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News on The 700 Club: September 25, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Sept 25.: Trump Addresses UN with His Global Agenda from North Korea to Iran Nuke Deal; Prayer and Action are the Keys to Midterm Elections; Operation Blessing continues to help victims affected by Hurricane ... Read Transcript

- Well welcome ladies and gentlemen,

to this edition of the 700 club.

You know by my rough calculation

there are about 300 millionpeople in the United States.

Half of them are women.

That means 150 million people.

And it doesn't take agenius to figure that

you could get at least two or three of the

150 million people to comeout and make a statement.

And that's what's happening.

One of the democratic senatorson the judiciary committee

says if anyone bringsa charge against a man

for sexual misconduct,

that women has to be telling the truth.

Which means she's got 150 million people

that she can call if shewants to, to make charges.

And what's happening isyou've got a wonderful jurist,

a man who says,

"I was a virgin untilthe time I got married,

"and while I was in college."

and yet the slander is coming against him

because the Left can't stand the thought

that they'll loose controlof the Supreme Court.

That's the bottom line.

But in our judicial system...

for hundred of years

an Anglo-Saxon jurist proves,

a person is presumed innocent until he is,

he or she, is proven guilty.

And what's happened is youcannot have a senator say,

just because someone accusessomebody of something

it doesn't mean that he'sautomatically guilty.


what I'm calling right now,

is three or four ofthe really top senators

to get in a room with Brett Kavanaugh,

go over line by line as hard as they can,

everything that can possibly come up

and has taken place in his life.

And then if they are sure,as I'm sure they will be,

that he is completelyinnocent of these charges,

then go out on the senate floor and say,

"We stand with this man,

"and he is going to be confirmed

because he is an excellent judge."

That's what we had, but we cannot permit

this character assassination to go on.

Because if we do, we'llnever ever get a decent

Supreme Court judge.

We can't allow that to happen.

And this is, I think isbackfiring on the democrats

because it is such a blatantattempt to disrupt the process.

And all these women arecoming forward, and you know,

"Well I was drunk but I'mnot sure who was in the room.

"But maybe there was four or five,

"or maybe there was two ormaybe there's three or four,

"and I don't rememberexactly what happened

"but I think the guy was Kavanaugh."

- It's pretty unbelievable, really.

- It is, and Avenatti whorepresents that porn star

saying, "We'll I've got another one."

Well 150 million of coursehe can get another one.

(woman laughs)

You know?

I mean, how much do you have to get paid

when it's their moment of fame.

So ladies and gentlemen,

Mitch McConnell is standingfirm and I'm proud of him.

And what they're tellingyou is going to happen,

I do not believe thatthey will take a vote

in the judiciary committee because

if he goes out, a negativevote, it will be very hurtful.

But the chairman, ChuckGrassley has a privilege,

as I understand the rules,that he can refer this nominee

without recommendation to the full senate.

Where Mitch McConnell says,

"We've got the votes,we're gonna vote, amen."

And I think it's timewe get this on the road.

We've had enough of this.

And there's a great judge,

one of the most outstanding legal scholars

in American history actually.

And we cannot have him derailedbecause of this nonsense

that's being brought against him.

You know, well he was 15years old and I was 16 or 17,

or he was 17 and I was 15, and so forth.

He held me down...

yeah sure.

Well anyhow, it's almost got,

I think Thursday the vote, the testimony,

and then surely thereafterit'll be referred to the Senate

and there'll be a vote very shortly before

the Supreme Court takes up it's fall term.

- You know, Kavanaughhas written a letter to

the leaders of the SenateJudiciary Committee.

His defense comes asboth sides get ready for

Thursday's hearing in the Senate.

And Heather Sells has the story.

- Brett Kavanaugh is speakingout against his accusers

and working to retake a narrative that

has painted him as a perpetrator.

A charge he has flatlydenied from day one,

as he did again Monday night.

- I've never sexually assaulted anyone.

Not in high school, not ever.

I've always treated womenwith dignity and respect.

- [Heather] In an interview onFox News he made his defense.

Going into agonizingdetail at some points.

Saying he was a virgin foryears after high school.

- I did not have sexual intercourse

or anything close to sexual intercourse

in high school or formany years thereafter.

- [Heather] He not onlyasserted his innocence over

doctor, Christine BlaseyFord's high school

sexual assault alligation;he took on a new one.

A Yale alum says he exposed himself to her

at a college party.

- I never did any such thing,never did any such thing.

The other people alleged to be there,

don't recall any such thing.

If such a thing had happened,

it would have been the talk of campus.

The women I knew in collegeand the men I knew in college

said it's inconceivable that Icould have done such a thing.

And the New York Time'sreported that just last week

the person making theaccusations was calling

other classmates saying,

she was not sure that I had done this.

