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Step by Step—Growing Your Finances

John and Amy went from two incomes and no kids to one income and nine kids! Learn the strategy that kept their finances growing all those years. It’s one you can use too. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] As theparents of nine children,

John and Amy McCue saylife is never boring.

- To me, it's like a NASCAR race

without any brakes andwith no finish line.

So it's full speed all the time.

But you get these quietmoments that are lovely.

- [Narrator] Years ago,when Amy was pregnant

with their first daughter,

she left her full time job as a teacher.

Even though the family wasstruggling financially,

the McCues tithed, a practice they learned

from their church.

- Didn't seem like it was ever gone.

You didn't miss it.

- [Narrator] John wasworking in construction

and doing handyman work on the side.

Over the years, he beganreceiving periodic raises.

Meanwhile, their familygrew to three children.

At that time, Amy startedwatching The 700 Club.

- The kids wanted to give.

They liked that CBN washelping other people.

So I'm like, oh, I wanna give,

and they're like, we do too!

And so, we just did it.

- [Narrator] Michaela, now inher 20s, recalls those days.

- Seems like such a small thing

but it had such a large impact.

- [Narrator] Amy saysthat during this time,

God provided even beyondher family's basic needs.

- They go to a garage sale

and the free box would haveexactly the Polly Pockets

that Michaela wanted.

He just showed them thatHe was their provider.

- [Narrator] In 2013, John'sside job was doing so well,

he decided to focus on it full time.

- The jobs started coming in.

The phone started ringing.

We were faithful from day one.

Increments and increments.

Trust you with a little, trustyou with a little bit more,

a little bit more, andthat's where God has kept us.

He's kind of just walkedwith us the whole way.

- [Narrator] The McCues continued to tithe

and recently, John receivedhis largest contract to date.

That alone amounted to his annual salary

from just a few years ago.

- I don't really even knowhow I got from small to big.

And you know, I know it's not me.

'Cause everybody's like, oh, you do this.

I'm like, no, I don't do anything.

God does it all.

I just show up.

- [Narrator] Even thoughthey're raising nine kids

on one income, the McCues never stopped

giving to CBN.

- We like giving to CBN

'cause it's an opportunity,

CBN can do with my money a lot more

than what I can do myself.

Like, I'd love to build churches.

That'd be a great opportunity.

But I can only do one thing.

By investing in CBN,look at the huge ministry

and all the countries, all the locations.

They can do things I couldn't dream about,

but I'm still involvedbecause I give financially,

allowing them to support that ministry.

So to me, it's a greatinvestment in the kingdom of God.

- [Narrator] The McCuessay they've learned

the importance of giving

and want to share it with others.

- God says, you know, try me in this.

It's the only place in theBible, where he says, "Try me."

- You give to God first

and we want to teach the children that.

You instill it to them young and early.

They see the blessings,they see the return on that,

and they're gonna continue to.


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