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700 Club Interactive - September 20, 2018

A young athlete is rushed to the ER and his parents team up with the surgeons for a miracle. Read Transcript

- [Christina] He kept saying, "help."

- [Gordon] A 13-year oldboy is rushed to the ER

with massive bleeding on his brain.

- [Christina] They took himfor the CT scan and I said,

it's something serious, isn't it?

And he said, "yeah, it is."

- [Gordon] Watch as this teenmakes a miraculous recovery.

- We felt he was gonna be okay.

- [Gordon] Plus he was young and drunk.

- [Eric] They said,

"you don't wanna be responsible for this."

"There's two girls that aredead in that car over there."

- [Gordon] And got what he didn't deserve.

- Here was his mother,who lost her daughter,

looking at the guy who took that from her

and saying that I forgive you.

- His story of redemption,

all on today's 700 Club Interactive.

Welcome to the show.

When 13-year old, IsaiahCustodio left football practice

because of health issues,

his father initially thoughthe was just dehydrated.

But the reality was much worse.

- Isaiah had somehow developedintracranial hemorrhaging.

He needed emergency surgeryand even that was no guarantee

that it would save his life.

- [Narrator] September 8th, 2015,

13-year old Isaiah Custodiowas at football practice

when he got a severe headacheand began throwing up.

After getting a call from the coach,

Isaiah's mom, Christina,came to the field.

- And that's when I sawhim kinda stumbling.

I just thought, that's kinda strange.

He was saying one word at a time.

He kept saying home, hurt and help.

And then I realizedsomething else was wrong.

- [Narrator] To be safe, Christinatook him to the hospital.

On the way, she called her husband, Ozzy,

who met them there.

- And I just remember saying,

Isaiah's just dehydrated.

Maybe he just needs a lot of water.

And he's gonna be okay,

- [Narrator] Whilewaiting to see the doctor,

Isaiah struggled to communicateand keep his eyes open.

- Something told me to look in his eyes.

I didn't really know what I was doing.

So I got my cell phoneout and I shined a light

into each eye and I noticedhis pupils were not responding.

- That's when I started questioning,

okay, something is not right here.

- [Narrator] They alertedone of the nurses,

who immediately tookIsaiah back for evaluation.

- They took him for the CT scan

and when he came back,

I could just tell thatsomething was not right.

And I said, it's somethingserious, isn't it?

and he said, "yeah, it is."

- [Narrator] The scan revealeda cluster of blood vessels

in Isaiah's brain had ruptured

and that he needed immediate surgery.

Pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr.Christopher Troupe, was on duty.

- He had a lot of blood onhis brain that was causing

a lot of pressure andkinda matched how bad

he looked on his exam.

- [Narrator] Dr. Troup preparedthe family for the worst.

- There was a chance he couldbleed to death on the table.

At this point, we were justtrying to save his life,

and that he could stillhave a very bad outcome

from this even if he survived.

- Now, I am talking to God and saying,

what in the world is going on.

I said, why, why not me?

Just take me in place of him.

- [Narrator] As the teamstarted to wheel Isaiah

into surgery, Christina stopped them.

- I said, do you pray?

And Dr. Troup said,


And Dr. Troup prayed over him

and I think that moment

when he said, "Amen," wefelt he was going to be okay.

- I started feelingpeace during that time.

It was just incredible just to see people

that we didn't know,these doctors and nurses,

just gather around,everybody holding hands,

and just praying around my son.

- [Narrator] While they waited,

Christina sent out a call for prayer.

Many came to the hospital.

- When they don't just pray,

when they show up to praywith you, it's just powerful.

- [Narrator] The surgical teamsuccessfully removed the clot

and stopped the bleeding.

But Dr. Troup cautioned thatIsaiah may be unable to speak

or even recognize hisfamily when he woke up.

- It was the best feeling to see him open

his eyes and acknowledge us.

I mean, he's alive and he knewwho we were and it was joy.

