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'We'll Never Surrender to an Unelected Global Bureaucracy': Trump Touts American Sovereignty at UN

'We'll Never Surrender to an Unelected Global Bureaucracy': Trump Touts American Sovereignty at UN Read Transcript

- In a 35-minute speech,

the President covereda wide range of topics,

specifically pointing out that sanctions

will remain in place against North Korea

until they get rid oftheir nuclear program.

But the driving theme ishow Trump will continue

to put his country first.

President Trump returnedto the world stage,

delivering his second addressto the UN General Assembly.

In it, he doubled down onthe White House's policy

of America first.

- In less than two years, myadministration has accomplished

more than almost any administration

in the history of our country.

America's, so true.

(audience laughing)

Didn't expect that reaction,

but that's okay.(audience laughing)

- [Ben] Just last year, Trump stood here

calling Kim Jong-un Little Rocket Man.

- Rocket Man is on asuicide mission for himself.

- [Ben] Today he changed histune against the rogue regime,

following his historic summit

with the North Korean dictator.

- Since that meeting, we have already seen

a number of encouraging measures

that few could have imaginedonly a short time ago.

The missiles and rocketsare no longer flying

in every direction.

Nuclear testing has stopped.

- [Ben] Trump then took aim at Iran.

- Iran's leaders sow chaos,death, and destruction.

- [Ben] The US responded by withdrawing

from the 2015 Nuclear Agreement,

and even reinstated economic sanctions.

Trump's now asking nations tojoin him in isolating Iran.

- We cannot allow a regimethat chants "death to America,"

and that threatensIsrael with annihilation,

to possess the means todeliver a nuclear warhead

to any city on Earth.

Just can't do it.

- [Ben] The Commander in Chiefreaffirmed support for Israel

and his decision to movethe US Embassy to Jerusalem.

- The United States is committed

to a future of peace andstability in the region,

including peace between theIsraelis and the Palestinians.

- Trump also announced newsanctions against Venezuela,

and that, yes, the USwill respond in Syria

if Bashar al-Assad useschemical weapons again.

This was, no doubt, aclosely watched speech,

as Trumps says the US is committed

to making the UN more effective.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, The White House.


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