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Sukkot Reflects Longing to Tabernacle with God

Sukkot Reflects Longing to Tabernacle with God Read Transcript

(upbeat accordion music)

- So I just want to tell youwhat we're actually doing here.

It's in the book of Leviticus,and it says you should take

for yourselves on the first day,

the fruit of beautiful trees,

branches of palm trees,

the boughs of leafy trees

and willows of the brook.

These funny looking lemons

are called Etrogs

or Citrons.

They're citron fruits andthey are edible but we don't

buy them to eat at this time of the year.

You want to make sure youget one that doesn't have a

blemish in it because it's a special fruit

and it speaks about itin the book of Leviticus

for this holiday.

(lively acoustic guitar)

- Chag Sameach

- Okay, here we are and we'regoing to build a Sukkah.

So here we go.

(fun whistle tune)

(upbeat guitar)

Chag Sameach, Have a happy holiday!


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