- When Dr. Troup came to the doorway,

I immediately got up andgave him a big, grand hug.

I was starting to feelthat God was doing what,

you know, He said allalong that He would do

and that is take care of us.

- [Narrator] Recoverywould be slow for Isaiah.

The injury had affectedhis ability to speak

and he lost partial use ofthe right side of his body,

making it a struggle to walk.

- The simplest way theyexplained it to me,

was it was like having ababy and then the baby having

to take those baby steps again.

- [Narrator] Through therapy,hard work, and prayer,

he continued to improve.

As his speech recovery progressed,

he was even able to dowhat he had missed most,

playing his trumpet.

(trumpet music)

- It took a while, but I learnedto play with my left hand.

What keeps me going; my mom, my dad,

my grandfather, my grandmother.

They keep me on pace.

- [Narrator] Back in school,

Isaiah was soon walking on his own

and was even able to act and sing.

He's come a long way, andhas big plans for the future.

- I want to be a physical therapist,

because I know what happened to me,

and I wanna give back.

- His spirit has always been there.

His drive.

There was never quit in him.

His personality just lights up the room.

- There's not one moment that goes by

that I don't thank God.

When somebody's asking me, you know,

how's your son doing, thatI don't mention God's name.

- He's a miracle.

It's just God.

People are still prayingfor him and I know

that God continues to work in him.

- I know that God saved me,

because he works with me every single day.

- God's always with allof us every single day.

It's interesting, isn't it,how we can just go along,

really not acknowledgingor necessarily recognizing

that in any way untilsomething like this happens.

And it can come out of the blue,

just like it did for Isaiah.

And it impacts everybody, him,

his family, his extended family,

even the medical team thatworked for him, his classmates.

God wants to reveal to us who He is.

He wants to reveal His trustworthiness

and that's part of whatwe need to grab hold of

when we're asking God for prayer,

to meet our needs in some big capacity.

It might be a physicalhealing that we need,

it might be financial,it might be relational,

it might be emotional or psychological,

but God is able.

He loves us.

He knows us by name.

He says I am the Lord, your healer.

He wants to invade yourheart and your life

and also invade yourneed with His presence,

and in His presence is fullness and joy.

In His presence is everythingthat you and I seek

and desire and want and need.

So today, many of you are watching

and I know you have needs too.

You have things that you'reasking God for right now.

You may feel very alone, but you're not.

Today we're praying together with you.

You know, your need doesn'thave to be mentioned

on this program for God to meet it.

He's listening.

He hears you.

We link and our hearts and our words

and our minds with you today.

And that is Biblical.

God is present.


- Well, we do have someFacebook prayer requests

that we are going to mention.

This is Josh.

He writes in, "my friend, Chris,was in a bad car accident,

"and it doesn't look good.

Please pray for a miracle."

And let's just encourage youwith the story you just saw.

It's never too big for God.

Luis says, "I have stage four cancer.

"I need a full body healing.

"I know God can do a miracle."

And then Tania writes in,

"Please pray for my nephew, Christian.

"He's struggling with depression and PTSD

"after losing three friends to suicide.

"He's also struggling withGod and with his faith."

Let's just lift these tothe Lord and realize nothing

is too hard for Him, nothing.

We don't have to argue with Him,

we don't have to cajole Him,we don't have to beg and plead.

He wants to be God.

He wants to be our savior.

He wants to be our healer.

He wants to be our all in all.

Let's go to Him now.

Lord, we just lift theneeds of the audience

to you right now and we pray specifically

for these prayer requests, for Chris,

who's been in this car wreck.

Lord, God, do a miracle.

Stretch forth your handto reknit his body.

We just come against anyinternal bleeding now,

in Jesus' name, andjust ask for a complete

and total restoration.

And then for Luis with his cancer.

Lord, you're above any cancer.

We just ask now that thosecancer cells stop reproducing,

in the name of Jesus, andthat healthy cells would move

in and take over and reproducenormally as you intended.