- [Heather] Kavanaugh repeatedly said,

he simply wanted a fair process.

He also sent a letter inhis defense on Monday,

to Senate judiciarychairman, Charles Grassley

and ranking committeedemocrat, Diane Feinstein.

He said he would not beintimated into withdrawling

and called the accusations, smears.

And a quote, "coordinated effort".

- It's striking to seea Supreme Court nominee

actually use that word'coordinated' because

now he's invoking politicsinto the equation.

And we really haven'tseen something like this

in a very long time.

- [Heather] On Thursday morning,

both Kavanaugh and hisaccuser, Christine Ford

will go before the judiciary committee.

Her lawyer is objectingto republican plans

for the use of an outsidecouncil to ask questions.

Senate majority leader is promising

a Senate vote will come soon,

and the President isshowing full public support.

- I am with Judge Kavanaugh.

And I look forward to a vote.

And for people who comeout of the woodwork

from 36 years ago

and 30 years ago,

and never mention it, andall the sudden it happened.

In my opinion it's totally political.

- Now Kavanaugh and hisaccuser will make their case

to both the Senate and the country.

Heather Sells, CBN News.

- I think this hearing will be all...

(searches for words)

the accuser is making all sorts of demands

still against the Senate.

And the Senate shouldstand on it's own right.

I mean it's a sovereign bodyof the United States government

and an honored...

branch of government.

They should not allowpeople to jerk them around,

or say, "Well we insist on this."

or "We insist on that."

No way.

I mean Chuck Grassley knows what to do

and he's gonna do it well.

Now, there's somethingelse that's come up.

The Justice Departmenthas been under a subpoena

from Congress, askingfor certain documents.

And they have refused steadfastly,to provide the documents.

And actually it's almost asif the Justice Department,

or Rod Rosenstein hasbeen accusing Congress

and threatening Congress.

Congress has a duty under the Constitution

to investigate thingsand to take overseight

of the administrative agencies.


this so called idea

independent judiciary.

I mean it's nonsense it'sa branch of congress.



question was,

Congress was moving to impeach Rosenstein

for actions that he's done.

Now there's an articlein the New York Times

saying he wanted to 'bug' the president.

And then he's denied, "OhI didn't really say that.

"I was just joking."

and so forth.

Well he's the one whoappointed the special council

who happened to be his buddies he set up

the parameters of this specialcouncil is going to do.

He's opened a floodgate ofannoyance against the President.

And we find a number of people in the FBI

who have been texting one another saying

"How do we defeat Trump."

and this whole thing is like a cesspool.

And somebody's got toget to the bottom of it.

I don't think the President though,

is going to be able tofire Rosenstein now.

After the election I think he will ask

for a new Attorney General.

I think he'll ask for a newDeputy Attorney General.

And maybe he'll ask forthe Justice Department to

start cooperating with the Congress.

But anyhow, Efrem Grahamhas more on that story.

So keep your eyes opened,it's one of those things

that the President, ashe's draining the swamp,

part of the swamp existsin the Justice Department.


- Pat, president Trump plans

to meet with Rosenstein, Thursday

to discuss his futurewith the administration.

Rosenstein was summonedto the White House, Monday

as reports speculatedhe was going to resign

because he thought thePresident was going to fire him.

This meeting comes afterthat New York Times report,

Rosenstein talked aboutrecruiting Cabinet members

to remove President Trumpfrom office early in his term

under the 25th amendmentto the constitution.

But UN ambassador, Nikki Haley

and Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo

both say they were never askedabout taking that action.

- No discussion with me about

the 25th amendment anywhere either,

so you can now report thatthere are two senior leaders

that have said that yourquestion was ludicrous.

- [Efrem] Analysts say Trump'srelationship with Rosenstein

has improved after some rocky times.

And they believe democratswould accuse the President

of interfering with RobertMullers Russia investigation

if he did fire Rosenstein.

The two men will meet Thursday after

the President returns from histrip to the United Nations.

The President addresses theUN general assembly today,

where he's expected to talk about

improving relations with North Korea.

After calling Kim JongUn, "little rocket man"

at the UN last year.

But President Trump now says he may have

a second summit with Kim.

Monday the president calledon world leaders to fight

what he called, "thescourge of drug addiction."

American pastor, Andrew Brunson

could be released from Turkey

at his next court hearing, October 12th.

That is according tothe Wall Street Journal.

The nearly two year old saga has led to

an international crisisbetween the two NATO allies.

As Chris Mitchell reports from Jerusalem,

"There's much more at stakethan just world politics."

- [Chris] The Turkishgovernment moved pastor Brunson

from jail to house arrest, in July.

