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The 700 Club - September 19, 2018

Shanti and Claudia moved before the real estate bubble burst and couldn’t sell their home. Accumulating debt forced them into bankruptcy. See the strategies that rebuilt their finances and led to prosperity. Read Transcript

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- [Narrator] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

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- Well, welcome to The 700 Club.

The Senate Judiciary Committeeis ready to hear testimony

on the allegations of sexual assault

against Judge Kavanaugh.

But now his accuser saysshe's not ready to talk.

Christine Ford says shewants the FBI to investigate

her charges before she testifies.

- Committee republicanssay Monday is her chance

to come forward and state her case.

If she doesn't, they planto go forward with the vote.

CBN Capital Hill Correspondent,Abigail Robertson

reports on this swirling controversy.

- Republicans delay thecommittee vote on Judge Kavanaugh

this week to take Dr. ChristineBlasey Ford up on her offer

to share her allegationsagainst the nominee.

Then late Tuesday, she changed her tune,

saying she doesn't want to appear

until the FBI looks into her claims.

- If she is not going tobe part of the hearing

that would be a very interesting

and unfortunate turn of events.

- [Abigail] Democrats have also pushed

for an FBI investigation.

- I came here because ofhow Anita Hill was handled

and the one thing I do know

is that committee membersneed to have the facts.

That's why they're asking for

an FBI background investigation

and I believe that that wouldproduce a much better hearing.

- [Abigail] But Grassleysays the FBI investigation

is closed and the President agrees.

- I don't think the FBIreally should be involved

because they don't wanna be involved,

they say this is not really their thing.

But I think politically speaking,

the Senators will do a very good job.

- [Abigail] Trumptweeted the Supreme Court

is one of the main reasons he got elected.

Any hopes republicans arewanting, the democrats playbook.

Meanwhile, Judge Kavanaughis ready to share his story

on Monday but Dr. Ford hasnot agreed to either a private

or public hearing with the Committee.

The Committee also reached out

to the third person Ford claimed

was in the room with them, Mark Judge.

Judge refused to appearsaying in his statement

he has no memory of the alleged incident

and never saw Brett act inthe manner Dr. Ford describes.

Evangelist Franklin Graham told CBN News,

he thinks this allegation isa tactic to keep conservatives

off the bench and that weshouldn't hold people accountable

for something they did as a teenager.

- This is just an attempt to smear him.

They couldn't find anythingelse in his record.

And so this is just anattempt to smear him

and to smear his name andput a black dot on it.

And I hope the Senate is smarter than this

and they're not gonnalet this stop the process

from moving forward andconfirming this man.

- Grassley's office saysthe invitation for Dr. Ford

to testify on Monday still stands

and that nothing the FBIdoes would have any baring

on what she tells the Committee,

adding there is no reasonfor any further delay.

Reporting from Washington,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- Well, if this is somethingout of the democrat playbook.

If this is an 11th hour delaying tactic,

well, then shame on the democrats.

This is, talk about taking someone

and just destroying their reputation.

And then you're not willing to testify

in front of a closed hearing?

I can understand you don'twanna be on international news

but if you're makingallegations, you're saying

this person's unfit for the Supreme Court.

Well these are the verypeople that are deciding that.

The Judiciary Committeehas gotta pass that vote

in order to go to the fullSenate for confirmation.

These are the decision makers.

This is the jury, that you needto present the case before.

So, if all of this is a delaying tactic,

well then shame on the democrats.

In other news, President Trumpvisits North Carolina today

to see first hand the damageof Hurricane Florence.

John Jessup has more on thatstory from our CBN News Bureau

in Washington, John.

- That's right Gordon, thePresident's visit comes

as flood waters still coverlarge parts of the state.

The video that you're about to see

is not a river, it'sactually Interstate 40

in North Carolina.

Rivers have swelled evenhigher after Hurricane Florence

dumped trillions of gallons of water.

Coast Guard crews areworking around the clock

airlifting families to safety.

Meanwhile, in Wilmington,people are waiting in line

for hours for food and water.

Right now 10,000 peopleare still in shelters

and some have no homes to return to.

Well, North Korea has agreedto dismantle a testing site

for intercontinental ballistic missiles.

South Korea's PresidentMoon made the announcement

at a joint press briefing withNorth Korea's Kim Jong-un.

Moon says internationalinspectors will be on site

to witness the facility's closing.

The leaders also signed anagreement to establish peace

between the two Koreas,technically still at war.

U.S. religious leadersare urging companies

not to do business with Turkey

as long as American PastorAndrew Brunson remains in prison.

Turkish and American business leaders

will meet for an investmentconference next week.

Turkey's president is expected to attend

but faith leaders say he can't be trusted

as long as Brunson is in jail.

The U.S. Commission onInternational Freedom

sent a letter to PresidentTrump expressing it's concerns

about the pastor who hasbeen languishing in jail

for the past two years.

Gordon back to you.

- I agree with this.

We need to really hold Turkeyaccountable for their actions.

They've falsely accused

and falsely imprisoned Pastor Brunson.

It's all a hostage situation.

They've offered to trade him for a cleric,

a Muslim cleric that currentlylives in Pennsylvania.

That cleric and PresidentErdogan were all part

of a political movement a few years ago

and then they had a falling out.

So what Turkey wants is thisMuslim cleric to come back

to face trial andpresumably to be executed.

We should never caveinto that kind of demand.

There was a deal supposedly made

where Israel wouldrelease a Turkish citizen

in one of their jails inexchange for Pastor Brunson.

President Trump thoughtthat deal was in place

and then Turkey backed out.

Well, they need to paythe consequences here.

If you're going to be a member

of the international community,

you can't take othercitizens of other countries

and put them in jailon trumped up charges.

There has to be consequences for it.

And one of those is well,

we don't have to dobusiness with you anymore.

We'll be right back withmore of The 700 Club.

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Shauntee. and Claudia weredown to their last two dollars,

a house they couldn'tsell went into foreclosure

and the couple had to file for bankruptcy.

