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Operation Blessing Helps Disabled Couple Affected by Florence

Operation Blessing helps disabled couple living in a rented house in New Bern, North Carolina, clear damaged furniture and belongings out of their house. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] When Hurricane Florence

hit New Bern, North Carolina,

no one knew there wasgoing to be so much damage,

especially from the floodwater.

- It was devastating.

Our front porch wasstarting to flood away.

- Struggling through deep water.

It kept on getting deeper and deeper.

It was up to here to me.

And I was having to go like this

and hold my little dog uplike this the whole time.

I felt like I was gonna die.

And I was worried to deathabout my husband and my dog.

- [Narrator] John andCrystal Price lost a lot.

- I don't have any clothes.

My things, all things got ruined.

It smells so bad in our house right now.

It just smells like old,bad, nasty, river water.

Everything stinks.

- [Narrator] While the coupledoesn't have to worry about

repairing their rental home,

they do need to get allof their damaged furniture

and belongings out of the house.

But both John and Crystal are disabled

and have a difficult time getting around.

- Like I said, I got

a bad leg and all these problems.

- I was driving a van andI went into the windshield

and through it.

It gave me permanent damagein three places in my back

and my neck.

- [Narrator] So while otherpeople around them started

emptying their homes out,

it was too much forJohn and Crystal to do.

When they stopped by WithoutLimits Christian Center

for a hot meal,

they learned about Operation Blessing's

disaster relief effortsand asked for help.

- Hey, I'm sorry to have to ask,

but there are some things, you know,

we just can't do it.

We're older and we just can't do it.

- [Narrator] We quickly senta team over to their home.

By the end of the afternoon,

we've gotten all of theirfurniture and heavy items

out of the house.

- Thank god y'all

were here to do it.

- You all are strangers to us.

And y'all came over anddid all this for us.

I don't know what Iwould've done without you,

Operation Blessing andyou and all of y'all.

This helped us, I don't know.

I would have nobody at all.

You guys good.

- [Narrator] Before we left,

we made sure we prayed with the couple.

- I'll never ever ever everforget anybody else's faces.

Y'all would be in myprayers every single day.

Thank you

Jesus for sending y'all to us.

- [Narrator] One of Crystal's prayers

is for Operation Blessing.

- [Crystal] Pleading andpraying that Operation Blessing

will get the help andeverybody will help you

and soon we'll get backto normal around the areas

that have been hit by this terrible,

horrible Hurricane Florence.


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