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The Global Lane - September 21, 2018

Are you ready for the circus? Showdown between Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey-Ford; Potential crisis ahead in Syria; Religious belief, or ethnicity? Judaism redefined; Brett Kavanaugh & character assassination politics. Read Transcript

- Today from the Global Lane,

are you ready for the circus?

It's the hottest ticket in town.

The showdown between Supreme Court nominee

Brett Kavnaugh and Christine Blasey Ford.

Potential crisis ahead in Syria.

But Turkey's President told Putin about

a planned assault on Idlib.

Religious belief orethnicity, Judaism redefined.

And I'll Drive It Home on Brett Kavanaugh,

Clarence Thomas, and characterassassinaton politics.

And it's all right here, rightnow from the Global Lane.

This week on the homefront Christine Blasey Ford

said she wanted the FBI to investigate

her sexual assault allegations

against Supreme Courtnominee Brett Kavanaugh.

That's the only way she'd agree to appear

before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley said

nothing the FBI doeswould have any bearing

on what Blasey Fordwould tell the committee.

He insisted the hearingand the committee vote

on Kavanaugh's confirmation would proceed

with or without her testimony.

Here to provide us with some insights

is a man who knows the law well.

He's David Clarke formerMilwaukee County Sheriff,

and now senior advisorto America First Action.

From reading your tweets today,

you think the timing

of Dr. Blasey Ford'sallegations is suspect?

Explain please?

- Extremely. It doesn'tpass the smell test.

Look this is a politicalhit job on a very good man,

Brett Kavanaugh.

These are unserious accusations,

these are vague allegations.

The kind of which whenyou levy at somebody like

this woman has done Ms.Ford with Brett Kavanaugh,

I'll tell you what when shestarts to try to call the shots

now as how this going to go,

she wants the FBI to investigate.

The FBI has nothing to do with this.

They did their background investigation.

They're satisfied.

This is a stall tactic by the left.

It's an ambush by the Democrats

on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

But I just hate to seehow they drag these people

through the slime of Washington DC.

They don't only do it to

GOP President Supreme Court nominations.

They also do it to othercabinet members as well.

- Is that something

the FBI would investigate, sexual assault?

Isn't that a state crime?

- Yes it is.

I don't believe there isany federal sexual assault.

But again what she'shoping for with the FBI,

the FBI would have totake some time with this.

The FBI for sure doesn'twanna do this in a week,

then they'll get smeared andaccused of not being sensitive

or believing a sexual assault victim.

So they would take months

and that's what the Democrats

on the Senate JudiciaryCommittee are hoping

that they can stall this through

the November midterms inhopes of winning the Senate.

- Now when you were Sheriff,

if someone came to you and said

I was sexually assaulted 36 years ago

and feared for my life.

How would you have responded?

Would you have investigated?

- Well first of all there'ssome resources you can bring in.

But basically from 36 years ago,

you'll never get a prosecutor.

There isn't a competentprosecutor in this country

that would touch that case.

Not just from 36 years ago, not 26,

not 16, not six years ago.

Because like I saidthere's no evidence of it.

So I would say, hey I feel bad for ya

but ma'am there'snothing we can do for ya.

You know she had a chanceall during this 36 years.

Brett Kavanaugh has been vetted,

he's been up for other nominations,

he worked in the White House,

other judicial nominationsand she never came forward.

I would say to her today,

hey look it's put up or shut up time.

Either you have somethingto say or you don't.

You've been offered achance by Chuck Grassley

of the Senate Judiciary Committee

to come in and tellyour side of the story.

And now she's balking.

She's balking because this is nothing more

than a political charade.

- [Reporter] Now some ofher supporters say hey,

she took a lie detectortest and she passed.

How reliable is that to provethat the accused is guilty?

- Zero, absolutely nothing.

Lie detector tests are noteven admissible in court

for heaven's sakes.

And why would she feel sheneeded a lie detector test

months before her name became known.

When she said originallyI wanna remain anonymous.

I don't want any part of this.

Then why would you run outand get a lie detector test?

- And I sure you rememberthe Clarence Thomas

confirmation hearings.

It seems like deja vu.

We've been down this road before.

How is this one differentin this era of me too?

- The difference is the me toomovement has been weaponized

and just a mere accusation,just the mere claim

of these things is devastating.

And I'm not suggesting thatthis stuff doesn't happen,

it does but I'll tell ya what

in this case here, no.

I'm on the side of Brett Kavanaugh.

That he didn't do this.

It's not within his character.

What happened to ClarenceThomas was a shame.

