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Faith Nation: September 21, 2018

Faith Nation: September 21, 2018 Read Transcript

(upbeat music)

- President Trump taking to social media

to criticize the womanaccusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh

of sexual assault.

Welcome to Faith Nation, I'm John Jessup.

- And I'm Amber Strong.

The President's criticism comes

as Republican Senatorslook to reach middle ground

in compelling Christine Ford to testify.

Ford says she is willingspeak on the allegations

if certain conditions are met.

- And now GOP lawmakers areconsidering counteroffers.

White House correspondent Ben Kennedy

joins us now with details.

- Well John and Amber thereis a deal on the table

by the GOP.

Essentially the hearingwill be held on Wednesday.

One camera in the room

and Judge Brett Kavanaughwill not be present

during Christine Blasey Ford's testimony.

Now Christine Blasey Ford's attorney

wanted Thursday so we'llhave to wait and see

if one day could hold up thesigning off on this offer.

- So we'll let it play out.

And I think everything'sgonna be just fine.

- [Ben] President Trumpis no longer holding back

and took to Twitter to fightfor his Supreme Court nominee

saying I have no doubt thatif the attack on Dr. Ford

was as bad as she says,

charges would have been immediately filed

with local law enforcement authorities

by either her or her loving parents.

I ask that she bring those filings forward

so that we can learndate, time, and place.

- The President is defending his nominee.

But that nominee needs to defend himself.

Against what he says are uncategorically

and unequivocally false allegations.

He says he was not at the party.

- [Ben] Kavanaugh iseager to defend himself

as soon as possible.

His accuser Christine Blasey Ford

only wants to tell her sideif key conditions are met.

She reportedly doesn'twant Kavanaugh in the room.

He must be questioned first.

And only members of thecommittee can question her,

no lawyers or Senate aides.

- The truth is the truth.

So he's willing to say it,

yesterday, today, tomorrow,this weekend, last weekend,

certainly Monday next week.

But any delay beyond that by Senators

who already said they aregoing to vote against him

is politicizing the process.

- [Ben] Ford is accusing the judge

of sexually assaultingher at a high school party

in the early '80s.

The Washington Post reportsshe didn't tell anyone

at the time because shewas a terrified teenager,

afraid of getting introuble with her parents.

Ford's sister in law told ABC News

coming forward was not easy.

- I'm sure she's preparing mentally to

embrace her truth and

kind of get past thethings that have made her

feel like she has tohide it and be silent.

- Now John Senators aresaying they really do

wanna hear both sidesbefore moving forward

with any kind of a vote.

That being said, theSenate Judiciary Committee

is giving Ford's attorneyuntil the end of Friday

to make a decision.

So really the clock's ticking.

- Sure. Ben, thanks for keeping us posted.

- Yeah.

- Fallout from theallegation is dividing women

into two camps.

Those who say they know BrettKavanaugh and support him

and others who standbehind the accuser saying

her story is similar to their own.

Capitol Hill CorrespondentAbigail Robertson explains.

- More than 75 women who'veknown Judge Brett Kavanaugh

for decades came forwardFriday to defend his character

and talk about why theystill support the nominee.

- The allegation beingleveled against him is false.

And we are proud to stand with Brett.

- Brett Kavanaugh is a good man

who is incapable of mistreating anyone.

- [Abigail] Kavanaugh's former girlfriend

Laura Fitzgerald told thecrowd she wanted to make

one think clear.

She was not there for political reasons.

- Brett was the kindof guy that you wanted

to take home to meet your parents.

The allegation againstBrett is inconsistent

with everything thatI have known about him

as a person.

- [Abigail] And a closefamily friend talked about

the hardship Kavanaugh's wifeand kids are going through.

- I am heartbroken over the way

that this preciousfamily has been treated.

What saddens me the mostis the fact that I know

this person Brett Kavanaugh to be a person

of the highest moralcharacter and integrity.

- [Abigail] The pressconference came one day

after Senators receiveda letter signed by 1,000

women who've attended HoltonArms School over the years,

the same school attendedby Kavanaugh's accuser

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

- Her experience isconsistent with experiences

that we have heard andlived and many of us

are survivors ourselves.

- [Abigail] While manywho have signed the letter

have never met Dr. Ford,

they maintain they knew of instances

similar to the one she described.

- Don't mess.

With the alumni of the Holton Arms School.

But most importantlydon't mess with survivors.

Because this is not 1991.

And America has their back.