Although the 50 yearold pastor has ministry

within the country formore than two decades,

the Turkish governmenthas charged Brunson with

conspiring againstPresident Erdogan's rule

during a 2016 attempted coup.

The Trump administrationcalls those charges bogus

and has made securing pastorBrunson's freedom a priority.

- I don't think there's everbeen any administration,

any President that has broughtup a prisoner of conscious,

a prisoner who's in prisonbecause of his faith,

more than any other onethan President Reagan did

for Natan Sharansky.

So this is historic.

- [Chris] And the Trumpadministration went beyond talking,

leveling sanctions on Turkey

that put it's currency into a free fall.

- [Youssef] All of the secular media

without exception are saying,

"A pastor, who cares about a pastor?

" The trade with Turkeyis much more important.

"The money and the value of

"the Lira is much more important."

But the Trump administration said no,

"A pastor was falselyaccused and is in prison,

"is important to us and we're willing

"to really put our moneywhere our mouths are."

And they're taking a strong stand.

- [Chris] Egyptian born Michael Usef says,

"other nations are paying attention."

- Now the world is watchingthis,they are not ignoring this.

They know that they'regoing to be next unless

they stop persecuting Christians.

- [Chris] Franklin Grahamcalled Christians to pray.

And for the US to be careful.

- First, I would ask everybodywho's watching right now,

the Christians, to prayfor Andrew Brunson.

He's been falsely accused.

This is just a sham.

Turkey, we have to rememberthat this is a country

that is fast becoming

a radical Islamic state.

I think we need to get Brunson home,

and we need to be very careful

with whatever we do asa country with Turkey

until they change leadership

and change the direction they're going.

- [Chris] Kerem says,theremuch more at stake

than an internationalcrisis between NATO allies.

- [Kerem] There's been manypeople, ourselves included,

that believed God was goingto do something in Izmir.

The ancient Smyrna, Izmir,where Andrew Brunson is today,

that was going to impact not only Turkey

but all the nations around it.

Because it's clear that Andrew Brunson is

in prison or under arrest for one reason.

And that's his hope and faithin Jesus Christ as the Messiah

not only of the west,but of the entire world.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell,CBN News, Jerusalem.

- Prayers must continue, Pat?

- Well you know, Turkey hasbeen a very strong ally.

It was called at one time,"the weak man of Europe"

and, you know,

when they got through the Ottomans,

and Turkey was sort of left adrift.

And then there was a radical, so called,

Young Turks - you remember that term?

They took over the country

and made it into a essentially

a democratic secular state.

And they have prospered since then.

Now we have a man who wants to make it

a radical Islamic state.

Erdogan, he wants to be a dictator.

He wants to be another Kalif.

And he seems to be antiIsrael and anti US,

and anti so-forth.

Well he arrested this one man

on the charge that he was spreading

falsehood and heresy and so forth,

and trying to undermine his government.

And what pastor Brunson isdoing is preaching the gospel.

So through the work of Jay Sekulow and

the American Senator for Law and Justice,

there's been a tremendousfeeling in the oval office

that America

should not permit Turkey

to do what they've been doing.

And it has cost Turkey dearly

because the Lira is plummeting,

the Turkish economy isgoing down the drain.

And they begin to realize that...


Actions against Christiansis not a smart move.

And that piece we had

from Chris shows

all the nations in that area

and all around the world are watching.

And if any country begins to mistreat

Christians in their midstbecause of their faith

then they're gonna pay consequences.

The United States hadn'tbeen that way before.

So I congratulate, onemore time, the president.

That's one more thing he's done

and it's really good.

I think Andrew Brunson's gonna come free.

The Turk's can't stand thepressure, its just too much.

You put sanctions on them.

I mean it's really hard.

They can't do business

in the international banking community.

And when we put serioussanctions on a country

we can bring it to it's knees.

And that's what's happening with Turkey.

Well, Efrem, you've got a story now

about something that's alarmed us.

Hurricane Florence now hasbecome one of the worst

national disasters in thehistory of the United States.

Up to 50 billion dollars.


- That's right Pat.

Hurricane Florence is still

causing chaos in South Carolina.

A week and a half after

it came ashore in the United States.

Rivers are still rising and

people are being told to evacuate.

One area was predicted to flood

for the first time sincerecord keeping began,

before the American Revolution.

In North Carolina,governor Roy Cooper says,

"Florence is gone, but it's devastation

"is still with the state."

The economic researchfrom Moody's Analytics

estimates Florence has caused about

44 billion dollars indamages and lost output.

That would make it one of the 10 costliest

hurricanes in the United States.

As you can imagine,

personal stories of the aftermath

of Hurricane Florence continue to unfold,

like the story of Keith Smith.

Keith is disabled, lives on his own,

and was completely overwhelmed when

flood waters ravaged his home.

