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Second Accuser Targets Kavanaugh, No Eyewitnesses, 'Best Friend' Never Heard About It

Second Accuser Targets Kavanaugh, No Eyewitnesses, 'Best Friend' Never Heard About It Read Transcript

- [Woman] Just as Senate Republicans

were reaching a compromise with one woman

accusing Supreme Courtnominee Brett Kavanaugh

of sexual assault, newsof a second allegation.

According to this reportin the New Yorker,

53-year old Debra Ramirez says Kavanaugh

exposed himself and causedher to touch his bare

genitals when the twowere freshmen at Yale.

- Ramirez says she washesitant to come forward,

saying she, Kavanaugh,and others at the party

were heavily intoxicated at the time.

- [Woman] But quote, "Aftersix days of carefully

"assessing her memories and consulting

"with her attorney, shefelt confident enough

"of her recollections."

That has some critics raising questions.

The New Yorker reporthighlights various people

who Ramirez says were therewhen the incident happened.

One person Ramirez saysegged Kavanaugh on denies

even remembering the party.

Another male classmateRamirez says was involved

says he doesn't remember it.

And others who knew Kavanaugh closely

as a freshman also dispute her story.

Still, others support herclaims and her credibility.

Kavanaugh flat-out denies the incident,

saying the allegations are,"A smear, plain and simple."

This comes just one dayafter Senate Republicans

reached a tentativedeal to have Kavanaugh's

first accuser, ChristineFord, testify before

the Senate Judiciary Thursday.

Even if he's confirmed,some Senate Democrats

are hinting at impeaching Kavanaugh.

- I know that Maryland has eliminated

the statute of limitations for kidnapping

and for sexual assault of a minor,

and I think that is stillout there and so there

may be an investigation along those lines.

- [Woman] Senator Hirono, who'd previously

spoken against the culture of complacency

in the face of sexual harassment, stated,

"It's time for men toshut up and step up."

But one Republicansenator who had questions

for Kavanaugh's first accuser took issue

with that statement.

"I am not gonna shut up,with all due respect.

"When I voted for Sotomayor and Kagan,

"nobody on their side told me to shut up.

"They told me how fairI was, how good I was."

- Now the White Houseis standing by Kavanaugh

in a statement issuedlate Sunday night, saying,

"This is nothing morethan a smear campaign

"by the Democrats."

Now the issue becomeshow the Senate Judiciary

will handle these new allegations.

Amber Strong, CBN News, Washington.


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