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“The anger is gone from my heart!”

Miguel always fought with his mom—over food, chores, everything. Mom’s patience had long run out. Then, to her amazement, Miguel got invited to a place that brought a welcome change of attitude. Discover how a cartoon and a hot meal tamed ... Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Miguel's homeused to be a battlefield

on a daily basis.

He always seemed to be angry at his mom,

mostly about food.

- [Miguel] It was bad.

We didn't have anything.

Food, money, school supplies.

- [Narrator] Karina is a single mom

who has struggled to find work

to support the family afterher husband abandoned them.

- [Karina] I want to givethem food and what they need.

I feel so powerless.

- [Narrator] At school, Miguelhad to rely on his friends.

They knew how hungry he was.

- [Miguel] They wouldgive me some of their food

but I kept some of itfor my siblings at home.

I knew they were hungry too.

- [Narrator] One day, Miguel was invited

to a center near his home,

sponsored by CNB's Orphan's Promise.

Now, Miguel and his siblings receive

free breakfasts and lunches

and they have a chanceto learn about the Bible

through CBN's Superbook.

- [Miguel] My favoriteepisode is in the beginning,

because He taught me to obey my mom

and be responsible.

- [Narrator] After visitingthe center only a few times,

Miguel prayed to become a Christian.

- [Miguel] I feel freebecause Jesus forgave me.

It changed my heart.

I also pray for my mom

and ask her to help mememorize Bible verses.

- [Narrator] One day, Miguel'smom visited the center

and prayed to become a Christian too.

- [Karina] My life also changed.

It's not what it was before.

I also found a good job.

I'm learning to be a good mom.

- [Miguel] Thank you, our friends, so much

for all the good things you gave me

and for teaching me about God.

And thanks for helping other kids like me.

(light music)(kids giggling)

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