Then at their lowest pointthey decided to began tithing.

And before long theyexperienced a total turnaround.

- [Narrator] WhenShauntee and Claudia moved

from Florida to Virginia for a new job,

they had nothing but highhopes for their future.

- We were ready for a newchange for our family.

Although we were leavingbehind many family members

and friends, it was an exciting time.

- [Narrator] The couple rented a house

while they put theirold home on the market.

Unfortunately, it was 2007and the housing market

was slowing down.

Now they had to pay for botha mortgage and their rent.

- You have to always be twosteps in trying to figure out

what you're gonna do.

So there's not a lot of peace in it

when you're just depending on yourself.

- [Narrator] In a short time Shauntee

saw his commission based income wain.

As the bills mounted they took out loans

and maxed out credit cardsjust to meet monthly expenses.

- I bought things when Iknew I didn't have the money

to pay back the credit cards.

We started using loans to pay the bills

on a house in Florida.

Things were really justgetting out of control.

- [Narrator] At one point they were down

to their last two dollars.

- We just couldn't pay anything anymore.

And it was scary because we didn't know

what we were going to do.

- [Narrator] By now theydropped the asking price

for their home down to halfof what they still owed.

But it still wouldn't sell.

Soon their house was in foreclosure

and before long they hadto file for bankruptcy.

- You have nothing and youneed that monkey off your back.

And so that was the absolute,

that was our very low point for sure.

- [Narrator] They knewthey couldn't get out

of their financial mess themselves.

So they prayed to Godand decided to tithe.

- Claudia] We realized that weneeded to be obedient to God.

- [Shauntee] Even whenwe didn't have anything,

we still tithed.

And it felt right to tithe.

- [Narrator] They also began selling

their personal belongings.

They continued to trust God to provide,

then a few months later theyfinally saw the turn around

they've been praying for.

- The jobs just startedpouring in for Shauntee.

And everything just started taking off.

We knew that it was God thatprovided for us at that moment.

It was amazing to have extra money.

- More clients, more sales,it's a miracle, it's awesome.

I wasn't scrambling to getto the bank to pay the bills,

they were paid.

- [Narrator] Shauntee andClaudia were able to save again

and they increased their giving.

Claudia also started watching The 700 Club

and they became partners.

- I liked everything that CBN did,

disaster relief, surgeries for kids.

They seem to just be all over the place

helping people and Iwanted to be part of that.

- [Narrator] Today, Shauntee and Claudia

rebuilt their credit andhave since bought a new home.

Their income has doubledand they currently give

at a founder's level.

They love to give and they love the joy

of being obedient to God.

- If you just walk in faith.

You give your tithe, give your gifts,

he will take care of you.

- He will take care ofyou, you can trust him.

Here it is from Matthew 25.

To those who use well what they are given

even more will be given andthey will have an abundance.

But from those who do nothing,

even what little theyhave will be taken away.

And Shauntee and Claudia putthose principles into practice

and you see the result.

Well, today Everette and Charlotte Collins

have paid off their mortgageand they live debt free.

It's a far cry from a few years back

when Everett was diagnosedwith stage four cancer

and was force to retire early.

Well, during that traumatic time,

Charlotte says one thing keptthe couple financially stable,

consistent tithing.

- [Narrator] Empty nestersEverette and Charlotte Collins

run a home inspectionbusiness so successful,

they can set their own hours.

- We want to work one day a week, we can

or if we want to work five days we can.

- And God's blessing us so much

we're able to go onvacations maybe twice a year.

- [Narrator] Still just a few years ago,

that company was failing.

- It was real slow, one ortwo home inspections a month.

- At one point he thought hewould have to go bankrupt.

- [Narrator] Everette andCharlotte were no strangers

to big life challenges.

Prior to starting theirhome inspection business,

Everette was diagnosedwith stage four cancer.

He had to retire early fromhis full time factory job,

sell a side business in construction

and pay all the outstanding bills.

- The doctors when they diagnosed me

they didn't know what my future was.

It was bad, it got real bad.

- It was a very scarytime and very emotional.

- [Narrator] Faced with a dwindling income

and uncertain future, theCollins say their faith in God

and obedience in giving keptthem financially stable.

- Absolutely, the tithingis what held us through.

It had 100% to do with tithing.

- [Narrator] A few monthslater, Everette's doctors

declared him cancer free.

As his energy increased hewas eager to get back to work.

That's when Everette saysthe Lord gave him an idea

for a new business.

- I told Charlotte, I said I want to go,

I want to get trained, certifiedto be a home inspector.

- [Narrator] Remarkably after paying

all the medical expensesand outstanding debts,

the couple still had the fundsto launch a new business.

But after several yearsthe company was struggling.

That's when the Collinssay a Christian friend

challenged them to increase their giving.

- He talked to a guy oneday that said, give 11%

and see what that does for you.

- He said Everette, hesaid you won't believe

what God has blessed mewith by giving 1% more.

And I said, I think I'll try that.

Because the scripture says try me

and see if I will not pour out a blessing.

- [Narrator] When the Collinsincreased their giving,

they say the turnaround intheir business was dramatic.

- It was immediate, absolutely immediate.

Now he has to turn home inspections down.

We can't get all of them.

- I give 11% and then 12 and then 13,

it just kept getting better and better.

- The business now is better than great.

And I give God all the glory for that.

- [Narrator] In under a year,the Collin's income doubled.

They were able to pay off their mortgage

and today, they live debt free.

Giving is still the top priority

and CBN is at the top of their list.

- I love giving my money to The 700 Club.

To see everything that they do,

it just makes me want to give more

than I'm giving to them now.

- When I was going throughthe toughest time in my life,

we watched it and I just gotblessed over and over and over.

- We just sewed that seed andwe've reaped the benefits.

And we are still reaping the benefits.

- Ask God what he wants you to give

and give from your heart, sew a seed

and watch what happens,God will bless you.

- Ask God to see what you should give

and give from your heart.

