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God is Greater than Your Feelings

What do you do when you feel like you’re not “okay” with God? We don’t go by feelings but by what God says! Read Transcript

- Welcome to The Superbook Show.

- Yes, welcome everybody,

and today we have a question for you.

Do you ever not feel saved?

- Say what now?

(dramatic whooshing)

- Do you always feel saved?

- I'm not really sure what you're asking.

Please explain.

- I know a lot of people whowatch our show are Christians

and sometimes we battle with feeling

like we're okay with God.

- Okay now I get what you're saying.

Yes, that's me.

- That's all of us.

We make a mistake, a bad choice,

get into some trouble, and we

start feeling distant from God.

- This is good.Please continue.

- Bad decisions make us feel bad.

When we allow some sin ofsome sort into our lives,

we don't like ourselves anymore.

- So what do you do?

- I found this Bibleverse that gave me life.

I wish I had seen it a long time ago.

- Oh, what is it?

- It's in first John, chapter three.

It says, "Even when we feel guilty,

God is greater than our feelings."

- What?That's in there?

- We need emotions, butsometimes they get in the way.

We have to remember that ouremotions change all the time,

but God's word does not.

- You know, that reminds meof a Superbook episode I saw.

- Which one?

- Jonah!

Jonah intentionally disobeyed God.

I mean, he went in the oppositeway that he was told to go.

And when he ended up in thebelly of a big fish, you know

he really thought thathe and God weren't okay.

But, God was biggerthan the way Jonah felt.

- Jonah is a good examplebut let's be clear.

Intentionally making a badchoice is never a good idea.

- Right.

But, if you make a mistake,

just ask God for forgiveness.

I mean, it doesn't have to be

the end of the relationshipbetween you and God.

In Romans eight, it says, "AndI am convinced that nothing

can ever separate us from God's love."

- So if you have sincerelygiven your life to Christ, trust

that he's not gonna change on you.

- And if you want to give yourlife over to Jesus just ask

him for forgiveness foryour sins, open your heart,

and he'll teach you to be more like him.

- God's love for you is forever and--

- His word is forever alive!

(dramatic whooshing)

- Want to know more about howto give your life to Jesus?

Follow the link.

- And if you do make thatdecision, please comment

on this video and let us know.

- You can find more vids tohelp you grow and learn more

about your faith if yousubscribe to our channel.

Also you can visit us onFacebook and

- And--

- God loves you!

- Finger guns.



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