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News on The 700 Club: September 21, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Sept 21.: Read Transcript

- Well welcome to the 700 Club.

Christine Blasey Ford may testify

about her alligationagainst Brett Kavanaugh.

Her legal team has madean offer to the Senate

and now both sides are tryingto work out the details.

- But the Senate JudiciaryCommittee is not likely

to accept all of her terms.

Jennifer Wishon brings us this look

at some of Ford's requestsand how Judge Kavanaugh's

responding to the charges against him.

- Christine Blasey Fordis open to testifying

before the Senate Judiciary committee

if she can negotiate certain conditions.

Ford accuses Judge Brett Kavanaugh

of sexually assaulting her while

the two were in high school.

If she testifies, reports indicate

she doesn't want JudgeKavanaugh in the room.

Kavanaugh must be questioned first

and only members of thecommittee can question her,

no lawyers or Senate Aides.

- You're unlawfully demonstrating.

- [Jennifer] On Capitol Hill,

protestors swarmedSenate offices Thursday.

- [Protestors] We believe doctor Blasey.

- [Jennifer] As Senate JudiciaryChairmen Chuck Grassley

and others negotiatedwith Ford's attorney.

- We offered one more close session

or two ways of doing it by transcript.

- [Jennifer] In a letter to the committee,

Kavanaugh writes he wants a hearing

as soon as possible to clear his name.

"Since the moment I firstheard this allegation,"

He writes, " I have categorically

and unequivocally denied it.

I remain committed todefending my integrity."

And President Trump isstanding by his nominee,

praising him during ancampaign rally in Nevada.

- Brett Kavanaugh is one of the finest,

human beings you will ever

have the privilege of knowing, or meeting.

- [Jennifer] The Presidenthas expressed sympathy

for what Kavanaugh is going through,

but maintains Ford should be heard.

- So we'll let it play out and I think

everything's gonna be just fine.

- [Jennifer] Since Ford'salligation surfaced,

both she and Kavanaughhave received threats.

And behind the scenes, bothrepublicans and democrats

are calculating how thisis playing politically.

Just about six weeks beforethe mid term elections.

At this point the only guarantee

is that nothing is certain.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.

- Now the political dramacontinues in Washington

and this is a very high stakes game.

We'll have full coverage of it next week.

Well in other news, a super typhoon

hammered the NorthernPhilippines this week.

The death toll has reached 74

and at least 40 people are still missing.

Thousands are homeless.

CBN disaster reliefteams are among the first

to provide help and comfortfor the typhoons victims.

Lucille Talusan brings us that story.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Lucille] Jackilou Basawil is grieving

over the death of her brother.

A land slide killed him after

super typhoon Mangkhutstruck their village.

"-This is so terrible,my brother was asleep

when the mountain suddenly caved in

destroying out house. (criesin a foreign language)"

- [Lucille] Jackilou's brother and aunt

are among the 74 killed in the typhoon.

In a near by village,rescuers search for survivors

and the bodies of those still missing.

In this very tragic time,CBB Disaster Relief Team

is here, not only to give material help

to the grieving and suffering families,

but also hope, comfort, and Gods's love.

The villagers here arethankful CBN brought them rice,

noodles, milk, and other items.

It was also a great opportunity to share

the good news of salvation tosurvivors and pray for them.

"- My grandmother saidshe was so delighted,

that you had to travelvery far to visit us.

Thank you so much.

Our sadness was alleviatedwhen you prayed for us.

Your reminded us that

with God's help we shallovercome this trial.

(speaks in orienting language)"

- [Lucille] Lucille Talusan,CBN News, Bangkhut Philippines.

- That's just part of the disaster relief

that CBN is doing around the world,

whether it's earthquakes inIndonesia this past few weeks,

the terrible flooding in Kerela India,

the flooding in Japan.

We're there and we're there in your name

and right now we have aneed in North Carolina,

we have a need for dayvolunteers today in New Bern,

as well as out of townvolunteers will be able,

on Monday will be able toprovide housing for you.

So if you are a day volunteer,you have your own housing,

and you're around NewBern, call that number,

757-226-3407, and if you want to register,

if you're out of townand you want to register,

you want to be a partof Operation Blessing,

the relief right now, North Carolina.

You have to call us, youhave to register in advance,

so write the number down, 757-226-3407.


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