Here's the principle from Deuteronomy.

Love the Lord your God, walk in his ways

and keep his commands andthen you will live in increase

and the Lord your God will bless you.

They lived by that principle,you see the result here.

You go from stage four cancerto that kind of success.

That has to be got.

He honors his word, hewatches over it to perform it.

Now I've got some wonderful news

from partners from New Jerseyare joining with partners

from Pennsylvania and theywanna challenge others to give.

They love giving to CBN,

they wanna see more peopleenjoy that blessing.

So they're challenging youto match your giving dollar

for dollar $97,000 and let's pray.

Lord we ask for blessing over this.

We ask for blessing forthe partners in New Jersey

and Pennsylvania who've joined together.

We just ask the windows of heaven

would open over their lives

that you would pour out ablessing they cannot contain.

And for those watchingmaking decisions now,

bless and encourage them.

We ask it all in Jesus'name amen and amen.

$97,000 is the challenge amount.

42 minutes, 22 seconds is the clock,

what are we asking you to do?

We're asking you to join The 700 Club

How much is that, well,it's just $20 a month.

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At whatever level, call usnow 1-800-700-7000, Terry.

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And in this Pat shows youhow to receive God's favor

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Take a look.

- God almighty is a God of blessing.

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- [Narrator] In Miraculous Blessings,

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Our number's toll free,it's 1-800-700-7000, Gordon.

- Well, Tai and Talaat McNeely are a team.

Together they encourage people

to get their financial houses in order.

That doesn't mean they'vealways seen eye to eye

when it comes to money.

In fact, there was a timewhen Talaat was holding on

to a secret and it's onethat threatened to end

their marriage before it even began.

- Tia and Talent McNeely are known

as America's number one money couple.

Through their website, His and Her Money,

they've showed millions

how to properly manage their finances.

- Never in our wildestdreams will we have seen God

take this ministry and justtake us to different places.

I mean, we speak at churches,we have our online presence.

We have almost a milliondownloads on iTunes,

over three million views on YouTube.

- [Narrator] Thingsweren't always so great

for Tai and Talaat.

As singles they had radicallydifferent spending habits.

- I never wanted toborrow and if I did borrow

I wanted to pay that money off right away.

I was taught thatanytime you borrow money,

it is your duty to pay it back.

- I wanted everythingthat was just coming out

that was brand new thathad name brands on it

but I ended up in over $30,000 in debt

and nothing good to show for it.

There was a time where I would literally

have to say a little prayeras I put the debit card

into the gas pump to get gas in my car

just hoping that it wouldn't be declined.

- [Narrator] Talaat hadstarted to change his habits

and was working hard tofix his financial problems.

But as they got closerto their wedding day,

he ran out of time and had to come clean.

- And at this point in mylife, my behavior changed

but I still had theconsequences looming over me.

This beautiful womanthat I'm about to marry

has been debt free her whole life.

So how am I gonna approach this young lady

and say hey I don't knowwhat I'm doing all the way

with this money thing.

And as a matter of fact,I'm over $30,000 in debt,

will you marry me?

- I was devastated, I mean devastated.

I felt like my wholeworld was crashing right

before my eyes.

And it wasn't necessarilythe debt because I knew

that we can overcome thedebt but it was that trust.

I was truly afraid ofwhat I was gonna encounter

through the marriage.

- [Gordon] Tai opted to pray for guidance

and felt that she shouldgive Talaat another chance.

Sometime later the couple said I do

and started on the roadto financial healing.

- I started to see that the wayI was interacting with money

was leading to me to aplace I didn't wanna get to.

I was living paycheck to paycheck,

stressed out every 27th of the month

because I had spent all my money.

And so I began to just really learn

and not just learn, not just read

but start to implementthings that I could.

I couldn't do it all and Icouldn't do it all at once.

And so I slowly over time began

to build up good money habits.

We were able to get outof debt in our first year

as a result of us comingtogether as a team

to tackle this debt.

- That first year, it still blows my mind

the way I'm even thinking about it.

The amount of money that wewere throwing at that debt

and the amount of money thatwas coming into the household.

I was actually in a salesposition at the time

and I saw God reign on that.

He started to bless me to make my numbers

and over exceed my numbers.

- [Gordon] The McNeely'swere able to pay off the debt

and they even began to save money.

Those savings came in handy when Talaat

was in graduate school.

And a pregnant Tai had toleave work due to an injury.

- There was a time, a period of months

where neither one of ushad income coming in.

- During this time, we sawGod's hand as never before.

And we know its without a shout of a doubt

because we always continue to give.

He took that money and it was almost like

he allowed it to stretch.

- We had savings that Godhad been preparing us for.

We didn't know we were being prepared for

but he was preparing us for this moment.

And I believe that the biggest reason why

none of our bills were ever behind.

We didn't face any bankruptcy,

we didn't face any repossessions.

We didn't go without foodwas because at no point

did we ever stop giving.

- God was always our sourcehe was our sustainer.

There was nothing thatwas going to ever allow me

to say let's stop giving.

- [Gordon] The couple becameso outspoken about God's care

in their time of need thatpeople began asking them

for financial advice.

- And we would began toanswer these questions

and help people and give them ideas

and give them strategiesand we found that wow,

we really like doing this.

We really felt the joy ofthe Lord as we were helping

his people become betterstewards of their money.

- [Gordon] That passionled to their ministry,

His and Her Money.

And through that books, conferences

and television appearances.

- Keep in mind that youcannot afford not to give.

The number one thing that I feel has made

the biggest impact in myfinances today was giving.

- Here's the principle, it'sfrom Proverbs, chapter 11.

It is possible to giveaway and become richer.

It's also possible to hold on too tightly

and lose everything.

Yes, the liberal man shallbe rich by watering others,

he waters himself.

Tai and Talaat put thatprinciple into practice

and you see the result.

The same thing will happen to you

because God watches overhis word to perform it.

He is the source of ideas, he's creative.

He wants to bless his children.