So he did the only thing he knew to do.

He called Operation Blessing for help.

- This whole room was filled with memories

and things that pile up in life

that you don't know howyou wound up with them

but there's so many things

that you just don't know what you got.

- [Female Host] Just last Friday,

Keith Smith could only describe his

situation as overwhelmingafter Hurricane Florence

left his New Bern, North Carolina home

under three feet of water.

His cleanup dilemma wasespecially complicated

because Keith is disabled,

after a car accident lefthim with limited mobility.

- Not being able to take astep in the right direction

or fear that it just won't be enough

to make a dent in the problem.

That I knew I'd just be wastin my time,

just one person that'stryna fulfill the need.

I didn't know how I wasgon' get this accomplished.

- [Female Host] But Keith's solution

was just a phone call away.

- [Keith] I called Operation Blessing

and I asked for help

and the good Lord provided.

The people that have showed up here

have become life long friends.

They've given unselfishly, and that's

so important to me.

- [ Female Host] JamesBacham was one of the

Operation Blessing volunteers,

that sprang into action for Keith.

- It was a lot of stuff in here.

So, I mean, you know,

don't underestimate what you see now.

You just see the results of

some good hard cleaning right now.

- [Female Host] Jamesand the OB volunteers

from Without Limit's church

spent the weekend gutting Keith's home

getting it ready for refurbishing.

- Volunteering in a situation like this

is a good thing for the spirit, the soul,

and is just a...

(searches for words)

is giving back to thecommunity that you live in.

- [Female Host] The team made sure to

take time out to pray for Keith.

- We prayed and we've had

fellowship all day long here together.

And laughed together, and just...


They've lifted my spirits up.

- [Female Host] Keith is forever grateful

to the Operation Blessings team

that brought in a lot ofcalm in the midst of a storm.

- These right here are tears of joy.

Because I'm so relieved.

My soul is in a better placetoday than it was yesterday.

And I'm so grateful in the help

that you guys have given me.

I can never express enough gratitude.

- Operation Blessing indeed.

The calm in the midst of the storm.


- Can you put yourself inthe position of that man?

He's in a wheelchair.

He's helpless.

Doesn't have much money.

Everything he's got has been washed away

by that terrible hurricane and

the floods that followed.

And there he is, in awheelchair, helpless,

what does he do?

Well, he can call on FEMA and they'll take

maybe six or eight months to get to you.

Or maybe never and there'llbe some bureaucratic red tape.

But he needs to have help now.

He needs his home, heneeds someplace to live.

He needs some food.

He needs some water.

He needs medicine.

What does he do?

I mean jut put yourself in his place.

Think of somebody'shelpless in a wheelchair,

they can't move.

How does he get help?

Well first of all he called on the Lord.

Secondly, he called on Operation Blessing,

and guess what: nobureaucracy, no red tape

they were on the same...


right on the bat.

And a team came in to help and

they began to bring water, and

they began to bring hot meals, and

they began to bringtarps for the roof, and

they began to bring all these supplies.

And then a group ofpeople began to rip out

the drywall and takethe mold out of the way

and clean all that mess up.

And oh man, you can imagine he's sittin'

in a wheelchair and he's thinkin'

"oh thank you Jesus, thank you God."

Thinking of what's going on in his mind.

Put yourself in that place.

Well Operation Blessing,

they'll laughingly say is thefirst in and the last to go.

I was down there in Katrinafor a long period of time

and we were doing all that kind of work.

And it was tough becauseit was so much flooding

and so much disaster.

Same thing in North Carolina

and so again,

the number to call interms of giving money

is Operation Blessing

CBN Virginia Beach's...

Well you can call in if you want to.

It's 1-800-700-7000

its CBN Center, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

we're still out there because

those floods haven't crested yet...


maybe the next day or two it may be

some of the worst flooding they've had.

These are good people in North Carolina.

THey're good people.

They're good people but there's only

so much you can do whenthere's nothing left.

And we want to help them andwe're going to help them.

Terry's got more on what you can do

- Well I do.

The relief efforts inNorth Carolina are ongoing.

You know South Carolina is going to be

in desperate needs as well.

Operation Blessing needs your help.

We're going to beaccepting volunteers at the

Without Limits Christian Center.

That's located at 102Washington Post Road.

Right in New Burn, North Carolina.

What we've been hearing about so much.

Daily at 8am Monday though Saturday.

Operation Blessing willprovide work assignments,

tools, and lunch.

Free housing will be available

if you're a volunteercoming from out of town.

But you must register in advance.

So if you'd like to be a part of,

if you're able to be apart of helping there

just call this toll free number.

It's 1-800-677-7974

It's 1-800-677-7974

or you can go to but we need your help.


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