- While details of a potential testimony

are still being debated,

lawyers for Dr. Ford saythe attention and scrutiny

have led to threats against their client

and forced her to leave her home.

Reporting from Washington,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- And Hadley HeathManning is policy director

of the Independent Women's Forum

she joins us now for more.

Hadley clearly sexual assaultis a very serious allegation,

what is the proper way you think

of going about evaluatingthese allegations

against Judge Kavanaugh?

- Well certainly sexual assaultis a serious allegation.

We have to weigh theevidence on both sides

in any accusation of sexual assault.

We should be very reluctant to group

all sexual assault accusations together.

We live in the age of me too.

We live in the age wherewomen are more likely

to get a fair hearingabout their accusations.

And yet each individual accusation

comes with its own set of facts.

And in this case with Judge Kavanaugh

we have a singleunsubstantiated accusation

from 36 years ago.

It's gonna be verydifficult for the accuser

to compile enough evidenceto convince the public

and our lawmakers that her claim is true.

And of course on the flip side,

it would be nearly impossiblefor Judge Kavanaugh

to completely defend himself

when you can't prove a negative.

You can't disprove thatthe events of 36 years ago

didn't take place.

So both the accuser and Judge Kavanaugh

are in a difficult position.

- Hadley you alluded tothis just a few seconds ago

but how much of an impact do you think

being in this me toomoment is going to have

on this particular situation?

- Well I hope thatlawmakers and the public

will set aside the culturalevents that we've seen

take place over the past couple of years

and focus again on thisas an individual case.

When we have seen peopleaccused of sexual misconduct

and you know Harvey Weinstein being maybe

the primary example and thenin the world of politics

certainly Roy Moore

and we could go back in time

to former President Bill Clinton.

A lot of times we'll see a pattern where

an initial accusationreally triggers a waterfall

of many accusations.

In the case of JudgeKavanaugh we haven't see that.

In fact to the contrary we've seen

many men and women acrossthe political spectrum

stepping forward to defend his character

and to say they really don'tthink that this accusation

fits what they know about the Judge.

So we have to take theevidence from both sides

in that context and that's what makes this

a very difficult time, notjust for Judge Kavanaugh

and for Dr. Ford, the womanbringing the accusation.

But also for the me too movement

because of course people willsee this particular claim

as something that relatesto the broader movement

and it may not be fair to stake

all of the sexual assaultclaims in the world

on this one particular set of facts.

- Final question for you,

do you think Judge Kavanaughshould be confirmed?

- I do.

I think Judge Kavanaughif you look at the breadth

of evidence in terms of notjust his personal character

but also his professionalrecord as a judge

who has respected the foundersdesign for the Constitution.

He's someone who wouldnot bring partisan lens

to the Supreme Court.

In fact he is respected byRepublicans and Democrats alike.

He's someone who would bringa balanced point of view

and a Constitution focused point of view

to the Supreme Court.

And aside from thisaccusation that came to light

over the weekend that really unfortunately

puts a bad light on his nomination now.

Everything seems, allthe ducks seemed in a row

in terms of getting himconfirmed to the Supreme Court.

And I hope that asidefrom any new evidence

or aside from any new accusations,

seems like the evidence simply isn't there

to convict Judge Kavanaugh

in the court of public opinion

or to change minds of our lawmakers

when it comes to his confirmation.

- Hadley Heath Manning thank you so much

for joining us and for your insight.

- Thank you.

- The Values Voters Summit is bringing

some of the biggest namesin the conservative movement

to Washington this weekend.

The Family Research Councilputs on the event each year

and with Judge Kavanaugh's Supreme Court

Senate confirmation vote in question,

majority leader Mitch McConnell took

to the Values Voters stage this morning.

- You all following thecurrent Supreme Court hype

and you will watch it unfold

in the course of the next week.

President Trump has nominated a stunningly

successful individual.


You've watched the fight,

you've watched the tactics,

but here's what I wanna tell ya.

In the very near future,

Judge Kavanaugh will be on theUnited States Supreme Court.


- Our Chief Political Analyst David Brody

was at Values Voters Summit this morning.

David what was it like today?

- A lot of enthusiasm Amber.

Mitch McConnell that wasreally the highlight so far.

And when he said thatline that we just heard

basically the crowd raised to its feet,

wide standing ovation. Thenso you know there were a lot

of political speeches obviously,

there's also talk about rallying the base

and all of that praying for the nation.

But Amber I gotta tell youwhen it all gets down to

and it's all about enthusiasm.

Can evangelicals actuallymatch the anti Trump

enthusiasm on the other side.