Now for this young man who's having PTSD,

who's lost three friends to suicide,

Lord you know him by name.

You count every hair onhis head and I just ask

that you would show upin power to let him know

that you are the God of all comfort.

Comfort him now in his grief,

give him hope, give him a future,

show him the destiny thatyou have prepared for him.

And now, for all who are watching,

we just declare over them thatyou forgive all our inequity,

you heal all our diseases.

You are the God who renews our strength

and we receive it now and we bless you

for what you have done,

what you're about to do and who you are,

for you are the same,yesterday, today and forever.

There's someone with sharppain in your right shoulder.

It's related to a pinchednerve in your neck, spine area.

God's healing that.

He's reducing the pressure on that nerve.

He's just setting youcompletely free from that.

You're starting to feelall those tense muscles

just relax into that shoulder,

all the way up that nerve,

all the damage is being repairedright now, in Jesus' name.

What you couldn't do before,

move that arm around and realize,

you've been set freefrom it, it's healed now,

in Jesus' name.


- As Gordon was praying, thisscripture just came to me.

There's somebody, you'vehad trouble with mobility

and with walking and there'sa scripture that says,

You shall rise up on wings like eagle's.

You'll walk and not be weary.

You'll run ad not faint.

Just step up right now, stand up, stretch,

and just begin to move in ways you've

not been able to move before.

God is healing you.

- Lord, we thank you.

We thank you for everythingyou do, who you are,

and we receive it now,in Jesus' name, Amen.

- Amen.- And Amen.

If you've been touched byGod, share your good report.

Let us know what God has done for you.

Call us, 1-800-700-7000.

And if you need prayer, we're here for ya.

All you have to do is pickup the phone and call us.

Number's on the screen, do it now.

Coming up, a drunk driverstruggles with what he's done.

- To take responsibility for the death

of two 20-year old girls who had

their whole life ahead of 'em,

I didn't wanna be responsible for it.

I didn't know what life,from that moment forward,

would ever offer me ever again.

- His amazing story ofredemption and forgiveness,

right after this.

What started out as an innocentnight out with friends,

ended with Eric Smallridgefacing 20 years in prison

after he killed two youngwomen while driving drunk.

Eric thought his life was over,

but he was given a secondchance in an unlikely place.

- May 10th of 2002, itwas a Friday afternoon.

I'd spent all day with my friends.

We came to this bar.

One beer had lead to anotherand next thing you know,

the lights in the bar were coming on

and it was 2:00 in the morning.

I just kind of figuredthat I would be okay.

I went right out to thetruck and jumped in.

As we went into this curve,the Camaro on my right,

it all of a sudden startsto merge into my lane.

I just instinctively jerked the wheel.

I never even saw the car that had pulled

into the inside lane.

When I came to, in the midstof all the airbag smoke

and the radiator hissing,glass was everywhere,

an officer comes over and hewas like, "what happened?"

"What happened?"

He asked me had I been drinkingand I told him that I had.

At that point,

the lights are coming onand I'm seeing this car

and I'm seeing people franticallyworking around the car.

I see 'em actually bring white sheets out

and I'm thinking to myself,what's really going on here.

And they said, "you don'twanna be responsible for this."

And I said, "responsible for what?"

And that's when helooked at me and he said,

"there's two girls that aredead in that car over there."

(solemn music)

To take responsibility for the death

of two 20-year old girlswho had their whole life

ahead of them, I didn'twanna be responsible for it.

I didn't know what life,

from that moment forward wouldever offer me ever again.

I was a 24-year old kidfacing a minimum of 20 years

and I was scared.

They said, "you can'tlook at the families."

And I said, "well, I needto say sorry to 'em."

And they said, "youcan't say you're sorry."

And I said, "well, what do yamean? "They lost their kids.

"They lost their daughters."

They said, "well, listen, ifyou want 20 years in prison,

"then you go out there andyou tell 'em you're sorry.

