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Your Questions, Honest Answers: - September 24, 2018


- Hi, it's time for yourquestions and some honest answers.

And Pat, this first onecomes from Margherita,

who says, "I'm a 25-yearold girl from Europe.

"Most of my friends and family members

"are atheist or agnostic, and no amount

"of evidence will change their mind.

"I was just like themup until nine months ago

"when I came to know the Lord

"and he changed my life completely.

"I haven't shared mynewfound faith with anyone

"because I know that noone will understand me.

"The other night I wasout with some friends

"who were mocking Christians.

"All I was able to do was try to change

"the subject or stay silentbecause I was afraid.

"I am so sorry, and I've repented,

"but I still feel so guilty.

"Will the Lord forgiveme for what I've done?"

- Of course he will.

You know, that has come,probably the Devil's

greatest weapon is tomake Christians ashamed

of their faith, and ithappens to millions of people.

It's not anything just unique to you.

But as far as your family,you know, they'll know

that you know the Lordby the way you live.

And let your light so shine before men

that they will see yourgood works and glorify

your Father which is in Heaven.

They'll begin to ask, "There's something

"about you that's different."

They'll begin to be scaredthat you will not be scared.

They will start to wake over tragedy.

You will begin to rejoicebecause you see the Lord's hand.

Over and over again, out of your joy

and your peace, they'llsee something different.

And that, 'cause you canobviously, once they ask

and of course you willtell them, but, you know,

in the meantime, you know, just seek some

fellowship with peoplewho do know the Lord

because otherwise yourfaith will get, well,

it'll get crushed, all right?

- This is Ed, who says,"My question is about

"something a little more complicated.

"We know it's wrong to commit adultery,

"but is it wrong for aperson, such as a husband

"or persons for any reason,to coerce another man

"into committing that sin?

"And if so, whatcommandment would it break?"


Well, I think, you know, I'll tell you

what'll happen in the law.

They call you a co-conspirator.

- [Woman] Yeah.

- You know, it's just real simple,

and you can get the samepenalty the other guys got.

I think it's even worse.

You know, the Bible talks about putting

a stumbling block infront of somebody else.

It's something that is definitely wrong.

You know, Jesus said,"If anybody causes one

"of these little ones whobelieves in me to sin,

"then it would better for him that he had

"a millstone tied around his neck

"and he was thrown into the sea."

So that's what'll happen when you solicit

somebody else to sin.

So what commandment?

I mean, that's pretty good word, okay.

- I'd say so.

This is a viewer whosays, "My father has been

"unfaithful to my mother theirentire marriage, 35 years.

"He is currently cheating on her again.

"He believes talking toanother woman, on phone

"and meeting her in person, is not wrong.

"I strongly believe this is adultery.

"My mother doesn't believe in divorce,

"but wouldn't Godunderstand this situation?

"I strongly believe my entire family

"would be happier ifthe divorce did occur."

- You know, you can't tell your mother

or father what to do.

They gonna live their own life.

But without question, if your father

has committed adultery, he's broken

the marriage vow, andyour mother is obviously

free to divorce him andget, you know, another life.

And she's entitled to it.

And yes, there can be adultery.

What does the Lord say?

"Even if you regard a woman with lust

"in your heart, it's theequivalent of committing adultery."

If you're on the telephone doing phone sex

or whatever, it'sanother form of adultery.

So you can't tell your mother and father

what to do, but you can just say, "Look,

"if you want a biblical answer,just look what Jesus said.

"This is a ground for divorce," all right?

- This is Henry, whosays, "What if you cannot

"tithe the recommended 10% due to the fact

"you are on disability?

"Does this make you anyless in God's eyes?"

- You're not in any wayless because you don't give.

The Bible says, "Give and it'll be given

"unto you, pressed down,running over, will good

"measure will man heap into your bosom."

So, you know, if you'regenerous, good things

start coming to you.

You're not any less in God's eye.

You're just missing outon a blessing, that's all.

And you say, "Well, I can't do it."

I think, if you'd take that little bit,

whatever that is, ifyou've got $10, give $1.

If you've got $100, give $10.

Give a little bit of whatever comes

into your hand, and watch what God'll

do for you, that's all.

All right.

- This is Linda, who says, "How do I stay

"encouraged to continuetaking care of my husband?

"Sometimes I feel sodepressed and hopeless.

"It's been seven years.

"I know God has something better for me,

"but when and how?"

- I hate to tell you, Idon't know what's wrong

with your husband, butif you've got a cripple

and, you know, the vows are for sickness

and in health, better forworse, riches and poor,

and all that stuff.

You know, you're there,and God will recognize

the wonderful sacrifice you are making,

and I don't know, Idon't know the situation

enough to give you anymore information than that.


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