All he's looking for is foryou to do it in accordance

with his commands, when you do it his way

then the blessings come.

If you'd like to starta lifetime of giving,

give us a call 1-800-700-7000.

Just say yes, I wanna bea member of The 700 Club.

It's $20 a month, that's 65 cents a day.

You join with tens of thousands of people

that wanna make a difference in the world.

They wanna see peoplehelped around the world.

They wanna see the gospelpreached around the world.

You're part of all of it when you call us.

So 1-800-700-7000, Terry.

- Well when you join The 700 Club,

you're helping people all over the world

and right here at home.

Like the victims of Hurricane Florence.

Right now, CBN's Operation Blessing

is on the ground in NewBern, North Carolina

bringing people much needed relief.

Take a look.

- [Narrator] The aftermathof Hurricane Florence

continues to take it's tollon New Bern, North Carolina.

- We say, okay, we've beenthrough storms before,

no problem but we did not realize

that it was gonna havethe impact that it had.

- [Narrator] With mostpeople still in shelters

and unable to returnto their flooded homes,

Operation Blessing had teamed up

with Without Limits Christian Center

to meet the community'smost immediate needs.

- We've been able to bringin a 26 foot box truck

and then now we've been able to bring in

our tractor trailer truck fullof emergency relief supplies,

like hygiene kits, water,Home Depot flood buckets.

- [Narrator] James Macgyveris the church's pastor.

- Because what happens is as a church,

we're always gonna do whatever we can

but in a disaster like this,we don't have enough resources

to do it by ourselves.

So we prayed that God wouldraise up somebody to help

and then next thing I know,you guys are bringing trucks

and bringing supplies.

In just a few days, we have been able

to help so many people.

- It's made my day.

- [Narrator] Pearlie is justone of hundreds we've helped.

- I got like, toothpaste, toothbrush,

Q-tips, cleaning stuff.

You know, stuff I didn't have,

'cause I lost everythingso I ain't have nothing.

And finding out that this is here,

it's been a blessing for me'cause I really do need it,

me and my mom.

- [Narrator] With the powerstill out in much of New Bern,

we're now also helpingto provide hot meals

for the community.

- We've had people inbox us, email us

and tell us hey, we haven'thad a hot meal in two days

or three days or four days.

After awhile, it kind of wears on you.

So for them to be able tocome and get a hot meal,

even get the suppliesthat you guys have given,

it really kind of givesthem a sense of strength,

a sense of joy and kind ofreally reignites their faith.

And say okay, I've justgotta stay in the fight.

I've just gotta keep going,I'm gonna get through this.

- I'm crying for joy tohave something warm to eat.

- I want to say thank you very much.

- It make me realize thatpeople love each other.

- We have people that really, really care.

And that's what we need here,

we need people like you to care.

- And I'm here to tell every partner

that your money is goingto the right places.

You've found an organizationthat has integrity,

that's gonna do the right thing.

Keep supporting thembecause they're out their,

boots on the ground making it happen.

- Thank you Operation Blessing.

- All that hope, all that joy,all of that need being met

while rivers are still cresting.

That's you 700 Club members,you're making that happen.

It's for this reasonthat we all work together

to step right into themiddle of people's need

to make a difference.

Will you join The 700 Club today?

If you haven't our number is toll free.

It's 1800-700-7000.

Here's a great deal for you.

We're in the middle of a challenge.

That means when you call right now

every single dollar you give

will be matched dollar for dollar.

So your giving goes twice as far.

Can I also ask if you'realready a 700 Club member,

there's so much need in our country

and around the world right now,

go to your phone and go to thenext club level if you can.

Our number as I said, toll free,

just call and say Iwanna join The 700 Club.

Tell us what level you'd like to join up.

Let me show you your options.

A general 700 Clubmembership is 65 cents a day,

$20 a month.

If you're there, go up to700 Club Gold at $40 a month

or join our 1000 Club, that's $84 a month.

You can become a 2500 Clubmember for $209 a month

or a Founder, $5,000 a year,breaks down to $417 a month.

We do have friends whojoin us in what we call

the Chairman's Circle withgifts of $10,000 or more a year.

Get on board, join with the rest of us.

We're out to change the worldwith the love of Jesus Christ

with compassion and caringand mercy and grace.

And you can be apart of it, Gordon.

- Alright, if we get the right number up,

we got $51,000 on this $97,000 challenge.

And here we're hearingfrom Walsenburg Colorado,

2500 Club member.

- Yes, thank you.- $2508.

And then Tampa, Florida, $3,300.

All of that takes that rednumber down to $45,000,

29 minutes, 53 seconds.

Call us now, 1-800-700-7000.

Well the little girl in ournext story was two years old

before her parentsdiscovered she was deaf.

And they spent all their money

on nerve damage therapy to no avail.

Then her mother began to pray to God

for someone to help her and before long

that prayer was answered.

(inspirational music)

- [Narrator] As atoddler, KeXin had a smile

that won over everyone around her.

No one questioned her lackof communication skills

until she was two.

- [Interpreter] A friendasked if she was speaking yet?

I didn't think it was a big deal.

Then my friend said herdaughter start talking

at one and half andmaybe KeXin couldn't talk

because she couldn't hear.

- [Narrator] So Mrs.Zhang did an experiment.

She made some loud noise butKeXin barely paid attention.

- [Interpreter] Then we asked her

to blow out her birthday candles.

She didn't respond.

- [Narrator] The Zhang's tooktheir daughter to a doctor

and found out there wasnerve damage in her ears

and she was deaf.

- [Interpreter] I couldn't help but cry.

And I never cried before.

I wish so much that I couldjust give her my ears.

- [Narrator] The couplespent their entire savings

on nerve growth injections.

But after six months,KeXin still couldn't hear.

As friends found out she was deaf,

they started treating her differently

and she began to withdraw.

- [Interpreter] When she saw strangers,

she just hid behind me.

Everything was quiet in her world.

She couldn't hear thebirds sing or hear music.

