Republican Party?

A judge is very important.

But, the evangelicalswithin the Republican Party,

this is a tier issue for evangelicals.

So, will it motivate them to say,

hey, wait a minute, Democrats are playing

dirty politics, we don't like it,

and we're gonna step upand make our voices heard.

So, in essence, it actuallycould help Republicans,

which is kind of curious all along.

Democrats, Diane Feinstein, you know,

I've just always wonderedabout the play here.

I get the idea that youwanna take down Kavanaugh,

but there's two problems with that.

One, you may get someonemore conservative,

hello Amy Coney Barrett, paging her.

And then, beyond that,you have the issue of

that things were going justfine for the Democrats.

It looked like they were gonna potentially

take over the house,maybe even the senate.

And now, you have a chance to kinda

rally the base on the Republican side.

I think this could come backto haunt them, we'll see.

Right now, not good for Kavanaugh.

- It'll be interestingto see how it plays out.

- Yeah, we will see.

All right, David Brody,we always appreciate

your insight and your analysis.

Thank you very much.

- Thanks guys.


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