It was disgusting,

it was a dark period of history.

Dark period of time forSupreme Court nominees.

So there's some lot of parallels here.

This is the MO, the modusoperandi politically,

political strategy of the left.

When you can't get aguy on something else,

smear him with some sexual impropriety

because that's a verytough thing to disprove.

This thing will be hanging around him,

this cloud of suspicionfor the rest of his career.

That's a shame.

We shouldn't do that to people.

Especially people who are asked to serve.

You can challenge him,

talk about his opinions like they did,

question his judicialphilosophy all fair game

even aggressively all fair game.

But these character assassination attempts

in Washington DC have become common place

and it's preventing goodpeople from stepping up

who are asked to serve.

They look and they go,

hey look I got a familyI gotta think about.

I don't need to be dragged through this.

I mean Brett Kavanaugh is a husband,

he is a father,

he has daughters for heaven's sakes.

What must they be thinkingabout the process?

Well I don't care what theirpolitical persuasion is,

but when good people are dragged

through the muck of the swamp,

I'm not gonna stand by and just watch it.

- And you're a Democrat are you not?

- Well I ran as a Democrat.

I don't really belongto a political party.

You know I'm a conservative but look,

politics aside, right is right,

wrong is wrong. This is wrong.

- Okay Sheriff David Clarke,

we appreciate you.

Thanks for being with us today.

- My pleasure.

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- Turkey President Erdoganhas completed a meeting

with Russia's Vladimir Putin

to discuss developments in Syria.

He shared concerns with the Russians

and warned Europe of anew humanitarian tragedy.

Tens of thousands of new refugees

if Russia and Syria move forward

with an assault on the city of Idlib.

Joining us is senior counselor

at the Foundation For TheDefense Of Democracies

John Hannah.

Mr. Hannah has workedat the highest levels

of US foreign policy in both the Clinton

and George W Bush administrations.

John, thanks for being here today.

So, it's the last majorstronghold for the rebels.

Wouldn't a final assault on Idlib

bring an end to the war?

What's the concern?

- Well the big concern as you said Gary

is this threat of a massivehumanitarian tragedy.

This would make eventhe rest of the horrors

that we seen in Syria pale in comparison.

You're talking about three million people

in a very small space thatreally could be driven

straight across the Turkish border.

Turkey's already got an excessof three million refugees

that it's accepted fromSyria as you noted.

The potential outflow then into Europe,

the amount of instabilitythat would cause.

This is a disaster waiting to happen.

And the only thing standingin the way of that right now

are Turkish forces on the ground in Idlib.

And American and westernwarnings to Vladimir Putin

and the Russians that theyshouldn't push this too far.

- Do you think the Russians get it?

Does Putin understand?

Will he back off?

- I think we have to saythat over the last week,

I think that what PresidentTrump has managed to do

in his warnings including his tweets

about the potential disaster in Idlib

is he's put a pause in Putin's step.

It looked like an offensivewas imminent in Idlib.

And yet over the course of the last week

all other reports we're getting

is at least there's beena temporary stand down

of any offensive.

I think Putin first and foremost

is very, very worried about a possible

American military action ifan offensive goes forward.

And he's worried ofcourse in the aftermath

that he doesn't want to be the person

caught holding the bill

for any kind of reconstructioneffort in Syria.

His whole plan and strategy,

he's going to break Syria,

but make the Europeansand United States pay

for rebuilding Syria.

If he goes forward in Idlib now

I think that is forever off the table.

- You know I think manyAmericans are just trying

to understand US policy right now.

Is it for Asaad to stay,is it for him to go?

What is our policy?

- Well I think there isan unspoken decision now

that for the time being we won't manage

to get rid of Asaad.

That the Russians and Asaad and Iranians

have in fact won that battle.

The real game now is whatis going to be the future

of Iran's militaryposture inside of Syria.

Are they going to be allowed

to entrench themselves militarily

right on Israel's northernborder on the Golan Heights?

Or is the United States andIsrael and the rest of the west

going to insist that theprice of allowing this

Russian Asaad victoryin the Syrian civil war,

the price that will demand for any kind

of political settlementis for the Iranians

to be driven out of Syria entirely.

- How concerned are we right now

about Asaad's possibleuse of chemical weapons?

And if he does use themhow certain could we be

that it would be his regimethat has deployed them

instead of the rebels?

- Well I think everythingthat the United States

senior officials havesaid in the recent days

is that they are very worried.

They obviously have picked up intelligence

that the Asaad regimefor the umpteenth time

is getting ready to use chemical weapons

if it goes forward withan offensive in Idlib.