She needed hearing aids, sowe sold our wedding jewelry

and my husband left from meand got a construction job

making more money.

- [Narrator] When Mr.Zhang didn't make enough

for hearing aids, Mrs.Zhang started to pray.

When she was a child hergrandmother had told her

about Jesus and she'd evenread some of the Bible.

- [Interpreter] So Iprayed to God that someone

would do something tofix my daughter's ears.

Then a parent I knew introduced me to CBN

and they said they could getmy daughter hearing aids.

It was like God arranged this to happen.

- [Interpreter] After sheput those hearing aids on

she started to change.

She has a smile on her face again.

My wife even taught her to say daddy.

- [Narrator] And CBN paidfor language training.

- [Interpreter] I'm so excited,every word KeXin says to me

is precious.

- [Interpreter] Thank youfor helping our daughter

open up her heart again.

Now she can embrace everythingthe world has for her.

It's a miracle.

CBN helped me to see that Jesus is real.

I will tell KeXin all about him

when she grows up andhow God answers prayer.

Thank you for this new beginning.

(inspirational music)

- Thank you, if you're amember of The 700 Club,

you're part of that answer to pray.

A portion of every gift goes into the work

of Operation Blessing tohelp people around the world.

Another portion goesinto CBN International

to preach the gospel around the world.

You're a part of all ofit when you join with us.

If you're not a member,call us now, 1-800-700-7000,

say yes, I wanna join.

If you are a member consider increasing.

If you're already a 700 Club member,

consider going to 700Club Gold, $40 a month.

We also have a 1000 Club,that's $1,000 a year

and that's $84 a month.

At whatever level, when you call,

make sure you ask for Pledge Express.

That's electronic monthly giving,

where the bank does all the work

and we send as our gift to Power for Life.

So if you'd like monthly teaching CD's,

call us now 1-800-700-7000.

Let's go to Wendy at the phones, Wendy?

- Thanks Gordon.

Well, in his latest DVD, Pat reveals

how you can receive themiraculous blessings of God

in your life.

Plus, you'll meet real people

who've experienced extremefavor in their own lives.

Take a look.

- [Narrator] In MiraculousBlessings, Pat Robertson

shows you how to open the flood gates

of God's awesome blessings in your life.

- Everyone needs to getMiraculous Blessings.

- I think any teaching fromPat Robertson is awesome.

- [Narrator] Discoverwhat the Bible has to say

about God's covenant of blessing.

- Pat does a great jobof always pointing us

back to scripture.

- [Narrator] The laws of blessing.

- And Miraculous Blessing shows us

how we can be put into a placeto receive those blessings.

- [Narrator] And what are the hindrances

to the blessings of God?

- The words of Jesus, they are as valid

as the law of gravity andif we follow those laws,

we will be blessed.

- [Narrator] You'll seeamazing true stories

of everyday peoplewho's lives were rescued

and transformed by God'smiraculous blessings.

- [Man] She's not onlyalive but she's thriving

and her testimony's onethat's gonna last for ages.

- God wants to bless you,you need to watch it.

- [Narrator] Become a CBN partner

and get Miraculous Blessings today.

- God loves you, he wants to bless you.

Not just with your dailyneeds but with the desires

of your heart.

That's what the Bible says andwe wanna bless you right now

with this, Pat's new teachingcalled Miraculous Blessings.

You'll discover how to be blessable.

How to get yourself in a position

to receive miraculousblessings and so much more.

This is our gift when yougive us a call right now

and just say yes, I wantto join The 700 Club.

The number is on yourscreen, 1-800-700-7000

or you can log into

It's another great way to give.

It's just 65 cents a day by the way.

65 cents a day, $20 amonth is all it takes

to become a CBN partner.

Now many of you are already there

and you are making a big difference.

But if you'd like to do more,let's go up to the gold level,

that's just $40 a month.

When you do that, we wannabless you back with three DVD's,

one for you and two to give away.

If you can go higher, we havea lot of levels here at CBN.

$80 a month is our 1000 Club level.

If you do that, we wanna blessyou really well with 5 DVD's

one for you and four to give away.

We are in the middle of a challenge.

Let's put the number up for you.

$97,000 with 23 minutes left on the clock.

Basically what that means isevery dollar that you pledge

right now will be doubled.

So your giving will go twice as far,

you'll do twice as muchfor the kingdom of God.

So, go to your phones right now, Gordon.

- Alright, well, I've got some great news,

partners from Connecticut, NewHampshire and Massachusetts

all wanna join together.

They wanna add $55,000 to (mumbles).

Takes it to $152 and let's pray.

Lord, we ask for blessing over this.

We ask for blessing for thepartners who made it possible

to increase and we ask for blessing

for those who are watchingright now making decisions.

Bless and encourage them,speak to them, Lord God.

For we ask it all inJesus' name, amen and amen.

Well we've got a $152,000on the challenge.

22 minutes, we get thered number up $66,000, 65,

it's coming down.

22 minutes to go, callus now 1-800-700-7000.

Well after his father died,

Barry McGarrh had one desperate prayer,

to honor the promise he made

to turn the family business around.

His wife Joanne came upwith a plan to do just that

from something she learnedwhile watching The 700 Club.

- [Narrator] Barry and JoanMcGarrh run Bluegrass Transport

and Expediters, asuccessful trucking business

in Henderson Kentucky.

Barry's been part of thecompany for 30 years,

every since he was a young man

and started driving for his dad.

- That was his wholedream is to have something

that he could pass onto his kids.

- [Narrator] But just a few years ago,

they were on the verge oflosing the family business.

Before Barry's father passed away in 2011,

Barry made him a promise.

- Just told him that Iwould do everything I can

to turn his business around.

- [Narrator] By September,the company was down

to eight trucks.

- I'm going by our next doorneighbor's trucking company

and they had some newtrucks parked out front.

And I said, Lord, would youtake us back to that day

that we could buy new trucks like that.

And I told God, I said,I would like to thank

that I can make Dad proud toturn this business around.

