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These Kids Needed a Home

After raising five biological children, David and Yvette were heartbroken when they learned of three young siblings who were in dire need of a foster home. They wanted to give these kids a real family’s love. But food was a big factor. Their ... Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Four yearsago, the Sproul family

took in three children,when two of their five

biological children werestill living at home.

- They came here froma very rough background

in a house where there wasdrug and alcohol abuse.

They didn't know when the next

meal would come or what they would have.

- When they first came,the two little ones

would go sneak downstairs,and I'd find them

night after night sitting on the floor

in the kitchen sharingfood with each other.

- [Narrator] At the time, the Sprouls

were volunteering with Operation

Blessing partner Bread of Life.

So, when Child ProtectiveServices asked if

they could handlefostering three siblings,

they said yes becausethey knew we could help.

- We didn't have anything ready for this,

didn't have time to prepare.

- We were receiving diapers, and

baby wipes, and baby formula.

Those are a huge chunk of the financial

strain on a family with young children.

- [Narrator] When the children

became available for adoption,

the Sprouls jumped at the chance

to give them a forever family.

- There's absolutely no way we would've

been able to make thatdecision had it not been for

Operation Blessing and Bread of Life.

- For them to grow up and not know

where the next meal is coming from to

now where they can come in and

the refrigerator'sthere, the food's there.

They don't have toworry about those things

and they have everything they need.

They can focus their attentions

on just developing and growing

and being what God has called them to be,

rather than just trying to survive.

- To see them here, see them happy

and completely loved, it's really awesome.

- [Narrator] Now, Yvettevolunteers with her daughters.

- What an incredible network that

God has set up, that we can

have the Operation Blessing truck pull

into our parking lot here in Pennsylvania,

and open those doors, and know

that God is providing for our community.

We've seen it happen in our own lives,

we've seen it happen inour children's lives.

- Never underestimate what you give.

There's people that probably gave

all over this country that had no idea

who we were, but it blessed a

three year old, a fiveyear old, a seven year old.

It gave them peace, it gave them comfort.

You can't outgive God, and He's

going to be faithful whensupplying your needs as well.


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