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Pastor Brunson to Be Freed from 'Radical Islamic' Turkish Regime?

Pastor Brunson to Be Freed from 'Radical Islamic' Turkish Regime? Read Transcript

- [Chris] The Turkish government

moved Pastor Brunson fromjail to house arrest in July.

Although the 50-year-old pastor

has ministered in the countryfor more the two decades,

the Turkish government charged Brunson

with conspiring againstPresident Erdogan's rule

during a 2016 attempted coup.

The Trump administrationcalls those charges bogus

and has made security PastorBrunson's freedom a priority.

- I don't think there's everybeen any administration,

any president that has broughtup a prisoner of conscience,

a prisoner who's in prisonerbecause of his faith,

more than any other one

than President Reagandid for Natan Sharansky.

So this is historic.

- [Chris] And the Trumpadministration went beyond talking,

leveling sanctions on Turkey

that put its currency into a freefall.

- All of the secularmedia, without exception,

are saying a pastor?

Who cares about a pastor?

The trade with Turkeyis much more important.

The money and the value of thelira is much more important.

But the Trump administration said no,

a pastor who's falselyaccused and is in prison

is important to us and we're willing

to really put our moneywhere our mouths are

and they're taking a strong stance.

- [Chris] Egyptian-bornMichael Youssef says

other nations are paying attention.

- Now the world is watching this.

They are not ignoring this.

They know that they're gonna be next

unless they stop persecuting Christians.

- [Chris] Franklin Grahamcalled Christians to pray

and for the US to be careful.

- First, I would ask everybodywho's watching right now,

the Christians, to prayfor Andrew Brunson.

He's been falsely accused.

This is just a sham.

Turkey, we have to rememberthat this is a country

that is fast becoming aradical Islamic state.

I think we need to get Brunson home

and we need to be very careful

with whatever we do asa country with Turkey

until they change leadership

and change the direction they're going.

- Kerem says there's much more at stake

than an internationalcrisis between NATO allies.

- There's been manypeople, ourselves included,

that believe God was gonnado something in Izmir,

ancient Smyrna, Izmir, whereAndrew Brunson is today,

that was gonna impact not only Turkey,

but all the nations around it.

Because it's clear thatAndrew Brunson is in prison

or under arrest for onereason, and that's his hope

and faith in Jesus Christ as the Messiah,

not only of the West,but of the entire world.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell,CBN News, Jerusalem.


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