- [Narrator] Even though times were tough,

Barry and Joanne werecommitted to tithing.

It's a concept they learnedfrom watching The 700 Club.

- I was hearing other people's testimonies

of going through afinancial challenge, giving

and it's when they gavethat God blessed back.

And it was a conviction, so in my heart

that I really felt likethis is going to be

the ultimate test for us togive at this crucial, crossroads

in our lives.

And I just felt like I had enough faith

that once we gave that's when

we were going to reallysee the blessing come.

- [Narrator] Not only did Joanneand Barry continue tithing,

they decided to make apledge to CBN in faith

from their business account.

A couple of weeks later afriend and business associate

called Barry at work with an idea.

- He wanted to beone-third partner with us

and so it's been aperfect match right away,

I mean, we started holding our own.

- [Narrator] In the last seven years

the business had donemore than hold it's own.

In fact, it's tripled.

The company has grownfrom 13 employees to 40

and from eight trucks to 33.

Barry says he knows thathis dad would be proud.

- I sure would like for mydad to know that this business

has turned around and so today,

I mean, it's just adifference in night and day

and what God's blessing has been.

- [Narrator] Barry andJoanne see it all as a result

of their obedience through giving.

- We can see a definite correlation

with an answer to theprayer our giving to CBN

and God bringing us out of that situation.

- Partnering with CBN is special to us

because it's not just whatwe believe God can do for us

by our giving but it's also to know

that you're given themessage of testimonies

and to think how many more people

are out there hearing themessage of the gospel.

- He will come through,God will make a way

where it seems like there is no way.

- Sending the message ofthe gospel around the world

that's what CBN is all about.

We want to see the wholeworld know about Jesus.

And whether that's throughour testimony shows

where hosts pray for people in countries

in their own language,using stories of what Jesus

is doing in their country,not some far away time

or far away place butright where they are.

And then the impact of Superbook,

how that's changing all generations.

You're apart of all of itwhen you join The 700 Club.

So if you're not a membercall us now, 1-800-700-7000.

If you are, consider increasing,we've got 700 Club Gold

for you at $40 a month,1000 Club, $1,000 a year

and that's $84 a month.

And whatever level, call usnow 1-800-700-7000, Terry.

- When Dean and Melaniereturned to their home

after a military transfer,

they discovered that theirtenants had trashed it.

The couple had six sons,so money is always tight

and they had no where to turnfor help with the repairs.

Until their pastor told them

about CBN's Helping the Home Front.

- [Narrator] When ArmySergeant First Class Dean

isn't over seas, he enjoys his own army

with his wife Melanie and six sons

and one more son on the way.

Dean's family life is a farcry from his world thousands

of miles away in Afghanistan on air patrol

and clearing roadside IED's.

As leader of his platoon,

Dean took his fellow soldier'ssafety into his hands.

- I'm responsible forother people in their lives

and you really justfocus on making sure that

they're trained, theyknow what they're doing

and that keep everybody safeand bring everybody home.

- [Narrator] Dean is emphaticthat Melanie's job at home

is just as important.

- I have told her multipletimes that she works harder

than I do.

I just don't think thatpeople realize the sacrifice

that is made by a spouse.

- It's something you just do.

You know your husband leaves

you have to be both mother and father,

show the boys that eventhough Daddy's gone,

you know we can do thistogether as a family.

- [Narrator] With six kidsthe couple has always kept

a disciplined budget andeven managed to save enough

to buy a house whenstationed at Fort Bragg.

When they were transferredfor a few years,

they rented out their house.

Upon their return the couplefaced a financial disaster.

Their home suffered extensivedamage by the renters

and the estimated repairsexceeded the damage deposit.

- The rental companytried to get the tenant

to give some money, so they gave some

but it wasn't enough tocover the full damage.

- [Narrator] Also their deckhad rotten wood, loose boards

and rusted nails, all verydangerous for the boys.

- I just have faith that Godwill come through somehow,

I would get the time or theleave or the money to do it all.

- [Narrator] When their church River House

learned about the damage,

they contacted CBN'sHelping the Home Front.

Pastor Stacy Long came byto share some exciting news.

- CBN and Helping the HomeFront wants to bless you guys.

They want to give you a newdoor, new flooring, baseboards,

crown molding, drywall, paint everything

and make it like it was before better.

One of the other thingsthat Helping the Home Front

wants to do is they want you to be able

to enjoy your backyard.

They're gonna get a contractor out to come

and completely rebuilt a brandnew deck for in the backyard.

And we're gonna pick out a placethat Helping the Home Front

is gonna make sure thatthat gets put together

so that you can reallyenjoy that backyard.


You guys are amazing and we love you.

I can't think of any people

that are more deserving of blessing.

- [Narrator] Contractorsrepaired all of the damage inside

and started building the play set.

We went back for a visitwhen everything was complete

and Dean's army was finally able to play.

This family can now enjoy their home

rather than worry aboutfinding the funds to fix it up.

- It definitely willcreate a lasting memory

of a time that God provided for our family

to put our house back together again

the way that it should be

and to give our boys back the backyard

is like the greatest thinganyone's ever done for us.

- Dean and Melanie, thankyou for your service.

700 Club members, thank youfor caring about this family

and so many others through our Helping

the Home Front opportunities.

Thank you for all the thingsyou do all around the world.

Right now, we're in themiddle of a challenge.

You know a couple oftime throughout the year

we ask you to stand withus so that this programs

can exist so that we can reach out,

so that we can be thereexactly at the point of need

for people whether it'shere in the United States

or around the globe.

We're asking you right now to do that

and when you go to your phone

because we're in a challenge,every dollar you give

will be matched dollar for dollar.

You can help us in another way

when you call our toll free number

and make your pledge right now.

You can do it using Pledge Express,

that's electronic monthly giving

and it means your bank does all the work.

It saves us some administrative costs

so even more of your giftcan go into helping families

like Dean and Melanie.

