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Samaritan's Purse Responds to North Carolina's Flooded Communities With Much-Needed Disaster Aid

Samaritan's Purse Responds to North Carolina's Flooded Communities With Much-Needed Disaster Aid Read Transcript

- Tell us about North Carolina, right now.

I was just there myself over the weekend

and we know that riversare cresting or are

about to crest there, have you been able

to get into the hard-hitareas, like Wilmington

where access is extremely limited?

- We are, we are in Wilmington,

We got in there yesterday morning.

We are in Jacksonville andwe're also in New Bern,

North Carolina, so we havethree sites that are set up

and some areas are stillvery difficult to get to,

as you've mentioned, some of these rivers

have not crested yet, soit's gonna take, maybe

another three or fourdays for us to be able

to get into some of the harder-hit areas,

but we're there and ascommunities open up,

we're gonna be in there.

- And in those hard-hitareas, like Wilmington,

New Bern, where you areable to be right now,

how are you helping people?

What are you finding is going on?

- Well first of all, we've set up

a place where people cancome or they can call in,

and ask for us, for help and what we do is

we fill out a work order,'cause we can't get

on a person's propertywithout their permission

and so, they give us awork order of what they

want accomplished, ifit's a tree that's blown

over on their house, we'llcome in with chainsaws

and a team of peopleand cut that tree off.

If it's a hole in theroof, if they want us

to repair that hole, we can'tdo the permanent repair,

but we can do a temporary repair to keep

the house dry and we'llput tarps in there.

We also, for peoplethat have been flooded,

we'll come in and with a team of people

and mud out their home,that's actually, take the mud

out of the house, wash the house and then

take down the Sheetrock that is wet

and expose the studding of the house

so that we can sprayit with bleach and then

let the house dry out.

The problem with anytimeyou have a flood, is mold

and we're just gonna help thehomeowners save their house.

- Yeah, so many practical needs

and so much nitty-gritty work.

You and other faith-basedorganizations are recruiting

volunteers, I know, tohelp with rebuilding

and all of this- Yes

- remediation work andof course we know FEMA

and other governmentagencies will be involved,

but how important arevolunteers in this effort?

- Oh, they're the spearhead.

We would not be able to dothis without the volunteers

and of course Samartian'sPurse needs volunteers

and as you mentioned, other faith-based

groups and when they comein, they-re gonna need

volunteers and if a personwould like to be a part

of it, they could go to ourwebsite,,

and they can click on thelink there and they can

see how they can be apart of this and how they

can come and, if they wanna spend a day,

or two days, or a week, wejust needs hands and feet,

'cause this is thespearhead of the recovery.

Without volunteers, manyof these people will

not be able to get out of this hole

that they'll find themselves in.

- How is this for you are responding

to this disaster in your own backyard?

- Well, it's always difficult to respond

to any disaster, whether it's our backyard

or whether it's somebody else's backyard,

the needs are the same.

One of the things wedo, Heather, of course,

our focus is always the spiritual.

We take teams of chaplainsfrom the Billy Graham

Evangelistic Associationand as our Samaritan's Purse

teams are helping to mudout a home, we've got

chaplains talking to the homeowner.

Praying with them, askingwhat their prayer needs are,

but at the same time, many ofthem don't know Jesus Christ

and we want them to knowthat God loves them,

He hasn't turned hisback on them and that God

sent his son Jesus Christfrom heaven to this earth

to take our sins and He died on a cross

and God raised Him to life, and Jesus can

come into any heart that'swilling to invite Him

and to trust Him and so,part of our work, of course

is mudding out the homesand helping to clean debris

from a person's lot, but themost important part of it,

is the spiritual part, that we will

be doing at the same time.

- Well, we are out oftime, but appreciate your

message and your work, thankyou so much Revered Graham.

- Thank you.


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