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Kavanaugh Showdown Coming? Dems Tell Men 'Just Shut Up', Threaten to Impeach Him After Election

Kavanaugh Showdown Coming? Dems Tell Men 'Just Shut Up', Threaten to Impeach Him After Election Read Transcript

- Christine Blasey Fordis open to testifying

before the Senate Judiciary Committee,

if she can negotiate certain conditions.

Ford accuses Judge Brett Kavanaugh

of sexually assaulting her

while the two were in high school.

If she testifies, reports indicate

she doesn't want JudgeKavanaugh in the room.

Kavanaugh must be questioned first,

and only members of thecommittee can question her.

No lawyers or Senate aides.

- [Police Officer] You'reunlawfully demonstrating.

- [Voiceover] On Capitol Hill, protestors

swarmed Senate offices, Thursday.

- [Crowd] We believe Dr. Blasey.

- [Voiceover] As Senate JudiciaryChairman, Chuck Grassley,

and others negotiatedwith Ford's attorney.

- We offered one more closed session,

or two ways of doing it by transcript.

- [Voiceover] In a letter tothe committee, Kavanaugh writes

he wants a hearing as soon aspossible, to clear his name.

"Since the moment I first heardthis allegation," he writes,

"I have categorically andunequivocally denied it.

"I remain committed todefending my integrity."

And President Trump isstanding by his nominee,

praising him during acampaign rally in Nevada.

- Brett Kavanaugh is oneof the finest human beings

you will ever have theprivilege of knowing or meeting.

- [Voiceover] The presidenthas expressed sympathy

for what Kavanaugh is going through,

but maintains Ford should be heard.

- So we'll let it play out,

and I think everything'sgoing to be just fine.

- [Voiceover] Since Ford'sallegations surfaced,

both she and Kavanaughhave received threats.

- And behind the scenes, both Republicans

and Democrats are calculating

how this is playing politically,

just about six weeks beforethe mid-term elections.

At this point, the only guarantee

is that nothing is certain.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.


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