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Fleeing War, Finding Hope

Nine-year-old Valeria heard the Russian bombs and gunfire getting closer to her home in Ukraine. Fearing for their lives, Valeria, her mom, and younger sister escaped to Israel. Although they were Jewish, they didn’t know the language or how ... Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Valeria and her little sister

hid in the bathroom as gunfire erupted

outside their home in eastern Ukraine.

- [Valeria] We saw menshooting at each other

in our yard right outside the window.

They were yelling and weheard loud explosions.

I was so scared and my sister kept crying.

I just closed my eyes.

- [Olga] I held my daughtersfor two hours in the bathroom

waiting for the violence to end.

It was total chaos with cannons

and rocket fire getting closerand closer to the house.

Our home was on the front lines.

- [Narrator] Fighting between

Ukrainian and pro-Russian forces

continued for months asthe family tried to endure.

- [Olga] I saw a littlegirl on a stretcher.

One of her legs was blownoff in an explosion.

She looked just like Valeria.

And that scared me.

- [Narrator] They knew they couldn't

stay in Ukraine any longer.

Because the family is Jewish,

they made plans to flee to Israel.

- [Olga] We left everythingbehind, including our jobs.

We didn't know the language

or how we would make ends meet in Israel.

- [Narrator] Then in her Hebrew class,

Olga was told about CBN Israel.

We made sure the family had food to eat.

We also got themfurniture, bedding, dishes,

and some clothes for the girls.

- [Olga] We are sograteful for CBN Israel.

You ensured that mydaughters were taken care of

and that our family could start over.

- [Narrator] Olga and herhusband eventually got jobs

working in a restaurant.

Thanks to CBN Israel,

the family got the help they needed

during that difficult time

and now, they have a new beginning.

- [Olga] Your support is so important

for people like us whohave lost everything.

You encouraged and inspired us.

- [Valeria] You're doingamazing things to help others.

I want to be like you andhelp others in the future too.

Thank you very much.


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