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“I Didn’t Know Jesus Could Save Me!”

It all started when Venita, raised in a Buddhist family, went to church for the first time and watched the Superbook story of Moses. Venita was moved by God’s awesome power. Later, she learned that Jesus could make her a new person. See the ... Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Venita grewup in a Buddhist household

in Indonesia.

Her mom, Lily, was Christian,but didn't practice her faith.

- We live with my mother-in-law

and I didn't want to have a conflict

with her or my husband over religion.

- [Narrator] Then one day, Lily decided

to go to church again.

Venita wondered where her mom was going.

- My parents never shared about God.

- [Narrator] The next Sunday, Venita asked

if she could go to church, too.

That's when she sawSuperbook for the first time.

- When I watched the story of Moses,

I learned that God has great power.

He can split the sea and help

all of the suffering people to escape.

- [Narrator] At the end of the episode,

Venita's teacher told the class

that Jesus had died for their sins.

Venita prayed to becomea Christian, that day.

- Before I heard about Jesus,

I didn't know that He could save me.

But He did.

Jesus has changed me andmade me a better person.

- [Narrator] Venita then invitedher older sister to church

and she became a Christian, too.

- I now pray for my dad and my brother

so they know about Jesusand can be Christians, too.

Thank you very much, Superbook,for teaching me about Him.

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