So when you call now 1-800-700-7000

say I wanna give and I wannado it using Pledge Express.

Our way to thank youfor using Pledge Express

you're gonna be receivingPower for Life teachings

every single month.

They will be a blessing to you

and you'll have thesatisfaction of knowing

you are blessing others, Gordon.

- Alright, I've got some great news

from partners in Minnesota and Wisconsin

are joining together.

They wanna add $49,000 to the count

and take us up to $201 and let's pray.

Lord we ask for blessing in increase.

And we ask that you wouldspeak to your people.

Speak and encourage for we askit all in Jesus' name amen.

$201,000's the challenge amount,

13 minutes and 11 seconds on that clock.

Let me get the rednumber up, $62,000 to go

till the end of the hour, socall us now, 1-800-700-7000.

Well Pastor Raphael andhis family made their home

in one small room until

an earthquake completely demolished it.

The family was thenforced to live in a tent.

And even though they had lost everything

this pastor and his wife stillreached out to help others.

And soon Operation Blessingarrived to give them

and their community much needed relief.

- [Narrator] When a seriesof massive earthquakes

hit Mexico, Pastor Raphaeljust wanted to know

his family was safe.

- [Interpreter] I ran my motorcycle

to the other side of town.

As I look for them therewere a lot of people hurt

and bleeding everywhere.

As I went further inside the city,

I got more and more scared for my family

and wonder what had happened to them.

- [Narrator] He eventuallyfound his family.

Everyone was okay buttheir house had collapsed.

Ever since they've been livingin tents and under tarps.

- [Interpreter] Before theearthquake we made a great effort

to be in one small room tolive in, that was our home.

And now the earthquake leftus with no place to live.

- [Narrator] Even if theywere struggling themselves,

Pastor Raphael reached outto help others in need.

- [Interpreter] We wantedto help our neighbors,

handing out food andhelping in any way we could.

- [Narrator] When OperationBlessing showed up

in his village, we heardabout this hardworking pastor

who's still serving hiscommunity faithfully.

That's when we decided tobuild the family a new home.

- [Interpreter] The presenceof God has been shown

to us through you.

As your name says, youhave been a blessing to us.

We never could have built ahome like this by ourselves.

We have been blessed greatly.

- These new houses are designedto be earthquake resistant.

And the blocks they're using are strong

yet surprisingly light weight.

And that means families here

are going to be living inbigger, nicer, safer houses

then they've ever lived in before.

Their daughter helps out too.

She offers workers bottles of water

and even hauls cement inher little wheel barrow.

- [Interpreter] I like togive water to people working.

They are doing a lot for us.

- [Interpreter] This houseis a testament to others.

A young Christian man came and said

I have seen them building your house,

after the earthquake you help all of us,

now God is helping you.

Today that man is a Christian.

- [Narrator] Soon, Raphael and his family

moved into their new home.

- [Interpreter] This newhouse took away the pain

of what we lost.

Thank you Operation Blessing.

- Thank you Operation Blessing

for my new and beautiful home.

- And thank you, if you'rea member of The 700 Club,

you're part of that,you're part of blessing

that wonderful pastor, his family.

You're part of all of it when you join.

All that we do is made possiblebecause people like you

care enough to give.

It's that's you give usa call 1-800-700-7000.

Say yes I wanna be apart of it.

Counting down the victory on awonderful $201,000 challenge.

The red number is theamount left to match.

And here from Elkins, WestVirginia, 2500 Club member.

It says I'm one of the1000 Club members saying

I wanna increase this year, 2500.

Then Moriarty, New Mexico, $3,600.

That takes down under $30,000

with just nine minutes and 29 seconds.

Call us now 1-800-700-7000.

Let's go to Wendy at the phones, Wendy.

- Thanks Gordon, well in this new DVD

called Miraculous Blessings,you'll meet people

who personally tested the promises of God.

And you'll also see how Godhas proven himself faithful

to his promises time andtime again, just watch.

- We had four jobs that didn't go right

but we didn't waver in our faith.

- That's when God put on my heart

that we needed to do the well.

- Within a couple of days, wegot an insurance refund check

that we had no idea was coming.

- And here we are this yearit's just booming. (laughs)

- You go out and help other people

and you get rewarded for it.

- [Narrator] Get Pat Robertson's latest

teaching Miraculous Blessings.

- God is faithful isn't he?

If he has promised you something

you can take it to the bank.

He is not a man that he should lie.

He is true to his word.

Well we wanna bless youwith Pat's new teaching

called Miraculous Blessings.

You can learn how to receiveGod's abundant blessings

in your life and so much more.

This is our gift to you whenyou give us a call right now

and just say yes, Iwanna join The 700 Club.

1-800-700-7000 is the number to call,

our counselors are standing by right now

and aren't they beautifuland they're smiling

and they wanna talk to you.

Go to your phones right now to say

I've been watching thetelethon and I'm ready to give.

I'm ready to step out of my comfort zone

and get blessed becauseyou cannot out give God.

When you take that little step of faith

and give that $20 a monthor whatever you can give,

God is gonna meet you there

and he is gonna bless your socks off.

Well, if you're already atthe $20 a month, that's great,

we love that 'cause you'remaking a big difference.

But if you'd like to do more, let's go up

to our gold level, $40 a month.

When you do that we'regonna bless you back

with three DVD's one foryou, two to give away.

If you can go higher, a lot of us can.

Let's take it up to our 1000 Club level.

Just $80 a month or higher.

We wanna bless you reallywell with five DVD's.

One for you and four to give away.

Can you think of four other people

who could benefit from this?

This would encourage their faith

and I know it would encourage yours.

Please go to your phone rightnow, we need your help, Terry?

- Well, Wendy here'ssomebody who's done exactly

what you're talking about.

Gretna Louisiana, a 1000 Club member

who has moved up to the 2500 Club, $2508.

Thank you Gretna, Louisiana.

Right now I want you to meet Hope.

Hope has lived in a children's home

supported by Orphan'sPromise her entire life.