"Just go out there and sit atthe table and pay attention

"to the papers on the table or the judge."

That's what I did.

Here I was in a very dark worldand my mom drops a Bible off

and I'm thinking to myself,it's probably too late for me.

And that's when another inmate comes over

and he starts talking to me.

He said, "do you believe in God?"

And I said, "well, youknow, I believe in God,

"but I don't really think he wants

"to have a relationshipwith me right now."

And he said, "well, that'swhere you're wrong."

We started reading the word a little bit

and that's when I cameacross Genesis 50:20.

They intended to harm you,but God intended it for good.

For what is being accomplished,the saving of many lives.

When I first read that scripture,it gave me a lot of hope.

The chaplain came by, wewent down to a holding cell,

and I gave my life to Christ.

On October 3rd, I was broughtback to court for sentencing.

Hearing each person come upand talk and address the judge

and me, it was heart wrenching.

And then, Renee, Meagan's mom,

had the ability to look overto me and say, "I forgive you."

Here was this mother who lost her daughter

looking at the guy who took that from her

and saying that, "I forgive you."

I was so young in Christ at that point,

that there was still some doubt.

Are you sure, God, thatyou can still accept me?

Are you sure that I can be forgiven?

And then she spoke it.

I just, I fell apart.

I'm really sorry to thefamilies for what I've done.

I've caused so much pain,and there's nothing I can do.

I've asked God to help me,

but that's not gonna bringMeagan and Lisa back.

I wish it could.

I would give my life, Iwould honestly give my life.

(solemn music)

I wrote 'em lettersand I made a phone call

to Meagen's grandmother.

And she told me that Renee was there.

I knew in my heart that it was my fault.

I needed her to hear me say that.

So I told her, I said, Renee,I just want you to know that

I take full responsibilityfor what I did that night.

It was what she needed to hear.

In August of 2006, wecome into this courtroom.

There was a very brief hearing,

let's call it a beggar's motion.

No law is discussed.

You simply beg for mercy.

These families had cometo a motion on my behalf.

You would expect my family to do that,

but then the families,

Meagan and Lisa's parents and brothers

and sisters and aunts and uncles.

It was like, holy cow,they're supporting that.

Even if the judge says no,

the blessing's already been given.

The judge came back.

He said, "on recess,

"I read something and it was in Micah 6:8.

"O man, what does theLord require of thee,

"but to act justly, to love mercy,

"and to walk humbly with our God."

He said, "I have never in mylife seen anything like this.

"Mr. Smallridge, thesefamilies have come here to try

"to give you a second chance at life.

"So I'm gonna run thesesentences concurrent."

(solemn music)

Meagan and Lisa, if I couldsay one thing to them,

it would be that they wereGod's angels being used

for a purpose that their lives are just

as magnificent now as they were then,

that they are still affectingpeople's every day life.

Without receiving forgiveness,you can't move forward.

There is no hope.

If we don't forgive self,

or receive forgivenessfrom the things we've done

in our past, we have tostill accept it from Christ,

and to know that as long as weturn away from those actions

and as long as we walkthe walk that is approved

in God's eyes, that we are truly forgiven.

- What an amazing story, anamazing story of forgiveness,

redemption, the power of the Gospel,

the ability to have not just mercy

but actually reconciliation,

to say we receive you, yes,you killed our daughters,

but we receive you andwe don't want you now

to be in prison for 22 years.

How do you get to that point?

And how do you get tothe point of forgiveness

where you really do letit go and you really

do want the best for the other person?

Jesus taught about it.

He taught a great deal.

One of the things He taughtabout was someone who went

to a King, he had a huge debt.

He could never repay it.

The King was saying, well,

let's throw you into debtor's prison.

Let's sell your family andthat's what would happen

in those days if youcouldn't repay your debts.

And the man fell on his knees,he begged for forgiveness.

And the King said, "okay,I forgive the debt.

"I set you free.

"You own me nothing.

"Go your way."

