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Digital Antenna Setup

Learn how to get the CBN News Channel in your area. Read Transcript

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- Hello, I'm Wendy Griffith with CBN News,

we are so excited to introducethe CBN News Channel,

news from a Christianperspective, 24 hours a day,

seven days a week.

With this channel, we're able to bring you

the information you care about,

directly to your local station.

Now here's how to set up your television

to watch the CBN News channel.

First, go to to find

the CBN News Channel in your area.

Type in your zip code and noteyour local channel number.

If you don't alreadyhave a digital antenna,

you'll need to get one.

There are many indoormodels available today,

from common rabbit earsantennas to low profile

modern versions and evenflat window-mounted antennas.

Keep in mind, if you live in a rural area,

or where television signals are weak,

you may need an outdoor antennainstead of an indoor one.

Once you have your antenna,you'll need to install it.

Look for the antenna port onthe back of your television

and attach your antenna cable there.

Next, you'll need to update your channels

by performing a channel scan.

Go into your TV's menu, andclick on channel settings

or channels.

Different TVs might use different terms.

Inside your channelsettings, look for something

called scan, channelsearch, or find channels.

Click on this functionand wait while your TV

searches for available broadcast signals,

it may take awhile.

When the scan is complete, exit the menu

and navigate to your localCBN News Channel number.

You may need to experimentwith antenna placement

and direction for thebest signal reception.

Generally, higher isbetter and away from metal

and large obstructions.

An optimal spot for an indoor antenna

might be near a window.

If you live close to broadcast towers

and your channel reception is still poor,

check to see if yourantenna has an amplifier.

If it does, remove the amplifier and run

another channel scan.

This should fix the problem.

For further informationon selecting an antenna

or locating broadcastsignals in your area,

go to

Thank you so much for beingpart of our CBN News family,

we look forward tobringing you the stories

and information that youcare about on our new

24/7 news channel, thanks for watching.

(calm music)



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