She was abandoned there in abox shortly after she was born.

But don't feel sorry for this little girl,

she's full of life and laughter and love

and it's thanks to people like you.

- [Narrator] Hope is a happyand adventurous young girl.

- [Interpreter] I love exploring.

Sometimes I go out to pick flowers

and come home to sharethem with my friends.

- [Narrator] She lives at Brenda's Hope,

a children's home supportedby CBN's Orphan's Promise.

When she was a baby one of the older girls

found her abandoned in abox just outside the home.

Brenda has taken care of her ever since.

- [Interpreter] I believeGod sent her to me

so I could be her mother.

I watched her grow andheard her first words.

She was nameless whenwe found her abandoned.

I called her Hope.

I believe her birth mother hoped her baby

would have a better futurewith us than she could provide.

- [Interpreter] This is my home.

I know I am safe here.

My Mother and Dad takes care of me.

I call her Mommy because Iknow she'll always love me.

I am so happy to be here.

- [Narrator] Hope is one of 90 children

who live at the home.

We provide them with a place to stay

with food, clothes, educationand everything else they need.

- [Interpreter] The mostrewarding thing for me

is to give each of themhope and to show them

that God will always be with you.

(singing in foreign language)

- [Interpreter] I'd like togrow out and be a good girl.

I know god will always provide for me.

- [Interpreter] I want tothank you for your help.

Without you none ofthis would be possible.

- Thank you CBN for lovingus and for supporting us.

- She's precious isn't she?

And Mama Brenda is an amazing young woman.

And she mothers those kids likeeveryone of them is her own.

Thank you for making that possible.

You are changing lives around the world.

That was Uganda but you're innations everywhere, thanks.

Call now if you wanna be apart of that, 1-800-700-7000,

makes you a 700 Club member.

We need to hear from you, Gordon.

- Alright, we're hearingfrom Osterburg, Pennsylvania,

a 1000 Club member saying I'mgoing to 2500 Club, $2500.

We're going way over the topon this $201,000 challenge.

We've got four minutes and 17 seconds.

Be apart of it, be apartof everything we're doing

around the world.

Call us now, 1-800-700-7000.

Well, Andrew had a problem,

the kids in his Bible clubwere bored but not anymore.

Today, they're totally into theprogram thanks to Superbook.

- [Narrator] Andrew Galian hasa passion for reaching kids

with God's truth.

It stems from what he'sseen in our culture.

- You see a lot of youngpeople that made bad decisions.

So the Lord has put that burdento start with them young.

- [Narrator] Andrew's wife, Betty

also has a big heart for children.

- I was like the neighborhood mom,

'cause I didn't work, I had plenty of time

to sew into the children's lives.

And we just reveled in it

because it's like you made a difference.

- [Narrator] Andrew wanted to do something

to help kids know God andthink rightly about themselves.

So a few years ago, him and Betty

started an early morningBible club at a public school.

In the summer time they hold it

at a local recreation center.

- And that didn't catchand then the Lord says,

well, you're not getting their attention.

Then I was watching The 700 Club

where the Superbook came on.

It said, that's what you need to do.

- [Narrator] The Galian'sbegin the Bible club

with the Lord's prayer.


Then they talk about God's goodness

and pop in a Superbook episode.

- [Andrew] They're looking andthey're eyes are sparkling.

They're paying attention,they're body language

gives it away.

- And it helps them to learnhow to deal with the people,

all about their peers, itteaches them all the values

that we all need that theBible teaches all of us

and it's right there on Superbook.

So I love it, I love havingSuperbook, I really do. (laughs)

- [Narrator] Afterwatching Superbook's Noah

and the Ark episode, the kidsshared what they took away.

- It surprised me that all those animals

could fit on that one boat.

- They gave us the rainbow to show us

that he would never floodout the earth again.

- I learn that you shouldalways listen to God.

- [Narrator] The rec centerstaff has noticed a change

in the children who attend the Bible club

and watch Superbook.

- Even the teachers at school noticed that

they're more respectful,they're more attentive

in the classroom, more obedient

and they try to respecteach other as human beings.

- I just thank CBN for evencoming up with Superbook.

That was such an inspired idea to do it

and you know we get tonot only do it for us,

we get to share it to our community.

- Thank you Superbook!

- We're not just doing it here in America,

we're not doing around the world.

We're now in over 40 broadcast languages.

We're taking the stories of the Bible

to the children of the world.

You see the interest, you seethe attention they're giving.

It's changing lives, it'schanging a generation.

You can be apart of itby joining The 700 Club.

Call us now, 1-800-700-7000.

Let's go to Wendy at the phones, Wendy?

- Alright, Gordon, thelaws of God are as valid

as the law of gravity,so when you follow them

you will be blessed.

Pat explains more in thissegment from his new DVD,

Miraculous Blessings.

(upbeat music)

- Do you have to come to a desperate place

before you're blessed like that?

- The important thing about being blessed

is to look at laws of God and follow them.

The words of Jesus, they areas valid as the law of gravity

and if we follow thoselaws, we will be blessed.

- [Narrator] Get PatRobertson's latest teaching,

Miraculous Blessings available now.

- Okay, we're going way over the top.

It's been a wonderful day.

Here Ashland, Virginia,1000 Club member saying

I'm going to 2500 Club.

- Thank you. (clapping)

- From Charlotte, North Carolina,another 1000 Club member

saying I'm going to2500 Club plus, $3,600.


And then from Crossville,Tennessee, a 1000 Club member

saying you can count on me,I'm going to 2500 Club, $2,500.


Counting down to victory, 10 second left

on that challenge clock.

You still have time to beapart of it, 1-800-700-7000.

Well, it's been glorious,we had a $201,000 challenge

and against that you gave $230,000.


We leave you these words from Deuteronomy.

All these blessings shall, realize this,

all these blessings shall come upon you

and overtake you becauseyou obey the voice

of the Lord your God.

God bless you, we'llsee you again tomorrow.

(inspirational music)


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