I think the US intelligencecommunity at least says

that its very confidentthat if chemical weapons

are used in this instance itwould be by the Asaad regime.

And in that case I thinkit's almost certain,

the administration has said nothat that would be a red line

which will trigger a use ofthe American military force

that will be larger thananything we've seen previously

in the Syria conflict.

- Now if Asaad stays howcould negotiations succeed?

Because I know the rebelsand those fighting the regime

say they'll not end the waruntil he actually steps aside.

- Well I think you're justgoing to have to paper over

that there is over goingto be some kind of interim

period in which a new government in formed

Asaad may still be the nominalhead of that government.

He will probably tohave to include members

of some kind of acceptableopposition, rebel opposition

in that government thatwill eventually lead

to some kind of election,

new constitution, andde-centralization in Syria.

And perhaps at some point in time,

Asaad eventually stepping down.

But I think even thereare rebel leaders now

that understand theimmediate ouster of Asaad

as part of an immediatepolitical settlement

is probably not in the cards any longer.

- And finally many ofour viewers as you know

are concerned about theplight of Syrian Christians.

They've suffered terribly

over the past six and a half years.

And what priority should they be given

who receive religious or political asylum

in the United States?

Many are still wanting to come here.

- Oh I think it shouldbe a very high priority

for the United Statesto give aid and comfort

to those religious minorities and groups

that have been explicitly targeted

by one side or the otherin this awful civil war.

Great tragedy of course

is that Syria as well asother parts of the Middle East

for a millennia have beenplaces of great religious

and ethnic diversity.

And unfortunately we'reseeing all of that disappear

and it will be to the great detriment

of the Middle East whichalready has so many problems

to be losing these populations

that over the centuries have made so many

tremendous contributions towhatever peace and prosperity

and diversity that thosesocieties have previously enjoyed.

- Okay Mr. John Hannah,

the Foundation For TheDefense Of Democracies.

Thank you for your insights today sir.

- Thank you Gary.

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- What does it mean to be Jewish?

Is it a religious beliefor an ethnic identity?

Could it be both?

And why is the definition important?

It has an effect on theway governments define

anti-semitism and respondto hate crimes against Jews.

Now the Trump administration has changed

the US government's definition.

Here to explain more is Matt Staver,

he's Chairman of the Liberty Council

and President of Christiansin Defense of Israel.

Matt thanks for joining us.

So why did the USgovernment make that change?

Was it a needed change?

- It was definitely a needed change.

So now the definition of antisemitism

includes both Judaism,the religious belief

and an ethnic group.

So there are peopleobviously that are Jews

that are not following aparticular Jewish religious belief.

But they're discriminated against because

of their ethnicity being Jewish.

And if you don't haveboth of those components

then you're not gonnaultimately combat antisemitism.

So consequently the state department

included in the definition both Judaism

and ethnic origin andnow that will also impact

all the other agencies including

the Department of Education.

Which will now reopen acase at Rutgers University

where individuals who are Jewishwere discriminated against

and because of the previous definition

under the Obama administration

that investigation was shut down.

- Explain what happenedat Rutgers University

and why was it shut down?

- Well Rutgers Universityis like what happens

at many other universities.

In fact of some of the Jewishstudents at universities

have signs posted on theirdorms for Jews to be out

or they have swastikas posted there.

They also have a callagainst Jewish organizations

or some of the Jewish groups,

student organizationsare discriminated against

or banned.

There's particularharassment that's directed

towards individuals solelybecause they're Jewish in nature.

There's a rise frankly andunfortunately of antisemitism

not only in pats of the United States

but in particularly onthe college campuses.

And that's why I thinkit's important to reopen

the investigation atRutgers and also to look at

antisemitism in itscomprehensive standpoint

that includes both thereligious faith of Judaism

and the fact that youare ethnically Jewish.

I think frankly most of the discrimination

on college campuses is not so much

because someone's practicing Judaism

they're orthodox or someother religious definition

or practice.

But because they're Jewish.

Simply because they'reJewish as an ethnic origin

they're being targeted.

The Palestinian organizationsthat are being supported

by some of the organizations associated

with the Muslim brotherhood,

they're bringing a lot ofantisemitism on campus.

And they're targeting theJewish students on campus.

Liberty Council andcertainly Liberty Council's

affiliated ministry Christiansin Defense of Israel

and our other ministry Covenant Journey,

we spend a lot of timeworking with Jewish people

and visiting Israel.

And we understand what happensamong these college campuses

Unfortunately with thetargeted antisemitism.

And so that needs to stop.

