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What It Takes to Grow Your Business and Finances

Barry and Joanne run a family trucking business that has seen some ups and downs. Through it all, they’ve learned one key strategy that has helped bring years of growth and success. Find out what it is. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Barry and Joanne McGarrh

run Bluegrass Transport and Expeditors,

a successful trucking businessin Henderson, Kentucky.

Barry's been part of thecompany for thirty years,

ever since he was a young man,

and started driving for his dad.

- That was his wholedream, is to have something

that he could pass on to his kids.

- [Narrator] But just a fewyears ago they were on the verge

of losing the family business.

Before Barry's father passed away in 2011,

Barry made him a promise.

- I just told him that Iwould to everything I can

to turn this business around.

- [Narrator] By September,the company was down

to eight trucks.

- I'm going by our next doorneighbor trucking company,

and they had some newtrucks parked out front.

And I said, "Lord, wouldyou take us back to that day

"that we could buy new trucks like that?"

And I told God, I said,"I would like to think

"that I could make Dad proud,

"and turn this business around."

- [Narrator] Even though times were tough,

Barry and Joanne werecommitted to tithing.

It's a concept they learnedfrom watching the 700 Club.

- I was hearing other people's testimonies

of going through a financial challenge,

giving, and it's when theygave that God blessed back.

And it was a conviction so in my heart,

that I really felt like this is going

to be the ultimate test

for us to give at this crucial crossroads

in our lives.

And I just felt like I had enough faith

that once we gave,that's when we were going

to really see the blessing come.

- [Narrator] Not only did Joanneand Barry continue tithing,

they decided to make apledge to CBN in faith

from their business account.

A couple of weeks later, afriend and business associate

called Barry at work with an idea.

- He wanted to be 1/3 partner with us,

and so it's been a perfect match.

Right away, I mean westarted holding our own.

- [Narrator] In the last seven years,

the business has donemore than hold its own.

In fact, it's tripled.

The company has grownfrom 13 employees to 40,

and from eight trucks to 33.

Barry says he knows thathis dad would be proud.

- I sure would like for my dad to know

that this business has turned around.

And so today, I meanit's just the difference

in night and day and whatGod's blessing has been.

- [Narrator] Barry and Joanne see it all

as a result of theirobedience through giving.

- We could see a definite correlation

with an answer to the prayer, our giving

to CBN, and God bringingus out of that situation.

- Partnering with CBN is special to us,

because it's not justwhat we believe God can do

for us by our giving,but it's also to know

that your giving themessage of testimonies,

and to think how manymore people are out there

hearing the message of the Gospel.

- He will come through.

God will make a way where thereseems like there is no way.

(bright music)


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