That's the midterm election question.

So we went in search ofenthusiasm, have a look.

Sir, how you doing?

We're looking for enthusiasm.

Are you excited?

- I'm excited.

- No I mean mid-term elections?

- Mid term elections?

- Are you gonna vote?

- Of course, yeah.

- What about your friends and family?

- Oh yeah, we always vote.

- All right we're looking for enthusiasm.

Hi, anybody enthusiastic?

Are we enthusiastic aboutthe mid-term elections?

Do we care?

- Yes we do care.

- Because the Democratsthey're not playing around.

- That is true.

But I'm curious to knowwhat is their policy agenda.

- Good point.

But they're like up here.

If this the enthusiasm.

They're like, they're very anti Trump.

- Yeah that is true.

There is I guess you wouldcall it enthusiasm gap.

And I think part of itcould be contributed to

the lack of resolveamongst Senate Republican

maintaining the President's agenda.

- People who are saying that

the conservatives are disinterested,

their not really involved,that is not true.

- Not true?

- And you know why?

Because the more the left doesthe things that they're doing

the more it motivates the right

and it galvanizes them.

- Excuse me sir, hey how are you?

We're looking for peoplethat are enthusiastic

about the midterms.

Are you enthusiastic?

- I am optimistic. I'm hopeful.

I think it's gonna berequiring a major effort

of Republicans to get out to the polls

and to bring their friends out.

- It's gonna be tough

- And realize how challenging it is.

There's been so much misinformation

about the accomplishmentsof the Trump administration.

- [David] The crowd here at least

is pumped and ready to vote.

And typically evangelicalsshow up in mid term elections.

They make up roughly26% of the electorate.

This year a new wrinkle,

the Kavanaugh controversy.

What will that mean forevangelical enthusiasm?

- If he does not get itconfirmed, we need to step it up.

We need to make sure thatwe get someone in there.

And of course Trump is theone that makes the decisions

but we need to get somebodyin there that's more solid.

- So you blame more Democrats for this

than Republicans not getting Kavanaugh?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We don't want that leadership in.

- David on the streetwith the people. David,

- That's me John.

On the street with the people.

- Tony Perkins this morning described the

Values Voters Summit asthe largest conservative

event of the year.

We saw Mike Pompeo, Mitch McConnell,

Michelle Bachman and others.

I would imagine a lot of conservatives

are scrambling to get onstage just to share their

conservative bona fides.

- That's right and thesitting Vice President

oh by the way Mike Pencewill speak on Saturday.

It's the first time theValues Voters Summit

actually had a sitting VicePresident speak to them.

And last year there wasa guy named Donald Trump

the President of the United States

who spoke to Values Voters Summit.

So it's a big deal. Andnot only is it a big deal

because they're getting the names

but C-Span covers it live.

The mainstream media is paying attention

and so it can drive thenarrative in Washington.

- [John] Sure- You actually broke some news

coming out of the Values Voters Summit.

Yeah, you do that on Twitter.

You broke some news this morning

coming out of the Values Voters Summit.

Tell us about that.

- Right. So there's gonnabe a Values Bus Tour

that the Family ResearchCouncil is going to start.

And it's gonna start on Saturday,

this weekend right afterthe Values Voters Summit.

It's gonna go to 12 battleground states.

It'll go to Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri,

lots of different ones.

And basically there gonna have folks like

Congressman Mark Meadows and Louie Gomert

you know get the bus going

and get the conservativepoliticians on the bus

and basically go around to these states

and say you need to vote your values.

And their gonna obviouslypush Judaeo Christian values.

And that'll be the bigvoter mobilization tour

that the Family Research Council will use

in conjunction with their15,000 church network.

It's a pretty vast network.

- David shifting gears a little bit.

Earlier this afternoon news broke from

the New York Times reportingthat the high level ranking

Department of Justiceofficial Rod Rosenstein

had a wire when he went into meet with President Trump.

This is inside Washington.

He's denying that that happened.

What do you make of all of this?

- Well you know it's interesting.

Initially the reports, theway the media was explaining

was that had a wire.

Now the New York Times is actually saying

that there was discussion that

he was going to put a wire on.

He never actually put a wire on.

And so that never happened.

But the fact that theDeputy Attorney General

would be thinking about having a wire

inside with Donald Trump isquite shocking to say the least.

Having said that,

we're now getting reportsfrom different sources

that he was just,

He, Rosenstein, was just being sarcastic.

That he wasn't really serious about it.

