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Surprise! Renters Trashed Your House

Dean and Melony rented their home out for a few months when the Army transferred them to a new location. They returned to find damages that far exceeded the security deposit. Some of the damage was dangerous and needed expensive repair. Dean ... ... Read Transcript

- [Narrator] When ArmySergeant First Class Dean

isn't overseas, he enjoys his own army

with his wife, Melanie and six sons

and one more son on the way.

Dean's family life is afar cry from his world

thousands of miles away in Afghanistan

on air patrol and clearing roadside IED's.

As leader of his platoon,

Dean took his fellow soldier'ssafety into his hands.

- I'm responsible for otherpeople and their lives

and you really just focus on making sure

that they're trained,

they know what they're doing,

and that you keep everybodysafe and bring everybody home.

- [Narrator] Dean isemphatic that Melanie's job

at home is just as important.

- I have told her, like multiple times

that she works harder than I do.

I just don't think that people realize

the sacrifice that is made by a spouse.

- It's something you just do.

You know, your husband leaves,

you have to be both mother and father.

You know, show that boys thateven though daddy's gone,

you know, we can do thistogether as a family.

- [Narrator] With six kids,

the couple has alwayskept a disciplined budget

and even managed to save enough

to buy a house whenstationed at Fort Bragg.

When they were transferredfor a few years,

they rented out their house.

Upon their return, the couplefaced a financial disaster.

Their home suffered extensivedamage by the renters

and the estimated repairsexceeded the damage deposit.

- The rental companytried to get the tenant

to give some money, so they gave some,

but it wasn't enough tocover like the full damage.

- [Narrator] Also, theirdeck had rotten wood,

loose boards, and rusted nails.

All very dangerous for the boys.

- I just have faith that Godwill come through somehow.

That I'll get the time or the leave

or the money to do it all so.

- [Narrator] When theirchurch, River House,

learned about the damage,they contacted CBN's

Helping the Home Front.

Pastor Stacy Long came byto share some exciting news.

- CBN and Helping the HomeFront wants to bless you guys.

They want to give you anew door, new flooring,

baseboards, crown molding, drywall,

paint everything and make itlike it was before or better.

One of the other thingsthat Helping the Home Front

wants to do is they want you

to be able to enjoy your backyard.

They're gonna get a contractor out

to come and completelyrebuild a brand new deck

for you in the backyard.

And we're gonna pick out a play set.

Helping the Home Front is gonna make sure

that gets puts together

so that you can reallyenjoy that backyard.

You guys are amazing and we love you.

I can't think of any people

that are more deserving of blessing.

- [Narrator] Contractorsrepaired all of the damage inside

and stared building the play set.

We went back for a visitwhen everything was complete

and Dean's army was finally able to play.

This family can now enjoy their home

rather than worry aboutfinding the funds to fix it up.

- It definitely willcreate a lasting memory

of a time that Godprovided for our family.

To put our house back together again

the way that it should be

and to give our boys back their backyard.

It's like the greatest thinganyone's ever done for us.


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