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We Answer your Questions: Part 3

We love to answer your questions! Read Transcript

- Welcome to The Superbook Show.

- Today we're answering your questions.

- Oh, you mean like homework questions

and math problems, right?


Well, if Jimmy has 15 apples, right?

And Susie takes away, let's say, like-

- No, I meant viewerquestions about Superbook.

- Oh, right.

Sorry Jimmy.

Can't tell you how manyapples you have left.

Alright, hit me with a question.

- Alright, Mark asksthis one for his son Sky.

Who were the singersof the Salvation Poem?

- Salvation Poem?

Oh, the song that's played at the end

of every episode, right?

♪ Change my life and make it new ♪

♪ And help me Lord to live for you ♪

- That's the one.

Mark and Sky were wonderingif it was Rebekah and Morgan?

- That's actually a pretty good guess,

but, in fact, it's sung by

the very talented Frankie Barranco.

You can see her name pop upat the end of every episode

and at the beginning of the song.

- Good eye.

- I pay attention, sometimes.

- GabrielsHyper asks, "Don'tyou show episodes on TV?"

- You know what, he's right, we should,

because I could watchSuperbook every single day.

- Agreed, but right now ourproducers don't have a deal

for regular screenings in the US.

- I know that Superbook is available

on TV in other countries though.

- For now, we just have to be satisfied

with our TV screenings twice a year.

- However.

- Are you about to make a plugfor our minithon on YouTube?

- We will be showing Superbookon this show in August.

Episodes that haven't even made it

to the app or the website yet.

- Keep an eye out for more information.

- Alright, next question.

- Vanessa asks, "Who created Superbook?"

- Oh, the time traveling book.


Chris's father, ProfessorQuantum created Superbook.

- Professor Quantum didnot create Superbook.

- Not so easy, but if notProfessor Quantum, then who?

- Well, it was neversaid, but I have a theory.

- Share it.

- Well, Superbook always seems to know

when Chris or Joy havea spiritual problem,

and it always takes themexactly in the bible

where they need to go.

- [Joshua] Right.

- Jesus told his disciples,

"The holy spirit will come and help you.

"The spirit will teach you everything

"and will remind you of whatI said when I was with you."

- Wait, are you saying you think

that the holy spirit sendSuperbook to Chris and Joy.

- It's just a theory.

What do you think?

Let us know in the comments below.

- Mind blown.

- My work here is done.

- Wait a minute, no it's not.

We have a few more questions.

Next up, May-cana wants to know,

"Where in the bible does it saythat Sunday is the Sabbath?"

- Oh, got this one.

- [Joshua] Genesis.- [Kaitlin] No where.

- What?

No where, then why do Igo to church on Sunday?

- Tradition.

The Sabbath is the seventh day,

the day that God rested.

- Oh, so the last day of theweek, which would be Saturday.

- Yeah, well technicallysun down on Friday

through sun down on Saturday.

- I know we're supposedto remember the Sabbath

and keep it holy.

- Early Christians would use Saturday

as a day of rest and prayer,

and the first day of theweek to come together.

- Sunday.

- Right, Sunday was the daythat Jesus rose from the grave,

so it's natural to wantto celebrate the first day

of the week as a reminderof being freed from sin.

- So, two days of the Sabbath.

- Some churches still celebrate two days,

but most churches havemoved it to just Sunday.

- You know, I actuallyknow several churches

that keep Saturday as their Sabbath.

- Just depends on whattradition you're from.

- Maybe we should just add Friday,

keep it a three day weekend, am I right?

- Yeah, you work on that.

Last question.

Pym asks, "Where do I send my fan art?"

- One drawback on YouTube,

you can't attach things into the comments.

- But, we want to see yourfan art and your videos,

so we have an email thatyou can send them to.

- That's it for this episode.

One thing left to say, say it with us.

- [Both] His word is forever alive.

(audience applauding)

- Thanks for joining us,

now don't forget tosubscribe and like our video.

- Download the Superbook bible app,

a bible with many Superbook clips

and explanations throughout.

- And keep those questions coming.

- It's like (laughing).

- This way.


- Superbook.

(air drumming)



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