New York Times sticking by the reporting

of course Rod Rosenstein issaying I deny all of this

because it's an anonymous source.

So it's interesting.

But once again it's interestingbecause Donald Trump

once again the hunch about him being right

about Deep State,

about people after him.

You know he always feelsmarooned on an island

and once again he has decidedto say here look at it again.

You know Rod Rosenstein has done it

and it just seems toplay into the narrative

that Donald Trump has had all along.

- Last question,

going into the weekend we have

Vice President Pence speaking

a number of other conservatives.

How does this news change the narrative

at Values Voters?

Do they take this anduse this as a platform.

What are we gonna look at?

What are the speeches gonna sound like

coming out of Values Voters?

- That's a great question.

I think they will use it quite a bit.

I think speeches are now being changed

for Saturday.

The Vice President speaks11:30 in the morning

Eastern time on Saturday.

I can guarantee you they'rechanging that speech

to include this justsay see the Deep State

is alive and well and it plays perfect

to their narrative

and actually probablyhelps the Republicans

with a rally cry beforethe November elections.

You can be sure DonaldTrump's gonna say something.

I'd say he'd change his speech

but he don't write speeches.

He just talks.

And he talks quite a bit.

- Chief Political Analyst David Brody

thanks for joining us. As always.

- Yeah, you bet.

- [John] Why moderateDemocrats are hoping to win big

in November's mid term elections.

- I really wanted to help women.

And I knew going back to school

would be the best way

to just see and achieve those goals.

Regent University justoffered me the opportunity

to be able to go school online

to get a degree in a seculardiscipline of psychology

with a Christian basis

and be able to take care of my daughter.

- The midterm election is 46 days away

but as of today the first votes have

officially been cast.

Early in person voting began today

in a number of states including Minnesota,

South Dakota, and Vermont.

Overall 35 states and DC offer some sort

of in person early voting.

The first mid term electionof the Trump presidency

takes place November sixth.

- Well as we head intothe midterm elections,

the future of the Democraticparty is up in the air.

Progressives wanna move theparty farther to the left

while the moderates say not so fast.

Jenna Browder has the story.

- [Crowd] Trump, traitor, treason.

- [Jenna] Treason

- The penalty that weare all paying right now

for the President's treasonis we are losing our allies.

- [Jenna] Impeachment.

- We believe that PresidentTrump has violated

the Constitution and we've introduced

five articles of impeachment.

- [Jenna] And getting rid of ICE,

the US Immigration andCustoms Enforcement.

- You think you shouldget rid of the agency?

- I believe that it hasbecome a deportation force.

- All ideas pushed by left leaning members

of the Democratic party.

But are they too extreme.

More moderate Democrats say yes

and want to reign them in.

- Impeaching thePresident is not a message

that will resonate beyondthe base of the party.

We need to have a message that resonates

beyond the base to the middle,

to Independents and otherswho will make the difference

in this election cycle.

- [Jenna] And recentpolling seems to back up

this approach.

According to Hill.TV andHarris X American Barometer

64% of Democrat voterssay they would not vote

for a socialist candidate.

Moderate Democrat Matt Bennett agrees.

He and his team at Third Wayjust hosted Opportunity 2020.

Bringing together middleof the road Democrats

to voice their concerns.

They disagree with Senator Bernie Sanders

view on the economy.

- Guaranteeing a federal jobto everyone in the work force

is not a good idea.

That might have been a good idea in 1932

when we had 28% unemployment

in the height of The Great Depression.

But it's not a particularly good idea now

when we have 3.8% unemployment.

- [Jenna] And when itcomes to abolishing ICE

- Reuniting families wethink should be the focus

for the Democratic attackon the Trump administration

and immigration.

- [Jenna] The one thingnearly all Democrats agree on

is their dislike of President Trump.

- Without a doubt there has never been

a unifier like Trump.

- [Jenna] Bennett's messageheading into November

is to win and wait.

- We can have these debates

about exactly which directionthe party ought to move

after November when we startto come 'round the bend

towards 2020 and we choose a nominee.

And ultimately we're gonnahave a leader for our party,

that nominee, who'sgonna make those choices.

But for now, our message is

focus on winning.

And set aside the thingsare tremendously divisive.

- That's important becausepolls show GOP voters

agree on one thing.

Their support for President Trump.

And if that translates intoa big Republican turnout

this fall, it could spell fortrouble for the Democrats.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

- As President Trump pushes for more money

to protect the border.

We'll take at look at how agents

are using high tech tools tofight illegal immigration.

