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Recovering From Bankruptcy

Shanti and Claudia moved before the real estate bubble burst and couldn’t sell their home. Accumulating debt forced them into bankruptcy. See the strategies that rebuilt their finances and led to prosperity. Read Transcript

(soothing music)

- [Narrator] When Shanti and Claudia

moved from Florida to Virginia

for a new job,

they had nothing but highhopes for their future.

- We were ready for a newchange for our family,

although we were leaving behind

many family members and friends,

it was exciting time.

- [Narrator] The couple rented a house

while they put theirold home on the market.

Unfortunately, it was 2007,

and the housing market was slowing down.

Now they had to pay for botha mortgage, and their rent.

- You have to always be two steps

in trying to figure outwhat you're gonna do.

So there's not a lot of peace in it

when you're just depending on yourself.

- [Narrator] In a short time,

Shanti saw hiscommission-based income wane.

As the bills mounted,

they took out loans, andmaxed out credit cards,

just to meet monthly expenses.

- I bought things when I knew that I

didn't have the money

to pay back the credit cards.

We started using loans to pay the bills

on the house in Florida.

Things were really justgetting out of control.

- [Narrator] At one point they were down

to their last two dollars.

- We just couldn't pay anything anymore.

And it was scary,

cause we didn't knowwhat we were going to do.

- [Narrator] By now, they'ddropped the asking price

for their home down to halfof what they still owed,

but it still wouldn't sell.

Soon their house was in foreclosure,

and before long, they hadto file for bankruptcy.

- You have nothing

and you need that monkey off your back.

And so that was a verylow point, for sure.

- [Narrator] They knew they couldn't

get out of theirfinancial mess themselves.

So they prayed to Godand decided to tithe.

- We realized that

we needed to be obedient to God.

- Even when we didn't have anything,

we still tithed, andit felt right to tithe.

- [Narrator] They also began

selling their personal belongings.

They continued to trust God to provide.

Then, a few months later,

they finally saw the turnaround

they'd been praying for.

- The jobs just startedpouring in for Shanti,

and everything just started taking off.

We knew that it was God

that provided for us at that moment.

It was amazing to have extra money.

- More clients, more sales,

it's a miracle, it's awesome.

I wasn't scrambling to get to the bank

to pay the bills.

They were paid.

- [Narrator] Shanti and Claudiawere able to save again,

and they increased their giving.

Claudia also startedwatching the 700 Club,

and they became partners.

- I liked everything that CBN did.

Disaster relief, surgeries for kids.

They seemed to just be all over the place

helping people,

and I wanted to be a part of that.

- [Narrator] Today, Shanti and Claudia

rebuilt their credit,

and have since bought a new home.

Their income has doubled,

and they currently giveat the Founders level.

They love to give,

and they love the joy ofbeing obedient to God.

- If you just walk in faith,

give your tithe, give your gifts,

He will take care of you.


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