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Your “Don’t Worry” Financial Plan

Daniel and Nancy were hard workers and big spenders—until they both lost their jobs. Monthly bills exceeded their unemployment checks by $3,000 each month. See what they did that turned things around and put their finances in the black. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Daniel and Nancy Evans

spent money with reckless abandon.

They bought big ticketitems like boats and cars

with installment loans

and carried thousands ofdollars in credit card debt.

- We thought, you know,with both our incomes,

that we should be able toget anything we wanted.

We just never seem to have enough money

for all the things we wanted to do.

I had that feeling at times

that we weren't spending our money wisely.

- [Narrator] Danieland Nancy had just made

their biggest purchaseyet, a custom-made home,

when they suddenly lost their jobs.

- It was like everything hadevaporated out from under me,

and I was devastated.

- We didn't know what our future would be.

When I added up all my expenses,

they exceeded my unemploymentchecks by $3,000.

- [Narrator] Nancy andDaniel were Christians

and they knew about tithing,

but their giving had always been sporadic.

- The amount we gave tochurch would fluctuate

based upon if we need themoney for something else.

- [Narrator] As the Evansfaced financial disaster,

they prayed to God for help.

That's when Daniel says he hada revelation about tithing.

- At that point, I feltthe presence of the Lord

and He just said two words, "Don't worry."

And at that time, I was filled with joy

and I couldn't wait for theunemployment check to come

because I knew what I was going to do.

I got out my checkbook

and then I wrote a checkfor 10% of the gross

of both of our unemployment checks.

I put God first in my finances.

I had never had done that before.

- [Narrator] The couple cutall unnecessary expenditures

and began to tithe faithfully.

After several months withno increase in income,

they were amazed at what happened.

- Even though I shouldhave been in the hole

$3,000 each and every month,

I had more than enough moneyto make every bill that came up

so we have no idea wherethe fund was coming from.

- [Narrator] Then four monthsafter Daniel's lay off,

he received an unanticipated job offer.

- About being a budgetanalyst for a Federal agency.

We were on almost no money at all.

Just unemployment checks andnow I have a full time work

and it was as much, if not more,

than I'd ever made before.

- [Narrator] Over the next few years,

the Evans income increased by 30%

through raises and bonuses.

They were able to pay offall their outstanding debts

which included the sale of their home.

Their giving increased, too,

and they decided to join The 700 Club.

- [Daniel] I lovedwatching the CBN 700 Club

for my national and international news.

Plus all the amazing stories

and the people that aregetting healed every day on it.

- Giving to Operation Blessinghelps to spread the word

all over the entire world.

What could be more important than that?

- [Narrator] In 2015, theEvans decided to retire,

but they stayed busyfinding new places to give

their times and talents.

- When I put God first in mylife, first in my finances,

first in every aspect of my life,

that's when my life changed.

That's when He blessed me

and it's so much fun

not to be worried aboutanything in the world

and just have a joyfulspirit all the time.


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