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We Answer your Questions: Part 1

Send us your questions! Read Transcript

- Welcome to the Superbook Show.

- Miriam and Joel hereto answer your questions.

(fingers snap)


- On to your questions.

Tayshaun wants to know,"Where are the episodes?"

- Uh, Miriam?

- (laughs) It's in all caps.

- Oh.

- Tayshaun really wants to know.

- Well, uh, devil dog, oorah!

and Emanuel are alsocurious about the episodes,

so that's perfect!


- There are three ways toget Superbook episodes.

First, is through the CBN DVD club.

You can join the club for newDVD's as they are released

or buy new episodes individually.

- Second, you can watchthe episodes for free

on the Superbook Bible app.

Register on the app foradditional season, also free.

Look for the links for the Bibleapp and the DVD club below.

- And of course, we release full episodes

for a limited time on YouTube.

Subscribe to be the first to know

when we release an episode.

- The Superbook animationteam is continuing

to make new episodes as we speak.

Even now.

We're talking and they're making them.


- For more details on that

click on the links to Molly Jean's tour

of the animation offices.

- Along those lines, Arabel wants to know

if we can have a Superbook marathon.

- Ohh can we? Can we?

Can we?

- I mean, it would be super fun.

- Arabel, we are going totalk with our producers

to see if we can have aSuperbook YouTube marathon.

- Come on Karen, come on!

- Oh please, oh please!

- We do have mini-marathonsas part of the mom-a-thon.

- Watch this space(honking)

for a heads up on the next mom-a-thon.

(slide whistle)

Sweet Lemonade has a question.

How to make time to read the Bible,

if you aren't a morning person

and get lazy when youcome home after school.

Don't know.

I'm a morning person.

- Do know.

I hate mornings.

- You do?

- Yeah!

I mean, if we're meant to get up early

why are beds so warm and so comfy?

- (gasp) good point.

- Mhm.

One thing I do to help,

is I read my Bible before I go to sleep.

But, before I get readyfor bed I put my Bible

onto my pillow so I haveto get the Bible off

to get in to bed.

- Ohh.


makes sense.

Do you guys have any suggestions

for keeping up on your Bible reading?

- If you do put 'em in the comments below.

We love our fans and our fan feedback.

Do you remember this bit from our show?


- Keeping it real.

Keeping it real real real real real.


- Superbook show fan Joy sent us this:


- Keepin' it real. Keepin' it real.

Keep it real real real real

How bout we keep that to their (mumbles)


- I love that.

Okay, time for one more.

We have this question:

What is the real birthday of Jesus Christ?

- Uh, Christmas.

December 25th.

- Right...

That's when we celebratethe birthday of Jesus.

But what is the actual birth date?

- May 1st?

October 29th?

July 4th?

I have no idea.

- Yes!

- Ah!

- That's the right answer.

- Oh (chuckles)

- No one really knows

- Oh.

- (laughs) December 25thisn't Jesus' actual birthday,

just the day we choose to celebrate.

- Now that you're saying it,

I do remember hearing that before.

- People started celebrating Christmas

about 300 years after Jesus was born.

- So that means every day

could potentially be Jesus' birthday.

- (gasp) That's right!

- So we should celebrateChristmas every day!

- Oh! Sounds good to me!

And that's our time.

Joel and I will answermore questions in part two.

- Till then, His word isforever and every day alive!


- We enjoy answering your questions.

- And if you enjoy as well,

make sure to like thisvideo and subscribe.

- Follow the links for more answers

as Molly Jean takes us behindthe scenes of Superbook.

And look for part two ofthis video comin' soon.

- And keep askin' questions.

See you guys later!

- Bye!



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