And then that same man whohad been forgiven for so much,

when he found that he wasowed a very small amount

by someone else, he demanded payment,

demanded immediate payment.

Then, when he couldn't get that,

he did the same thinghe asked for mercy for.

He threw the man into prison.

Well, the parable goes onto say when the ruler found

out about it, he revoked his forgiveness.

The man ended up in jail and he was,

it's an unusual verse, he wasdelivered to the torturers.

That's what happens to you and I when

we hold on to unforgiveness.

That bitterness becomespart of our innermost being.

It poisons us and westart to look at the world

with eyes of bitterness, eyesof anger, eyes of revenge,

instead of the eyes of lovethat God wants us to have.

You have to be set free form it.

You literally need amiracle to happen for you

to have the forgiveness thatJesus gave from the cross,

where he said, "Father forgive them,

"they don't know what they're doing."

and when you have that forgiveness,

then you truly become like Him

and you truly are set free.

If there are things in your heart

that this brief talk hassort of triggered in you,

that you're holding things,could've been for decades,

could've been something thathappened in your childhood,

let it go today and ifyou need help with that,

if you need someone to sayhow do you get to that,

all you have to do is call us.

Number's on the screen, 1-800-700-7000.

Realize you can walk free of it.

It doesn't have to torture you any more.

You can be free from it and free indeed.

We also have a free bookletfor you on forgiveness,

Keys to the Power for Living.

It's all free.

All you have to do is makea free phone, ask for it.

We can send it out to you right away.

Do it now.

Be free from all of the thingsthat are holding you back

from fullness with Him.

Call us, 1-800-799-7000.


- Still to come, a younggirl born with two club feet.

- I feel pain because she's my child.

I can't look at her without crying,

but I can't do anything for her.

I can't pay for the surgery.

- See how viewers like youhelped this girl and her family,

when we come back.

Today, Samira is always onher feet, dancing for joy.

But when we first met her,she could barely walk,

and her condition broke her mom's heart.

- [Narrator] Samira's eyessparkle when she smiles.

The spirited seven-yearold from Western Ukraine

seems to have no cares in the world.

The truth is Samira wasborn with two club feet,

a serious disabilitythat causes severe pain

and limits her movement.

Her mother, Nora, suffers too.

- I feel pain because she's my child.

I can't look at her without crying,

but I can't do anything for her.

I can't pay for the surgerythat would allow her to walk

and run and play like other children.

- [Narrator] Samira rarelycries, but this day,

her tears fall when shesees her mother crying.

- I have one dream,

for Samira to be healthyand walk normally.

- [Narrator] Yet, Noraknows her dream is unlikely

to come true.

This poor family can barely afford food.

And like most people in this village,

Nora and her husband are uneducated

and their job opportunities are limited.

- My husband is hired by people to do jobs

like cutting grass or digging graves

and is only paid $2 to $4 a day.

- [Narrator] That's why Nora was overjoyed

when CBN's Orphan's Promiseopened a school nearby.

She enrolled Samira right away,

but we knew that Samira needed much more

than reading and writing skills.

She needed surgery that herparents could never afford.

So it wasn't long before welocated a skilled surgeon

and paid the full cost of Samira's surgery

and post-operative care.

11 months later, whenSamira's cast was removed,

her legs and feet were normal.

- My child can do everything.

What else could I ever want?

Thank you, because itall is because of you.

- I can walk and jump.

I can play with other children.

I even take dancing lessons at my school.

Thank you for giving me straight legs.

- Thank you for caringabout children that you

will never meet in thisworld but whose lives

are forever changed by yourkindness and generosity.

Join with us.

Join The 700 Club, $.65a day, $20 a month.

Just call our toll freenumber, 1-800-700-7000.

Gordon.- Here's a scripture for you.

Judge not and you shall not be judged.

Condemn not, and youshall not be condemned.

Forgive, and you will be forgiven.

God bless ya, we'll see you again.

(lively music)

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