- President Trump is speaking out about

a Congressional spending budget

passed by the Senate this week.

His issue with the plan,

he says it lacks funding fora border wall with Mexico.

The President tweeted,

I wanna know where is the money for

border security and thewall in this ridiculous

spending bill and where will it come from

after the midterms?

The President is directingthe blame at the Democrats

but the bill has support,bipartisan support.

Senate Republicans saythey'd rather address

border security afterthe mid term elections.

- Well the safety of patrol agents

is a constant problem of thoseserving along the border.

To combat rising assaults,

the US Border Patrol islooking at technology

for ways to make a difference.

- CBN National NewsSecurity Correspondent,

Erik Rosales reports from Texas.

- We're just about aquarter of a mile away

from the US Mexico borderin the state of Texas.

In the US Border Patrol'sRio Grande Valley sector.

A sector that's equippedwith a complex network

of both cameras and sensors

not only in the ground but also on towers

and in the back of trucks.

Take for instance this mechanism,

which is a remote videosurveillance system.

- These towers provideincredible situational awareness

for the agents.

They actually scan theyhave a really good view shed

so the scan a large area to give agents

awareness of what's going on in that area.

If there's any illegal activity,

any suspicious vehicles thatthey may encounter in the area.

- [Erik] Years ago anagent would sit below

these moveable towers tocontrol the day and night

vision cameras high above.

Today, just a few agentscommand an entire fleet

of cameras from a remotelocation miles away.

- The operator of thecamera will let 'em know

hey this subject might be armed.

You know the subjectsare carrying narcotics.

So you enter those situationsa little more cautiously.

- [Erik] You just never know

what you're gonna come up against.

- Agents never know who they'reencountering in the brush.

It might be the mostunsuspecting individual.

And you go back to the station.

You roll their fingerprintsand the record return

might come back as murderer.

- The Rio Grande city station

is the busiest stationin the nation right now.

It's known for narcotics seizures.

A lot of drugs flow through this area.

- [Erik] Though the US Mexico border

stretches almost 2,000 miles

less than 20% of it even has a fence.

President Trump wants to build 800 miles

of new fencing along the southwest border.

But even he admits that won't help

in some remote areas wheretechnology is a better fit.

For example the US Border Patrol

uses these Aerostats.

Small blimp like deviceswith day and night vision

cameras to cut the illegal drug flow.

Tech isn't always better, however,

case in point underground sensors

trying to check out each triggered sensor

over bad roads can take hours.

By the time border patrol arrives,

the illegal immigrant is often long gone.

- [Agent] You guys can seeit's not the easiest terrain

to walk through.

Especially if you are walkingthrough here at night.

- [Erik] That's why agents also use

good old fashioned horsepower to keep watch.

And (buzzing)

testing is currently underway

on a fleet of personal drones

giving agents an eye in the sky

where they are currently blind.

It's happening over an 80 mile stretch

of cactus, mesquite, and brush

in the west Arizona desertwhere there's no fence at all.

A drone closes the gap by confirming

whether a sensor was hitby a person or an animal.

It also indicates howmany illegal immigrants

are in a group and whether they're armed.

- And I do a boat infil on the bath.

We're gonna come over here around

scoot around this area get into the

right near the marina

and we're gonna infilright near this gate.

- [Erik] Digital technologyin the form of an app

also helps the departmentshrink the playing field.

- It allows our agents to both receive

and give real time information.

That can be video, thatcan be still pictures.

That can be instant messaging and chat.

- [Erik] Every phone carriesan electronic signature

identifying each agentwith a color or icon.

Top brass say borderpatrol has made strides

but more can be done.

- I can tell you that yes we have

throughout the southwestborder detained people

that are of national interest.

And of course we run'em through the gamut.

What we need to do and keep doing

is really pushing our borders outward

from a technology base as far identifying

people way before they getto our immediate borders.

- With Mexico just on the other side

of the Rio Grande River here,

agents say technology is important.

But they also say nothingbeats boots on the ground

to protect our borders and keep us safe.

Reporting along the US Mexico border,

Erik Rosales, CBN News.

- Thanks Erik.

- The congressional Republicans also split

about the best way to protect the border.

Some saying thattechnology like Erik showed

in that piece is the best way to do it.

And others say the goodold fashioned border wall

that the President is pulling for.

So it'll be interestingto see what happens

after the midterms.

- The debate continues.

Well that's gonna do itfor today's Faith Nation.

- We'll see you next time.

- [Woman] We've always been taught


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