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Holocaust Survivor Gives Thanks

Chava is 94 and lives in Israel. The only member of her family who survived the Nazi death camp tells her painful story. She gives thanks for the good life she had after the war, raising a family. Now a widow, Chava is grateful to CBN for caring ... Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Hava is 94 year old widow

and Holocaust survivor.

She was one of the last Hungarian Jews

to be put on a train for Auschwitz.

- [Hava] The train car wasvery crowded and uncomfortable

but there was no fear.

We heard rumors of what was happening

to the Jews in Poland, butwe didn't believe them.

My mind could not comprehendwhat was about to happen.

- [Narrator] In Auschwitz,the women were split

into two lines.

Hava was selected to go to a labor camp,

while the rest of her family members

were marched off to the gas chambers.

- [Hava] For the longest time,I didn't really understand

what had happened to them.

Even after the war, I had hoped

that I would see them again,but they died in Auschvitz.

- [Narrator] Hava told meabout the end of the war.

Nazi operations were moving so fast,

they weren't even bothering totattoo numbers on prisoners.

She was forced to workin a textile factory

until the Russiansliberated the camp in 1945.

Miraculously, Hava'shusband survived the war

and they reunited.

Later, they moved to Jerusalem

where they raised their children.

- [Hava] I was the onlysurvivor for my family

and this tormented me but my husband and I

knew we couldn't cry over the dead,

but must rejoice for the living.

- [Narrator] Hava saidrejoicing can be difficult.

Not just because she's in her 90s,

but because she's beenwearing the same dentures

for 20 years.

They should have beenreplaced about 13 years ago.

- [Hava] They caused me a lot of pain

and I couldn't eat in frontof people without my teeth,

so they limited me socially.

New dentures are very expensive

and I just didn't have the money.

I felt handicapped.

- [Narrator] So Operationblessing paid for Hava

to get brand new dentures.

We also paid for the followup visits

to get them fittingperfectly and comfortably.

Finally, we gave Havaa special gift basket

so she'd have something tastyto enjoy with her new teeth.

- [Hava] You have allbeen so lovely to me.

With my old dentures, Icouldn't say mazel tov,

because I couldn't form the words.

But now, I can say it freely

without worrying aboutmy dentures falling out.

It's made me so happy.

- [Narrator] Thanks to Operation Blessing,

Hava has what she needs toenjoy life to the fullest.

- [Hava] It's unbelievable knowing

there are people in the world, non-Jews,

who saw our suffering andopened their hearts to us.

You choose to do somethingto help make our lives better

and I'm so grateful for that.

I thank God for you.


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