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'You Have People That Really, Really Care': See Who's Making a Big Difference for These Florence Survivors

'You Have People That Really, Really Care': See Who's Making a Big Difference for These Florence Survivors Read Transcript

- [Narrator] The aftermathof Hurricane Florence

continues to take its tollon New Bern, North Carolina.

- We say, okay, we've beenthrough storms before.

No problem.

But we did not realizeit was going to have

the impact that it had.

- [Narrator] With mostpeople still in shelters

and unable to returnto their flooded homes,

Operation Blessing has teamed up with

Without Limits Christian Center

to meet the community'smost immediate needs.

- We've been able to bringin a 26 foot box truck.

And then now, we've been able to bring in

our tractor trailer truck fullof emergency relief supplies

like hygiene kits, water,Home Depot flood buckets.

- [Narrator] James McIveris the church's pastor.

- Because what happens is, as a church,

we are always gonna do whatever we can.

But in a disaster like this,

we don't have enough resourcesto do it by ourselves.

So we prayed that God wouldraise up somebody to help.

And then next thing I know,you guys are bringing trucks

and bringing supplies.

In just a few days,

we have been able to help so many people.

- It's made my day.

- [Narrator] Pearly is justone of hundreds we've helped.

- I got like toothpaste,toothbrush, Q-Tips,

cleaning stuff, stuff I didn't have,

'cause I lost everything,so I aint have nothing.

And finding out that this is here,

it's been a blessing for me'cause I really do need it,

me and my mom.

- [Narrator] With the powerstill out in much of New Bern,

we're now also helping to provide

hot meals for the community.

- We've had people inbox us, email us,

and tell us, hey, we haven'thad a hot meal in two days,

or three days, or four days.

After a while, it kinda wears on you.

So for them to be able tocome and get a hot meal,

even get the suppliesthat you guys have given,

it really kinda givesthem a sense of strength,

the sense of joy, and kindareally reignites their faith

to say, okay, I justgotta stay in the fight.

I just gotta keep going.

I'm gonna get through this.

- And I'm crying for joy tohave something warm to eat.

- And I'm here to tell every partner

that your money is goinginto the right places.

You found an organizationthat has integrity,

that's gonna do the right thing.

Keep supporting thembecause they're out there

boots on the ground making it happen.

- I want to say thank you very much.

- It makes me realize thatpeople love each other.

- Oh Father, help--

- We have people that really, really care.

And that's what we need here.

We need people like you to care.

- Thank you Operation Blessing.


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