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We Answer Your Questions: Part 2

We love to answer your questions! Read Transcript

- Welcome to the Superbook Show!

- Miriam and Joel here, toanswer your questions part 2.

(Miriam laughs)

Okay, so Bethany is curious to know,

how Chris and Joy reacted the very

first time superbook showed up.

- If that happened to me,I would totally freak out

- Me too, so we askedthe Superbook show team

how they think Chris andJoy would have responded

the very first time it happened.

- Hmm...

- Chris would have been like "Cooooool"

Joy would have been like

"What in the world are we in,

and why is there a gigantic red robot

with a virtual face,right in front of me?"

- They probably reacted like this...

(spaceship noises)

- Aahhhhh

- Wooooah

- Woooah

- Where's my skateboard ?

- Where are we?

- Where are we?

- What?! Where are we?

- I don't think we'rein present time anymore



- Chris?

yeah Joy?

Mom and Dad are going to kill us.

- Yeah, sounds about right

(both laugh)

Sub Zero wonders, whathappened to the book of Enoch?

- I didn't take it

(Miriam laughs)

I think what Sub Zero is referring to

the ancient religiouswork, the book of Enoch.

- Oh, well is it missing?

- Not so much, but, peoplewonder why that book,

and other books aren't part of the Bible.

- Oh, that's a good question. Why not?

- That's a long answer, sohere's what we're going to do.

We are going to do a full episode

talking about the history of the Bible.

- Okay then, look foran answer coming later.

Okay, but Jordan has a huge one

- Okay

- Why didn't God forgive Adamand Eve for eating the fruit?

A really big question, but Ithink I know part of the answer

- Okay, let's here it.

- Justice

- Just justice?

- Well, there's a differencebetween forgiving something,

and ignoring it as if it never happened.

Like, imagine if youtook my bag of Twizzlers

- I was getting hungry

- Oh, okay, but if I foundout, I might forgive you

- Might??

- Okay, I will, but...

I'd ask for the bag back,

and I'd ask you to replacethe ones that you ate.

- That's fair

- That, is justice.

Adam and Eve knew theconsequence, or the cost,

of eating the fruit,but they did it anyway.

- And God, couldn't just ignore it

- It wouldn't be just, or fair

- Very insightful

- Thanks, but here's where I get stuck,

so, how do we explain God's forgiveness

if he is also just?

- If I took your Twizzlers, Iwould have to make it right.

- Yeah, replace the ones you ate.

- Adam and Eve introducedsin into the whole world

the whole system was corrupted.

What could they do to fix it?

- Not much.

- When my dog was a puppy,he peed on the carpet

(both laugh)

a lot, made my dad really mad.

Murphy was obviously sorry,

but it's not like a puppycould pay for cleaning the rug.

- Yeah, puppies don't have pockets.

- What?

- Well no place to keep awallet, see what I did there?

(drum noise)

Okay, so there's no hope for the puppy.

- Yes, yes, yes, the puppycan't pay for the cleaning but

I could... my father's daughter.

Adam and Eve needed to pay a price

that would fix the corrupted world.

- And they couldn't

- But God's son, Jesus, could.

The sacrifice of God's soncovered the sin of Adam and Eve

and, covers the sin of each of us.

- Profound

- Mm-hmm

- I just thought of something!

Do you know why Adam andEve couldn't pay the price?

- They were just humans.

- They didn't have any clothes,no pockets to hold a wallet.

See what I did there? Come on.

- That's all the time we have for now

(Miriam laughs)

So remember,

- [both] His word is forever alive.

- I have a question...

- Go for it.

- Shouldn't we be asking the viewer

to like this video and subscribe?

- We sure should

- You know what to do

- And

(Miriam laughs)

- Click the link below

- And click the linkbelow to learn more about

how God paid the price, for our sin,

blessings... oh

(Miriam laughs)



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