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Word: Honor

The importance of honoring your parents—even when you don’t agree with them. Read Transcript

- Welcome to the Superbook Show.

- [Together] Today.

- Let's talk about parents.

- Oh, okay.

- And what completedodo heads they can be.

- What?

- Like my mom, I wasonly five minutes late

coming home from a friend's house

and she grounded me for a full weekend.

That's so unfair.

- Right, yeah, we need to talk.


- What's the problem?

- I'm just not very comfortable

with how you're talking about your mom.

- Don't tell me you agree with her.

- It's not about agreeing.

I just don't think thatyou're being very respectful.

- What do you mean?

- Remember in the Superbookepisode The 10 Commandments,

one of them was...

- [God] Honor your father and mother.

Then you will live a long full life

in the land the Lordyour God is giving you.

- Okay, your right.

I was angry, and I shouldn'thave called her a dodo head.

But while we're on the subject,

what does it mean to honor your parents?

- Hold on, let me look it up.

Okay, here it is.

The bible dictionary says

that honor is an internalattitude of respect and courtesy.

The word means to give weight to someone.

- Does that mean I have toagree with everything they say?

- No, but it does mean

that you have to respect what they say.

You remember the storyabout Jesus when he was 12

and his parents couldn't find him?

- Yeah, they'd been to Jerusalem

and when they went home theyrealized he wasn't there.

- Yes, he was in the templetalking to the teachers.

He told his mom and dad thathe was in his father's house.

- Because he's the son of God,

so he was in God's house.

- Right, so what do you think he did?

Do you think that he wenthome with his earthly parents

or stayed and did what hewas actually made to do?

- He went home with Mary and Joseph.

- Then he returned to Nazareth with them

and was obedient to them.

It would have been reallyeasy for him to say,

"I have a right to be here,

"you're wrong to take me away,"and called them dodo heads.

- So honoring is...

- To start with, obey your mom and dad

and show them respect,especially in public.

- Yes, but...

- Ah, the old yes, but.

- What if my parents don't follow Jesus

and want me to stop believing in God?

- The bible does say

that we should obey God rather than man.

- A ha.

- Yes, but...

- Oh the old yes, but.

- Are you trying to say

that God wanted you tocome home five minutes late

from your friend's house?

- Well.

- Or that your parents aren't Christians?

I know your mom and your dad.

- Yeah, doesn't apply.

- So we good?

- I will be once I apologize to my mom.

I'm sorry Mom.

- There you go.

His word is forever alive.


Remember that to honor your parents

means obeying and showing them respect.

Think of one active way

that you can show yourparents respect this week

by honoring and loving them.

- Share your ideas in the comments below.

- And also in the comments below,

we will have a link tothe Superbook episode

The 10 Commandments.

- And give weight to The Superbook Show

by liking this video and subscribing.

- See ya next time.



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