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“Send the Angels to Help Us!”

Uziel and his parents survived the earthquakes in Mexico, but lost their home. This young believer assured his folks that God would send angels to help them. Hungry and living in a makeshift tent, the family stopped at a restaurant to get ... Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Useul andhis parents survived

the earthquakes in Mexico,

but lost their home.

Useul was the one whogave the family hope.

- I told my mom to have faith in God.

He would send angels to help us.

- [Narrator] Useul is a fighter.

He battled cancer and won,

but his medical expensesused up everything

the family had saved.

They owned a piece of land

and had planned to build a house on it,

but couldn't afford it.

- Chemotherapy was expensiveand hard on my little boy,

but I saw his strength,

his will to live, andfinally he was healed.

- [Narrator] After the earthquake,

they build a makeshift tent.

Walking home one night,Useul said he was hungry.

They took their last fewpesos and bought two tacos.

- I told myself, tonightFelicita and I will not eat.

We can stand the hunger.

We only have to buy some food for Useul.

- [Narrator] That night,

a team from Operation Blessing

was eating at the same restaurant.

The Operation Blessing team sat

and shared a meal withUseul and his parents,

and when they heard their story,

they decided to helpthe family in a big way.

We went to the old piece of land

they owned to build them a new home.

- I saw on TV that Operation Blessing

was helping people in the disaster areas,

and I prayed for some help like this.

Now to see them here,

I feel like God sent them to bless us.

- Soon we will have ournew home. I'm so excited!

- [Narrator] They showed me around,

and Useul proudly told mewhich room was going to be his.

It's big! It's a big room!

The new house won't just be

bigger than their old one.

Thanks to modern technology,

it'll be stronger, more stable,

and even better insulated.

This cellular concreteis such a great insulator

that even running a blow torch on it,

it barely gets hot.

And it's really easy to work with.

In fact it's solightweight, it even floats.

In no time at all, theirnew home was finished.

And the family was settling in nicely.

- I always pray for the people

from Operation Blessingbecause they helped us so much.

Thank you for our new home.


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