I'm very pleased with the new approach

by the Trump administration to put a stop

to this antisemitism inthis blatant discrimination

against Jews.

- We see a lot of reportsMatt from the American media

about hate crimes against people of color.

But not many stories about antisemitism

and hate crimes against Jews.

Why do you think that is?

- Well I think the reason why we don't see

stories about the hate crimes against Jews

is because at the federal level

the government definitionwas not broad enough

and frankly not consistent with reality.

You know someone who is gonna target a Jew

for example on a college campus

because that they have apro Palestinian organization

an organization for examplethat doesn't even believe

that Jews have a right toexist in the land of Israel.

They're not going to makea distinction between

an Orthodox practicing Jew

and a Jew who's a secular Jew.

Because they are Jewish,they're going to target them.

And they're going todiscriminate against them

and we need to put thisdiscrimination to a stop.

Because unfortunately what we see

is not only discrimination,

but we also see individuals who's lives

are potentially in dangerbecause of the targeting

against them due to their Jewishness.

- Okay so big move forward.

What do you expect will happen now

that the Trump administrationhas made this change

to redefine who is a Jew?

- Well I think this willhave not only domestic

but international implications.

Because certainly it's alreadygoing to have an impact

on the Department of Education

and that's where we see alarge antisemitic movement

taking place particularlywith the pro Palestinian

organizations againststudents who are Jewish.

But we also because it'spart of the State Department

and it originates withthe State Department

will have internationalconsequences as well.

Both at the United Nationsand as the United States

works around the world.

There's lots of anti-Jewish sentiment

in many parts of the world today.

And through the StateDepartment we can implement

policies and practices and set an example

to protect Jewish people

so they're not discriminated against

simply because they're Jewish

or because they're practicing Judaism.

- Okay a little more muscle I guess

in the fight againstantisemitism around the world.

Matt Staver of the Liberty Council

also Christians In Defense Of Israel.

Thanks for your insights.

- Thanks for having me.

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- Hello I'm Terri Newsom.

Did you know there aremore than 148 million

orphans in the world today?

148 million.

But it was three littlegirls that taught me

about the plight of orphans.

My husband and I spentnearly a month immersed

in the daily activitiesof a Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw firsthand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection,

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew aministry from my heart

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Today we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

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When you comfort,

the hurt goes away.

When we all come together to love

miracles happen.

- Step right up folks

or you'll miss the greatest show on earth.

The circus is back in town.

This time in Washington DCand it's under the big top,

the US Capitol.

It's not Barnum and Baileybut this one is brought to us

by Chuck and Diane.

Schumer and Feinstein.

They started preparing this show in July

and planned a last minute opening

for mid September just before

the Supreme Court confirmation vote.

The star of the show isChristine Blasey Ford

who alleges that Supreme Court nominee

Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her

at a high school party 35 years ago.

Kavanaugh denies the allegations

as do quite a few of his male and female

high school and college friends.

Not in his character, notthe Brett I knew and loved

they said.

Should Blasey Ford be believed?

Well she and JudgeKavanaugh should be heard.

The Senate has given bothof them the opportunity

to testify.

And so without furtherdelay, Senators should vote.

Either they believe theallegations or they don't.

Just about every SenateDemocrat has already said

they will vote against Kavanaugh.

Most Senate Republicans support him.

Absent other women comingforward without solid evidence

against Kavanaugh's character,

it's unlikely any will be swayed.

Because politics and the upcoming election

are really at play here.

The Democratic leadershipwants to delay the vote

until after the midterm election.

That's why they've calledfor another FBI investigation

of Kavanaugh.

He's already had six over the years,

but they want another one.

They know it would takeweeks if not months

for the FBI to investigatethis 35 year old allegation.

That's because Blasey Fordcan't recall when or where

the party took place.

Few witnesses exist.

Those who she says were there have

denied attending the party.

It's Blasey Ford's wordagainst the words of Kavanaugh

and his friends.

Kavanaugh's already beenthrough an extensive

vetting process.

Senator's received morethan one million documents

from various sources including the FBI

on the Supreme Court nominee.

That's more information on Kavanaugh

than all five of thepast nominees combined.

So Senators should examine the testimony

and information presentedto them and vote.

Up or down Senators! Let's get on with it!

Kavanaugh's a man of integrity,

he's fully qualified.

There's nothing in his legal experience

or character that should prevent him

from becoming an exemplarySupreme Court Justice.

Well that's it from the Global Lane.

Be sure to follow us onFacebook, Itunes, SoundCloud,

YouTube, and Twitter.

And until next time, be blessed.


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